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What I Got Today!


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1 hour ago, Dave1290 said:

Smirks and just scrolls on down...  GO BUCKS!  Nice speaker hauler though!  :)


Buckeye-Mobiles have also been seen at Lucas Oil Stadium, as have those representing Wisconsin, Iowa, Penn State,  Nebraska, & Northwestern.  Am I forgetting anyone?

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21 hours ago, Schu said:

Folks still buy (OR LEASE) those giant automobiles?


Yes see sales figures below for a single quarter of 2019.


I'll assume you don't own a business, if you do and are still asking that question you need a better accountant.


For more info look into section 179 and 6,000Lb vehicles. This is a tool (think buildings, office equipment, software) for GETTING my business done, very different than BEING a tool (look in mirror perhaps);).


Full-Size SUV sales – Q2 2019
Q2 2019
Chevrolet Tahoe 32,942
Ford Expedition 21,796
GMC Yukon/XL 20,023
Dodge Durango 19,972
Chevrolet Suburban 18,266
Nissan Armada 8,912
Toyota Sequoia 2,154
Total 124,065
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12 hours ago, Thaddeus Smith said:

Just got out of "moderated replies" mode. Woohoo!

Wait ... so all those nice things you said about me were merely a result of being moderated? I was just a stepping stone to freedom?   I’d better go listen to The Smiths ... only Morrisey can relate to this level of depression. 

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2 hours ago, Thaddeus Smith said:
2 hours ago, oldtimer said:

Who polices the police?


Chad, but he's sort of an absentee father.

Think about that, it's really scary. :huh:


43 minutes ago, BigStewMan said:

a result of being moderated?

I kind of feel like getting moderated right now, or whatever the kids call it now? 

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