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Paul Wilbur Klipsch 1904-2002

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Paul, Thanks for being you all these years! We will miss you!


If you want to send a private message, or have already done so, be aware I have not as yet been able to retrieve them. Send e-maill instead, please...just note Klipsch forum in the heading so it doesn't get deleted.

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My thoughts are with the klipsch family.

everyone blast you klipsch for him...

thanks pwk





DVD Player-Panasonic


TV-Philphs 30 inch

Sub-I pretend I have a 7 foot SVS tower of power like HornEd.

In storage-

1973 Walnut Cornwalls

1980 Walnut Hersey II's

1999 Mahogany KLF-30's

1999 Mahogany KLF-C7

2001 Black Ash RB-5's

2001 Black Ash RC-3

Receiver-Yamaha 995

DVD Player-Toshiba 3109

T.V.-Toshiba 52 inch

2 KSW 15's

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Oh No.

I feel I have lost a true friend. I never met Paul,but sitting in my listening position I see the name Klipsch on 13 different items.

Paul, thanks for all the pleasure you have given me.

My Scala's will play all day for you and your family.



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Makes me feel like i lost a family member!

Ive never met the man, and would of liked to!

Farewell to an audio giant, the best, and to ever be replaced in the audio world!

I do hope the Klipsch family keeps the quality up,

quality issues went down hill some!

As in (even with the rears at 10) Rs3-2s, im still having trouble hearing them, and thats with chorus!

Nothing at all against the family, my modular home is built just as cheap, just bypass some materials, we will pay more for quality!

Use particle board instead of pressed cardboard!

I hope the heritage line stays thats all!

Regards Jim

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My heart is sad. Mr. Paul contributed so much to my enjoyment of daily life through his speakers and the anecdotes of his life we've been priviledged to read. He left a wonderful legacy of sound and engineering creations that we will all benefit from for years to come.

I'm grateful to have been able to meet him, and share his and Ms. Valerie's hospitality.

Include them both in your prayers.



My System

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I cannot find anything to say, as always in those situations. I would however like to express my deepest sympathies to his family and friends, who are going to miss him much more than us Klipschers.



http://members.fortunecity.com/sebdavid - go laugh at my crappy website/equipment

http://www.dvdprofiler.com/mc.asp?alias=Sebdavid - go laugh at my puny little DVD collection

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A sad day indeed! His creations have enriched my life.

It is comforting however to know that Mr. Klipsch lived a long and fruitful life and unlike so many others did very deservedly reap a fair share of reward for his creativity and hard work.


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see you on the other side Mr. Klipsch

thanks for everything



Cary AE-25f>s>SuperAmpf>s> - Sonic Frontiers Line 1 - Sony DVP-S9000ES - Klipsch RF7's

SVS 20-39 CS Plus - Samson S1000 - HSU Research elec. crossover - MIT/Monsters


Inside every small problem is a large problem struggling to get outf>c>s>-- 2nd Law of Blissful Ignorancef>s>c>

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I have always wanted Klipsch speakers since I was a young man, and now the house is loaded with them!

Through this bulletin board I have learned so much about the technology and the man behind these FANTASTIC speakers. I sure regret that I missed the opportunity to have met Mr. Klipsch...

His speakers have given me countless hours of enjoyment.

Thank-you so much Paul.

Deepest sympathy to the Klipsch family & friends.....


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Thank you PWK, my KLF-20's are singing, Thank You.


Turntable - Pro-Ject 2.0

Phono Preamp - Parasound PPH-100

Receiver - H/K AVR-210

DVD - Sony DVP-S360

TV - RCA 31"

Mains - KLF-20

Center - KLF-C7

Surrounds - Optimus Pro LX-10 (LOL, soon to be replaced)

Sub - Yamaha YST-SW160

Reinforcement - JBL 4638

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His sound legend will live long loud and proud in my home. Thank you Mr. Klipsch for your pioneering work. Because of you, I don't have to go to a theater to enjoy wonderful sound. It's now in my very own home.




the m00n system





RECEIVER: Harman Kardon AVR 520

DVD: Toshiba SD 3205 (DD, DTS)

TV: Samsung 27" Flatscreen

COMPUTER: ProMedia 4.1

c>Microsoft XBOXc>


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When one of my high school friends died in a car crash two months before graduation, his parents had his favorite song played before the coffin was closed up: Manfred Mann's cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Blinded By the Light."

That song holds new meaning for me now, and I intend to play it good and loud, as only Klipsch speakers can, in honor of one of the greatest audio designers the world has ever produced.

Thank you, PWK; and best wishes to those whom you left behind...


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