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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Last best cat... This one showed up as a stray and we couldn't find the owner. Ended up keeping him, and he was the most relaxed cat ever. The vet thought he was about five years old when we got him, which would have put him about 18-20 when he passed.



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13 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

Your sarcasm meter must be turned off this morning Elden.

Not my normal self only had one coffee so far so slower than normal.


I knew it was sarcasm, but kind of scared to comment about his house, it would be like playing with a Ouija board just for fun, anything could happen. 

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14 hours ago, MORE KLIPSCH PLEASE said:

Morning all...


Jim, are those cats brothers? Same litter?..... Very nice:D


Coffee done.......Gotta roll.... a good Friday to all




MKP :-)

No, not actual brothers, but I call them brothers...2 years apart.  We have found that the orange and white cats are very intelligent and affectionate.  Both are rescues, Little Kitty in the back, and T.O. in the front (for, "The Other").

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Morning gang....


Coffee going down..... will be taken 2nd cup to go.... got to get to the store and get some snacks. We have a couple forum members coming over today from thecarversite. These guys have never heard any Klipsch speakers much less anything like the JBL's..... should be a fun day... I tell ya I was listening to the JBL's last night and they are truly on another level like I never thought was possible. I see/hear what the guys are saying when they talk about the cinema Klipsch gear.....


A good weekend to all...



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Good morning friends!


Well MKP, nothing like a great M.A.D. session with fellow forum members :emotion-29::emotion-29:..  TAKE PHOTOS so we can see the smiles :biggrin:!


Enjoy it.........I have an M.A.D.  coming up here after the holidays, trying to round up some recently new RTM'ers that live near to me...   Should be fun meeting up with new friends.......Music Hall is always open as everyone knows :emotion-21:


..........I got a brand new landscape lighting system to install today at another neighbor's home, boxes stock piled from deliveries this week, should not take too long...   Two transformers, 6 LED 50watt equiv. fixtures to uplight the corners of the front of the house and garage.   Just hope it is not too bright, the 35watt heads were not available :o...   Far as I know, there is no way to dim these down safely, probably have to get some 'gels' from the local theater and stage store to tone them down if too intense..


Have a good day everyone..



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