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What I Got Today!


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1 minute ago, kirby said:

Those look really nice. I saw those a few days ago, glad you got them. Could you play them on your boat dock, or is that against the rules?

Not against the rules,  but I'm sure I would get some complaints if I cranked them. 

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A pair of 396s. One is supposedly customized to be mounted horizontally (used as center) but there is no marking to indicate which one. The invoice noted one as "custom". Packing list calls out "horizontal horn need to be horizontal at the minimum IDEALLY basge on the grill needs to be horizontal and centered on the bottom".  Typed as printed. Haven't de-boxed yet but both badges are centered on the vertical bottom as they are on normal 396s.

So I unboxed them. No markings to identify the modified speaker. Flashlight thru grill ID'd the changed HF horn. Pulled off the grill and yes one has the horn mounted 90 degrees off under (or over) the port.
The emblem will not be so easy to move as claimed. It is glued, not plastic riveted and there is foam glued to the inside of the grill which will have to be pulled back on one horizontal and one vertical edge and then re-glued which will be difficult to maintain straight edges without bunching.

I am thinking that the center 396's horn should be mounted with the bottom of the HF in line with the bottom of the Jub's HF and the port at the bottom. 

Just tidbits for anyone considering using a 396 as a center. I do appreciate Klipsch taking the time to set up the mill to modify the motorboard.  


Modified 396.jpg

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