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What I Got Today!


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That's some serious "eye candy.!"  I felt guilty dropping $500 in new lp's today.  On the upside my Linn table is done and sounds spectacular.  3 hours each way and the place is fairly close to ichigan's stadium.  Ugh!  Couple that w/the 24 or 5 lp's I've had laying here Imma gonna have some FUN this weekend.


Hit a record store on the way home I hadn't been in for prolly 50 years.  They used to sell used and some new back then.  Today?  The place is HUGE and every record they have is NEW sealed with reasonable prices.  Snagged about 8 in there finding a few I didn't expect to find but there are a few that I'll prolly never find.


Nuttin better than that "eye candy" to cook with either!  Great thread to keep an eye on!   :)

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Today I got a UMIK-1 microphone. 


I've downloaded REW and now need to start learning how to use it. 


My goal is to characterise my room and improve the placement of my La Scalas and my subwoofer (currently an SVS SB-1000 Pro).


My plans are to replace the SB-1000 Pro with a Bill Fitzmaurice-designed THTLP but I'd like to be able to assess whether I'd be better off with a single THTLP or if I should add a second SB-1000 Pro instead. I'm hoping that REW with the UMIK-1 will help me determine the best path forward.

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I actually got this Friday, so I'm a couple of days late, but I have a new Bluesound Node audio streamer. There is going to be a bit of a learning curve, but part of the reason I'm late in posting is that I kicked off the Little Feat Station on Amazon Music Unlimited at about 7 AM and spent the next several hours listening to old favorites plus tons of stuff I've never heard before. A slice of heaven!

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1 hour ago, CWelsh said:

Wow, that's a score!

Indeed. I have been tracking the Az part of the site:



for about five years now.  Useful gear shows up in Az about quarterly, but most times it is either 200 miles one way to pick up, appt only; or gets too rich for me. This one was a bonus, too. The 10 auction pix showed only one view of two of the QSC and the Crown. There were four of the QSC PLX 1602 on the pallet when I picked up. Three miles from my home.

    Life is good this month….

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