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Good to be alive.


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You certainly don't need to apologize for not being around since you had a heart attack. Apologies like those are only accepted for micro-cranial surgery recipients as well as folks who voted for Nancy Pelosi.

Seriously, glad that you are (evidently) ok and you have the chance to have a different perspective on things.

I also appreciate your offer to help out when I was obtaining those MWM cabinets [Y]

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I put some time aside to help you move "again" and you could not even call me to cancel(3 weeks later he called). Some excuse about hospital stay. Next time you have a heart attack when we have something planned, you need to call me first to cancel then go to the ER.[8o|] LOL. I know there won't be a next time(heart attack I mean). Glad to have you back in the fold.[Y] Now get back to what is important, family, friends[}], and of course Klipsch and music.[8][8]


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LOL!!! Good one Bill!!!

Matt, you still gonna' be able to work in LE, or is that a done deal?

In any event, if you are feeling up to it, swing by at some point and I'll make some Chamomile tea, make you eat some garlic capsules, and do some highly safe and healthy broiled fish.... No fat food for you!!! Healthy stuff only from this point on!!! Might even have to put a stairmaster in the man cave!!!!


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