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What I Got Today!


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4 hours ago, USNRET said:

$40-50 K over sticker

That is just crazy, I do love the way they look, but the BMW is probably a overall more user friendly with more seating and it looks like every option ever known to be thought up, and still crazy performance. 

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On 3/13/2021 at 9:04 PM, USNRET said:

Fiddled around with the performance settings today making a Wally World trip; you have to be real careful... at 20 MPH and then 1/2 throttle it WILL break free. 

Good friend has an older 3 his wifey drives and a newer one sittin next to his 911 Carrera that he bought right years ago.  It has like 800 miles on it.  hahaha   Then there's his old Lotus he bought from a guy who tore it down and boxed the parts.  hahaha  Talk about a puzzle.  It will be gorgeous when he's done though.  He drives a VW rabbit to work.  hahaha  Soooo NOT right.  Wife, 2 huskies and zero kids?  His niece and nephew are going to be set for life!  lol  That new M3 should just eat things up on the road.  Apex man, apex and GO!  :)


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