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*cough* CES 2017 *cough*


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  • Klipsch Employees
12 minutes ago, USNRET said:

and pray tell where that can be done? The answer may tell something. I was one click away from buying two Ones and a Three today but then thought I should hear them....


Klipschorns.. twice and current

Belles x 7
Chorus IIs
Heresy x 4 mix ones and twos
Academy x 4

KG 1.5


Mostly heritage and extended heritage although I like Gil's description.....neo heritage. :)

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5 minutes ago, Jainbaby said:


Well out target release date of the FIFTEENS is still many months away.  As to where to hear the ONE and THREE, our initial shipment sold out before they arrived in our warehouse, so initial rollout was limited.  Are you located in Texas?  I can ask out regional sales manager for a store where you can listen to them if you would like.  


They both sound great and we are getting fantastic reviews, the THREE will blow away what you may think is possible in a $399 table top speaker.  

Yes, I am in Texas. Corpus Christi to be exact. I do not need 'blown away' but I was shopping for my daughter's bedroom and bathroom and the wife's bathroom. BT and/or Wifi. The family knows how I feel about Klipsch BUT I have had some disappointment from computer speakers and amplified speakers so wary I am.


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9 minutes ago, Chief bonehead said:

Mostly heritage and extended heritage although I like Gil's description.....neo heritage. :)

Seems like I forgot to add all the multiple RF-series as they were not MY cup o' tea.

and then there are those KPTs

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  • Klipsch Employees
57 minutes ago, DrWho said:

Is this new Jainbaby person an actual engineer at Klipsch, or a sales/marketing dude? Or maybe a manager? I'll just come right out and say that description of the vision for the Fifteens is incredibly disappointing. Like it seriously sucked out all my excitement, and was even insulting.




And to think I was going to buy these speakers without ever hearing them...I suppose I should thank him for the heads up.

Doc just bite the bullet and get some ki396s. If you don't like them I will take them off your hands. I will make you am offer you can't refuse. :)

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7 hours ago, Chief bonehead said:

Doc. The engineer working on this is Chris. And although Chris and I disagree on some things, he does a great job on the getting the speaker to be a reproducer.....if they let him. Lol!

Chief, is this the same Chris that worked on the Palladium line?

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