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Vintage (1978) Klipsch La Scala Speakers near perfect


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I have a pair of Vintage  (end of 1978) Klipsch La Scala floor standing speakers, consecutive serial numbers in near perfect condition. They are  birch with a walnut lacquer stain. I am reaching out to the community to get a feel for an asking price for local pick up in Los Angeles. Attached are some pictures of the beasts...thank you







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I would value those between $800 and $1200, leaning towards the high end. Fifteen hundred is not out of the question.


Those are in very good condition, and I am assuming they have not been modified in any way.  Someone who wants a LS and is not familiar with them does not want mods.  People who are more familiar will pay a premium for upgraded tweeters, mid-range and re-capped crossovers which can drive the price to $2000.  LA is a big place so there is a bigger potential market for them, but it is also possible there are more LS's available.


At $800 you can expect to sell them in a very short time like less than a week.  At $1200 it is a fair value to both buyer and seller, but they may sit for a month or so until you can find the right buyer.


I'm not including industrial models or "junker" LS in this price range.


You have a picture showing the S/N, but can you expand that slightly to show the crossover model, like AA?  A full shot of the crossover components would also be helpful to evaluating condition, therefore pricing.

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Thank you for the pic.  The AA crossover is desirable and although I am not an LS authority, everything I've seen looks stock and un-modified.


A selling price of around a thousand would be a solid guess for a relatively quick sale, but you might want to start your price a little higher because a knowledgeable buyer will want to talk you down from that price due to the need for routine upgrades to the aging crossover, which is a legitimate argument.

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2 hours ago, prog guy said:

Hi I'm looking for a set of Las callias I'm interested in these if you want to sell them please let me know. I'm in Iowa so what state are you in?


They're in the state of long, long gone. 


Did you notice that they were posted for sale over five years ago?

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