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Do me a big favor?

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I will not be here often, or at all, till next week. Instead I will be going through tests for a neurological disorder I have. We have reason to believe that a small tumor (one of three) on my brain may have become cancerous, or is pressing on a nerve or whatever (i am not a neurologist, my doctor is). I was diagnosed with epilepsy tow years ago, lately I have been getting sick again so that is where I am right now. This why, if you look around, I have not been on the boards to often, a little in the afternoon, 4-5 posts (normally 30-150 a day) a day. I don't want to sound like an iron lung joe blow, but I kinda wanted to get your help. If you do pray, please pray that the results will be positive. Thank you so much.



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Justin, wow, I don't know what to say other than, I wish you the best of luck! I am sure everything will turn out ok for you! Think positive.

Oh and by the way, I am really enjoying your artwork. I have your Klipsch speaker wallpaper on both of my work PCs cwm1.gif


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So very sorry to hear of your condition. If prayers from this sinner can do you any good, then you have em!! Good luck and may God Bless!


If you want to send a private message, or have already done so, be aware I have not as yet been able to retrieve them. Send e-maill instead, please...just note Klipsch forum in the heading so it doesn't get deleted.

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Justin, I am very sorry to hear of your current illness. I went through a scare with lung cancer a few years ago and fortunately the growth was benign.

I know it is easy for me to say, but it is important to keep a positive attitude during this stressful time.

You will certainly be in my family's prayers.

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Hey!! I got dibs on his computer!!! Sorry, really bad joke on the surface but some jocularity is good medicine. I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes about six years ago and to look at me you'd never know it. At 5'8" and 145-150lbs. I am thankful that I've lived this long. Fortunatley I have a job that gets me plenty of exercise and still allows me to stretch the ol' noodle too. HornED would know what I mean.

My girlfriend had a dicovery of 11 tumors during an exploritory surgery that lead to the removal of the ovaries and the uterus. We're so glad to find that all were benign.

For a soothing touch have them sterilize some speakers to put in the O/R.

Good luck...


Tom's Money Pit

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Good luck, Justin. Since it is May 16th, I'll also say

"May the Force be with you"

It's things like this that make us stop and think a bit about what's really important in life. This is, after all, a hobby - and right now that doesn't seem as important - but the people behind the posts and that hobby most certainly are.


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Hey, good luck justin, im sure everything will come out alright.

i was just reading the posts on this topic and i thought it was amazing how much people care for each other on this forum, just knowing each other over the internet, and yet we feel sadness for people that we don't even really know. Long live klipshers!


My 2 cents...

I'll put it on your tab. :)

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God bless you.


Coming soon...

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Living with potential death is something we all do... whether the blow comes from a known dysfunctional body part or a fatal accident that occurs without warning. For many of us on this Forum, living with death gnawing away one place or another is an everyday event... and not fun.

Obviously, Justin, you have touched many lives in your 6,000 plus posts... and have generally been a great help to most... if not by your expertise... then by your willing spirit. In light of who you have been to us, everyone hopes for the best possible result for you... and the enjoyment of reading your Klipsch posts for years to come.

cwm40.gif But, whatever the result, we are in your corner... and each in his own way will honor your prayerful request. As someone who has worked with people with severe neurological disorders, one positive aspect I have found is that the darkside of life teaches us to appreciate and brighten every moment we can. And, by that resolve, all of us can make our lives more satisfying to ourselves... and more beneficial to others... no matter whether they are WDST or monopole! cwm34.gifcwm38.gifcwm12.gifKeep rollin' as best as you can! -HornED

PS: Justin, my bet is that you have written "LOL" more times on this Forum than any three people put together. Whatever the result, whenever the test, don't forget to get a few "LOL's" in... the world needs them... and so do you.

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