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What I Got Today!


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After a year of research on 2 channel amps, getting my purchase criterion together and budget, I have been chasing a Parasound A23. Several have been available at $850 to $1,300 Canadian to my house. Given my strong preference to buy in person, no deals and in fact none in Calgary. Then, yesterday one pops up on Canada Audio Mart for $650. I jumped and met the seller, a very nice brand new music grad, and got the amp. Young man has a really nice recording studio with all kinds of great gear and instruments. Perfect scenario! It pays to be patient.


Edit:  Same guy just posted a completed ACA on local Kijiji and a set of powered Dynaudio monitors.  He must be cleaning house!  He had a set of custom horn fronts and custom 12 inch sub, as well as a pair of "expensive" JBL monitors on stands.  Along with 2 pianos, guitar and violin, plus Hypex Ncore amps (he convinced them to make a set for him!), DSP and mixing boards.  All this behind a door that looked like a closet.  Diffusers and and absorption panels he had made on walls, ceiling and floor.  Not sure what else he might have to sell, but I am pretty sure I saw an older Parasound 6 channel amp in a corner too.  Yikes.

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Today I got all the wood I needed for my next project. A custom made audio equipment rack. This one will go in the JBL theater room. It will not be like the last 2 racks I made that are sandwiched between Klipsch Chorus II's. I am planning for something a bit more toward the high end furniture look with this build. 60" height 25" width 20"depth with casters. 7 shelves plus the top.

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