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*cough* CES 2017 *cough*


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Wow!  I am impressed.  Especially the Forte III's.  Love the one with the anniversary (light) colored grill.  And those 15's with the dark strip down the middle is gorgeous.  I bought Forte II's new back in the day.  Eventually sold them when I had just too many Klipsch speakers (yes it is possible).  Then a couple years later, went back to the guy a sold them to and bought them back and gave them to my son.  I'm trying to teach these millennials how to do audio right.  Gave my son-in-law my KLF-20's when I bought the Palladiums.  I'm just a Klipsch 3-way lover, but don't have the space for the heritage series.  Have long hoped to see something like Forte again.  Yeah!  The other day I was reminding my son about those Forte's, "Now son, take care of those, they are special."  He says, "Dad, I know.  I'm a Klipsch man."  Nuff said.  Congratulations Klipsch, I love what you've done with the place!  Very smart, very smart.

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10 minutes ago, calhockey10 said:

just saw the email in which I assume is the new subwoofers they were mentioning. :( hoping they would be like the old rsw monsters. sadly mistaken just moving more to wireless speakers :(

These were not the ones I saw mentioned, so others are still coming.

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On 1/6/2017 at 10:03 AM, Grizzog said:

I will also be in line for the Forte III.

What do other companies have available at that price point that will come anywhere near the forte performance?

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I'm sure people will be comparing them to internet direct manufacturers like Tekton and Zu Audio. The problem with those two is that their speakers aren't as efficient as they state. They always test around 93db. Pretty good for dynamic drivers but they also don't really measure that well and are built more like DIY speakers. Really though, there is nothing that will compare to these Forte 3 at 3800.00. At 98db and a solid 30hz-20khz response they will own their spot in the market place. That doesn't even take into account their attractiveness and the inherent "Wife Acceptance Factor". These look to be a real winner. Can't wait to hear them. 


That 1000 dollar integrated looks interesting too. I'll definitely be grabbing one of The Three for the kitchen and maybe a pair of The Six for bedroom duty. This is the best line up I've seen from Klipsch since the Chorus 2 came out. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping the sound of the Forte 3s live up to expectations because I have never had this hard a time picking between finishes of a speaker. That California Walnut finish with the light colored grill vs the black with anniversary grills is going to keep me up at night.

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