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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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I think the question was for me so I posted the picture.  They are Spatial Audio M4 Sapphires.  Open baffle as you can see.  Ordered the optional Sapele wood baffle.  After three pairs of  horns I wanted to try something different.

And yes I have heavy curtains for that window with the reflection.

Good to see you post dtel.

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26 minutes ago, OO1 said:

I dont think anyone said anything about You  .......or Your Wife , since  the Highest  Appreciation and Praise goes to Yourself and Christy.:rolleyes:

I know, it was about other things, but it was really just how it made me feel, mostly just part of feeling burned out, nothing personal on either side. Looking back it seems it all was just a bit much and I was tired and needed a break.

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not laughing at you, but with you.

They told me my body would age prematurely from that big operation when I was 38. A month later I had presbyopia... old eyes.

Now, heck I didn't even feel like making coffee today, did it an hour later! 

Keep Pushing On!

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6 hours ago, dtel said:

If that was for me ?...............


The only answer I have is I just got a little burned-out. I usually do not care what people say or think of me but something just got me aggravated and I thought why am I doing all of this and some take it the wrong way or see it different than what was really happening and intended.


In the end it was just the way it made me feel more than anything. I still work with the museum, "somewhat moderate" which means just approve new post, it's how I noticed my name pop up in a notification.


I do think about everyone here, some really good people.  Can't say I will never post again but over 18 years of posting and doing everything else it gets a little tireing and I needed a break. 


Don't think that was asked for me but just in case nothing has changed, no new speakers needed but I do listen just about everyday, none of that has ever changed and won't. Well as long as I am above room temperature. 


Hope everyone here is well.



once in a while you have to take a break... And have a look back in time..And wonder why you do what you...


wish that I won  pair of cornwalls!


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1 hour ago, Dave1291 said:

Early morning jogs?  I wish.  I seem to remember those.  Today I just watch.

My youngest wants me to go to a school costume “Fun” run with him in October. 
This was my first real exercise since catching Covid back in August and it was sort of a shakedown run to make sure my lungs still worked.


I haven’t gone on a run since our last fun run back in May so I’m about where I would expect to be with or without Covid.564FA9FD-012B-403C-89AC-6327C1B08D7F.thumb.jpeg.19051a2e3414e24c4cf3954a41adfeb1.jpeg

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