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Prayers For My Mom, Please


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My mom is having a pericardial window performed on Saturday morning for an unexpected pericardial effusion.  Not too much fluid buildup but enough for concern for an otherwise very healthy 86.5 years old woman.


All prayers will be greatly appreciated.  My sister is flying from Asheville, NC to Macon, Ga this afternoon to be with her for the surgery on Friday morning.  My family and I will drive up Saturday morning.  My understanding is that during the pericardial window the doctor cuts away part of the pericardium and inserts a tube for the excess fluid to drain.  She will also have an antibiotic drip to prevent infection.


Please pray for the doctor to have wisdom and skills to perform the procedure excellently with no complications, no infection to set in, and full recovery.  Also please pray for my mom to be able to endure the pain of the chest tub removal which has been described as "worse than childbirth".


Thank you all,



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Prayers sent to you and your Mom for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. I had no idea what a pericardial window was until I Googled it, it looks like a pretty intense operation but I know and pray that the doctor will use all his skills and wisdom and your Mom will come though just fine.

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Prayers sent...willland... What is your Mom's name? God loves names. Sorry if I missed it earlier in thread.


Her name is Betty Land.  Thanks for asking.


Again strength in numbers.


Thanks again guys,



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