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What I Got Today!


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The seller let me test it on his c.1977 Cornwalls.

Sadly, I didn't get it until later tonight, so it might have to wait until tomorrow to turn it up. 

He held it for me and I got great deal.


I'll need to move out my Sansui AU-719 and try it on my 60th anniversary Khorns.

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5 minutes ago, Dave1290 said:

@opusk2k9 well get to work brother!  lol  :)


81RB LS w/Deans modded Jupiter networks and 120 Crites, Linn table.  Sounds fantastic.  Going to the top of the PL food chain pretty soon I'm thinkin.

Nice system!

 I wanted the Dialogue premium HP (now replaced with the EVO 400), but for the price, this will tide me over.

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Got a new Weber Spirit E-310 propane gas grill. Up in the top rack, had them pull the pallet down, scan the price. Last years $500 model is showing clearance price $300. Even the store manager did not know that deal existed. If you can find last years model, you can get the same deal. The store I went to had 21 in inventory, so the warehouse is dumping them and sending them out to select locations.

Here is a link you can search for one near you- if you are interested.



Genesis II @ 2x the price even on clearance just wasn't doing it for me.



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I received my new pie style Klipsch badges for my upgraded Klipschorns and I know with the upgrades they are not technically Klipsch speakers.The woofers are Klipsch,the bass cabinets are Klipsch and I never liked the look of the top hat without badges .Now I love the sound and I also love the way the look.

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I snagged a table that might end up replacing my beloved custom TV stand that has been in my setup, much longer than any of the other pieces made it.

Still not not sure if I will make the change or not but that shelf under the top fits a RC-64..


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Hmmmm, I think I owe the UPS store that was used a BIG solid.  Picked these up @ auction for $55.  The auctioneer said they had the original boxes which was a plus as did the Thorens TD-160.  Welllll, the turntable did but the speakers didn't so I must have begged well when I talked to them about shipping.  Shipping?  Well that's ANOTHER story but factored into the big picture I made out like a bandit.  Shipped Tuesday and arrived here today.  I posted the speaker pics a week ago in the Vinyl Record Spinning thread but had no clue since no tag pics.   We all kinda had an ideas what they were.  MAYBE!  We were ALL wrong!  Sweet old pair of KG4's.  I mean Klipsch for $55?  Ya just CAN'T walk away from that!  Yet to test run but no reservations especially when the old guy that owned it had a stylus guard on the cartridge.  Should be sweet for that lil college girlie of mine!







NOW where do I put them?  Ugh!

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2 hours ago, Zurnes said:

I got my money from my friend today 


1 hour ago, Tarheel said:

So you have money to buy more gear now?

That's possible Chuck but it could also mean he's broke from buying gear!  You know the routine in here.  Pay to Play!


Also, welcome to the gaggle!  Keep a stiff upper lip!  :)

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