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What I Got Today!


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3 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

Looks great and I KNOW how that Neil Young lp must sound now.!  Enjoy!  :)

 That was a Xmas present from my daughter, so I figured it deserved the first play.

Very good sounding LP, as good as my CD of the Massey Hall Album.

Which is also an Iconic venue, a must go to building to see a show if you ever get to Toronto!


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@HPower I also have both of the new ones and lots more of his stuff like others.  They do sound great though.  I also have a TD-160 as a backup table.


Couple hours South of Cleveland so could swim the lake next summer.  lol  New Market is a great area of Toronto.  Beautiful city and great people.  Shot the Indy Cars up there about  10 times and it was always a fun time.  


A bunch of us that spin hang in the Vinyl Record Spinning thread.  Slip in sometime and put your feet up.  Lotsa great guys in here!  Me?  I'm the blacksheep of the family!  😂  Bring your A game!  😂

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Not in the @A1UC league but...

Luxnam PD289 and in separate transaction Luxman R-117 #3.

2 R-117 are here running 4 HT channels and 2 channel audio. Third R-117 is still unfortunately in Calgary, will get here in August if not before. All 6 HT channels will then be on R-117.


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5 minutes ago, dirtmudd said:

Send them my way i give the a test drive


If you pay the shipping both ways you will be broke. The Terminator + is a beast. I was worried it might not fit in my rack it is so wide/deep and heavy. Come out for a listen... might be cheaper.😁


Makes the J2 seem almost reasonable in size. I had to move almost every slot to get the silvers and blacks together





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