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16 hours ago, Westcoastdrums said:

Any woman that I work with (A LOT in the hospital) that isn't married, engaged or in a long term relationship by 35 likely has SERIOUS issues or has been divorced is what I have come to discover. I think you are stuck mate.  Cling on and enjoy the ride. Little birdies tell me your wife ain't too bad 🍻😈

So... I was reading today, that 4% of nurses in the US are from the Philippines. Mostly because the US set things up for them to supply the country with workers at the end of WWII.

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3 hours ago, BigStewMan said:

always figured you for a man with his feet planted firmly on the ground. 

I tried floating but never perfected it, it would be the next best thing to flying, that didn't work either. 

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back in the 70s, I dropped some acid on the way to the Los Angeles International Airport. I was flying to Detroit. 

Got in the first line that I saw and it turned out to be some foreign airline that wasn't going to Detroit. Tried to buy a beer during lunch; but they asked for ID and I was only 18. Bought a MAD magazine, boarded my flight, and read every word of that issue. Can't recall what I read; but I think I laughed out loud. 

Thank God that I didn't freak out ... I don't recommend LSD and jet airliners. 

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11 minutes ago, oldtimer said:

Go Giants, for Stew.  I can't begin to imagine who would be a Dodger's fan, and be able to justify their life, and sleep at night.  

I AM  a giants fan and have the game on. lived most of my life in LA, been to a few Dodger games including post season, but NEVER a dodger fan and have never rooted for them in a single game.  heck, if the dodger were playing the Taliban, I may have to think about who I was going to root for. 

was at a game several years ago in SF. Dodgers won and clinched the division and dodger fans were going wild. One of then said of the after game melee ... "Giants fans could never do what we're doing in LA."  I said, "if you think you're that bad, there is a Raider game across the bay tomorrow, go and try this LA crap there and see what happens." 

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HI Bruce @Marvel,,, busted a string on my new Gretsch 12 sting while tuning it.  I don't have any spares.  I played an 11 string anyway ... couldn't let it just sit there. Deep, powerful sound -- I'm impressed with it. Bigger body than any of my other acoustics, so naturally a bigger sound. 

Bought a device called the Roadie 3 that you just put on the tuning keys, pluck a string and it tunes it for you (turns the keys for you).  But, I hit one string and the device went crazy and very quickly started tightening to the point of snapping a string. I could have broken it myself and saved the $100 gee whiz.

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On 10/9/2021 at 2:17 AM, Westcoastdrums said:

I only heard it from quote older (75 + folk in the east coast) folk and it almost seemed an excuse to say just about anything that surely had my eyebrows raised above where they likely have been before.   

:D & if you weren't from far off you wouldn't even get the extra clarification!

To the point, frank, rude, curt or just barrel strength. Once you're in you'd know it!

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