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15 hours ago, veloceleste said:

I had an Audio Electronic Supply AE-3 preamp that was factory built and upgraded with oil in paper caps and upgraded hexfreds that sounded great. One of the few pieces I regretted selling. I later replaced with the AE-3 MKII which I thought didn't sound as good as the original. AES was the "budget" or dyi division of Cary years ago and no longer exists. They come up for sale every so often and are not that pricey.

I almost purchased one myself, but I needed more inputs than the 3 on the AES. Plus I have the phono stage, which I really love.

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2 hours ago, canyonman said:

Schu try to find a Rogue Magnum 99 you won't be sorry... Their customer service is second to none also...




Interesting... Ive been watching Cary slp-05's, but this looks nice also.


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On ‎1‎/‎11‎/‎2019 at 1:43 PM, mopardave said:

How do those compare to the RCA tube?


I've had/got a bunch of Sylvania, Rogers, GEs, etc. Can't say that I recall any RCAs. For me the Ken-Rad has a thick, luscious low end that really makes me smile.

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