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WTB local integrated amp - Central Arkansas


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Funkyhambone can't log in to the forum so I am posting a WTB for him. He will be watching this thread.

Looking for a moderately priced integrated amp to use with Klipschorns. Prefer local pickup.


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How about a scratch and mar free fully functional Sansui AU 5900 integrated amp along with a Sansui TU 5900 tuner that was aligned and had the75 ohm antenna mod by www.radioxtuners.com. Probably has less than ten hours on it (the tuner) since service. Currently serving as the kids stereo for the Xbox and PS-3 but NEVER gets turned on, they just use the TV. Price $650.00. We can talk about the walnut JBL 4312 monitors as well. Dust is free of charge, except for extra shipping weight. I'm just as loco as the next guy!

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Damn, I can log in with cell phone. Hello all! This is for my lady friend's house. She only plays music through her cell phone. I pulled a pair of khorns out of storage because she was using some small tube looking speaker that is absolutely terrible.

Anyway, I am probably thinking $250 max. The above mentioned Harman Kardon. Is that a 5 channel a/v amp?

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Thank you sir. Yeah, my laptop and the forum don't get along for some reason. Good to be back. My stereo has been in storage since last May. It's killing me. That's why I haven't been on here. It just would have made me more bitter.

Oh So you didn't bust a move on Best Buy Saturday? smile


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