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Mornin' all

Slipped away and got a new vacuum. Wheeee! Has some features I don't understand. Particularly the locks/snaps to keep the hose and attachments together. From my experience, unnecessary for vacuuming.... No matter.

Yesterday, the tv took a crap. It will stay on for about 15 min... then shut off. Will come right back on... but for less time.

  Talk about being unplugged. No computer or tv. Good thing the stereo/s still work or we would have a serious problem. Gotten used to no computer and I didn't have a tv for a couple years out here. If you don't have sat [before we had high speed internet], you could get 2 tv stations ... if you had the ability to turn the antenna.


still putting up garden.... hours of trimming interrupted by a bowls of scissor hash.... not a lot of fun. Only one thing worse.... not having it to do

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Stopped at a garage sale and picked up my vac.  Woman passed away and I knew the family.  Snagged a new Hoover w/the same thing.  Connect this tube to that tube then over to this tube.  Took a while to figure it out but the daughter said it was only used aa couple times in her mom's apartment.  It really was like new and cost me $10.  hahaha  You're TV?  I'm clueless.  Sounds like the garden could take a while.  lol  Pace yourself!  :)

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When I moved out this summer I left the newer vacuum at the curb and packed the old one up. I used it *(new one)to vacuum up sheetrock compound dust. Never liked the kirby approach to those things, I just want it to suck up the dirt/dust when I run over it. Use the car-vac when I need the hose & pinpoint nozzle. Newer one qualified as a plastic-kirby... a dyson. It did suck up real good. Could wash the filter once a year or so and it would work better. The old Oreck adjusts itself to the tile or the rug ✔️


& I caught myself staring a hole in the wall a couple times yesterday!


I cannot fathom how a superior courthouse can reject something saying something that was included is not included. Yes I talked to them and asked if copies of electronic goings on from the bank were acceptable both before and after it was run by me this second time. According to the tracking for the package I sent, it weighed .75 lbs. I think they did not look through what I laid out. So I made an outline of "Please Find Enclosed" to go along with the previously included legend of the number system where all documentation matched for every transaction. Don't think I was confrontational with how I re-presented it. Can't make it more simple... face to face isn't allowed anymore.

Release Meee!

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Not an anthurium. They're called "Little Boy" plants because of ......


Halloween weekend. Gonna be a big time downtown. Dance at the bar tomorrow eve. Street party Sunday evening. Adult party at the bar Sunday... try to stop that from happening. 

  Nice thing about Halloween. I don't have to dress up. Grab my "wisdom stick" and  robe... I'm ready. Thinking I'll take a few of these Kiwano melons to give away. When they ask... I'll tell them they are chupacabra eggs.

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