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Paul Wilbur Klipsch 1904-2002

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My heart goes out to his family and friends...

With all that has been written lately by HDBRbuilder lately I feel like I actually know Mr.Klipsch as not only a pioneer in the loudspeaker industry but also someone very special in this world.

They say if you made a difference in your life while on this Earth then you accomplished something...Paul W. Klipsch certainly lived his life to the fullest and most importantly enriched all our lifes with music.


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Sad day indeed.....May our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Today I managed to put all my Klipsch speakers through their paces.....and they never let me down as always! I will listen as I always have, but now with a stronger sense of pride because I own several pieces of Klipsch history

We can only hope that Klipsch will keep near and dear his vision, philosophy and most importantly love for the music. Maybe the Heritage line will see a resurgence.


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Be not melancholy for the inevitable part of life that none of us can escape but be thankful that Paul has lived a life that he enjoyed. Surely the fact that we, his followers, have benefited from his interests and curiosities has enriched his life even further. To live the American dream, "Make it better".


Tom's Money Pit

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My condolences to the Klipsch family for the loss of such a great man. The world will be a lesser place without him but has been bettered by his numerous creations that have brought so much pleasure to so many. From what I've read of him he was a true legend: a preeminent engineer who left his mark in more areas than just speaker design and someone whose personality inspired those around him. He will be missed.

My four Cornwalls and Academy are playing now while I type this, its funny but they don't seem to be "just" speakers any more - there's a little bit of PWK in my living room and a lot of other living rooms all around the world, too. A very fitting legacy for the man.

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Wow, What sadness fills my heart. We lost a true American Hero today. Paul's legacy will forever live on in the hearts, minds and ears of us all. When you look at the world of audio, Paul was at the top of the mountain longer then anyone else. I'll never forget the first time I heard his KH. I was in a small TV & Audio shop we had in town. It took me a year to save enough to by my La Scala's. Klipsch has now been in my blood for 21 years now. I never met the gentleman, however I did meet several national managers at CES back in 1988. I could ramble all night about this but I won't. I, like others will miss him. For it is our right that we honor him.


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Who would of ever thought that over fifty years ago the name Klipsch would be a word I would use thousands of times while talking and remember millions of times while listening. Paul Klipsch may have passed away today but has left us a legend that will be spoken of for many tomorrows. I just wish I could leave this world as Paul did. With grace , class and smiles on the faces of millions of happy people who have a part of him in all their homes . Thank you Mr. Klipsch. God Bless you and your family.

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This was posted on a similar thread in AudioAsylum's High Efficiency Speaker forum. No Disrespect is intended as PWK will be sadly missed in my house.

Maybe Paul gets to Heaven and Peter says "thank goodness your here, they were going to install a Bose system in the chapel....."



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