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What I Got Today!


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3 hours ago, joessportster said:

Is there a link to where ever you got this ?


3 hours ago, 314carpenter said:


1 hour ago, babadono said:

calling @dirtmudd

John Boos JNS10 Maple Top Work Table with Galvanized Steel Base and Adjustable Galvanized Lower Shelf, 60" Long x 30" Wide x 1-1/2" Thick



Amazon prime $351 w/tax free shipping.. came from PA... arrived

in 2 days.. Make sure you can have

it shipped by Amazon not ups..

the first came in on Tuesday damaged.. Called customer service

replaced with no charge on Thursday.. the table shipped on Tuesday.. is getting picked up on Monday....

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Got a contract on the HAUNTED HOUSE! No more triple mortgages I HOPE!
Went on market at 8:30ish yesterday and had three offers above asking price by 5:00; signed contract this morning,,,need more toys.


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Arrived just just in time for spring.  




My neighbor can get a deal on the mower below which uses the same batteries and charger as the snowblower.  His brother works for EGO.  I saved $200 off a Lowe’s sale price on the snowblower.  Hopefully, the savings on the mower will be similar.



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