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On 3/6/2023 at 1:57 PM, MeloManiac said:

I've enjoyed all weekend listening to this 1974 Neil Diamond best-of album. It dates from before he became a global star, and is without the bombastic o'er the top arrangements. 

Let's just say it qualifies as true 'melomaniac' album! 



Don't you love that hair?! 



Thanks for this.  I was one of TWO keyboardists in a 9 piece Neil Diamond show band!  The band was retired in 2020 when we lost all our shows due to Covid, and the lead vocalist decided to retire the band.  I was with them for 15 out of the 20 year run !   


The most exciting adventure was getting an all expenses paid trip to Vegas as the backing band to some 13 Neil Diamond singers from all over the world !  We actually had 4 of Neil's musicians on our stage joining us for the conclusion of the concert! Two of which are on that album you just played!!  Fun times.:emotion-21:

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Sorry for not posting here in such a long time, but I do stop by and observe the spins and banter :happy:.   Tonight, (Tuesday in the States), is Telarc Tuesday over in RTM.  I decided to dig out this wonderful RE-release on 200 gram vinyl pressed by 'Quality Pressings'.  This one has the REAL CANNONS, and I was curious to see if the new Ortofon M2 Blue could keep up with those menacing grooves!


Well, it was a challenge for sure.  The tone arm at worse was bounced OUT of the grooves and into a few seconds further into the recording where it landed on more of the cannons' volley!!  Skipped and bounced a bit more.   Oh well, the finest turntables back in the day did not far any better when this was originally released back in 1979!  You can read all about the history of that.


There are a few videos I have found that show the whole tone are wiggling right to left trying to keep up :lol:.   Anyway, here are some photos of 1 of 1000 released in 2012. IMG-2621.jpg

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