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16 hours ago, richieb said:


=== was this at Street Car Takeover? I had friends there representing Pro Charger —


Yep.  We were at SCT Denver, 2 weeks prior.  We spun a bearing there and got a new motor built and in just in time to make this event (we went to Vegas in between and then the owner had to drive 2 days back to Atlanta, from Denver).

It still has a Yamaha motor, but with a custom intake.  We've also got aluminum rods in this and the block is 3/4 filled with concrete. 

There should be another 1320 Video feature on this car, very soon...  Which will be the third.  Also, we'll be on Netflix with this car in the fall.  :)



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Engine block fillers are something drag racers use due to the crazy amount of power they run.  It keeps the cylinders from flexing and cracking.  This SHO is running north of 1,000whp, I'd imagine.  I say that because I don't have a dyno of the 27 PSI I ran it at that day in 3rd gear, but I do have a dyno of the 20-21 PSI level, making 830whp.

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Clearly I've been out of the loop since my days of camping in the Clermont Drive-In across the street from IRP at the Indy Nationals.   I never heard of such a thing.  Apparently, it doesn't prevent your client from driving on the street without overheating.

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On 7/31/2019 at 11:13 AM, yamahaSHO said:

You can't rely on a 3.2L Taurus motor to drive you across country, race it, then have it bring you back. 


That’s what I thought.  Probably no cement in the tow vehicle’s block, right? 😉


Seeing that six-wheeled trailer reminds me of a story.  In the late 60s we went to US-131 Dragway in Martin Michigan.  While driving home in the dark on US-131, we suddenly saw and passed a lone wheel rolling into the median.  


Soon we overtook a 4-wheeled trailer with only three wheels. We signaled to the driver of the tow vehicle to pull over.  He hadn’t realized a wheel went astray.  He got in our car and we attempted, unsuccessfully, to locate the missing wheel.


The car he was towing was a Ford Model A coupe powered by  Chrysler slant six.  We’d been impressed by the car at the strip.  It really screamed, in every sense of the word.

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That's scary.  On the way to Denver, from Atlanta, my buddy had a blowout on the trailer above.  He ended up changing it in the dark, on the side of the road.  I just put new tires on my trailer, but I generally carry a spare.  My trailer isn't quite as nice, but I have a couple cars to trailer around to the tracks:




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Got these JJ/Tesla 12AX7 new production tubes yesterday and man am I impressed.

I had pretty much given up on new production 12AX7 signal tubes (except for Psvane Treasures) but these things sound really nice. My first JJ/Tesla tubes. I just ordered a few more. Very affordable. [emoji106]cead9dcaa42d29df3ce7f1cee17112a2.jpg

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Found a good deal on a little 38" two post rack with casters and shelves. Just enough room for my stack of gear with some breathing room for the amps and avr.


Much safer than the two ikea end tables I had stacked up - those worked for a time, but I've got some serious amp weight these days and it was a bit wobbly.





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12 minutes ago, Schu said:

Nice and clean... you are using an nvidia?


Yup - I use it as a plex endpoint for all of my movies and TV shows (HD, 4k, 4k hdr, etc), streaming services such as Netflix and spotify.


Then I have a little raspberry pi tucked away running roon for my Flac music playback - that ugly looking device behind the shield is a very robust 12v linear power supply that I've stepped down to 5v for the pi. It came from my father in law's HAM parts bin and has been a really solid piece of kit, in spite of its age and appearance. 

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