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What I Got Today!


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Imma thunkin pretty good!  Let me know if ya likey!    [emoji4]

Currently scouring the 2nd hand market for a nice pair of speakers and the the stand is getting delivered Tuesday.

I’ll report back!

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I like the subs very much, they really preform at a higher level that their size would suggest.

I primarily use them with the Anthem HT receiver for TV and movies, with either the new H3s and soon to be better looking LSs.


As for the topic of my post of a few days ago, the Sansui AU-707.

Unfortunately I discovered that it had not been converted to 120volts from 100volts like my seller 🤥  told me.

He did agree to take it back with full refund including all the shipping.

I was very disappointed because of just how beautiful a condition this 707 was in.

It did sound good, even running with 120v.

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