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College Football 2019


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4 hours ago, DizRotus said:

Chase Young is amazing.

They don't call him the "Predator" for nuttin.¬† That kids an animal and I'd love to see him win the Heisman but that'll never happen.¬† Another "bye" week next week then we grind it all out w/Penn State coming in.¬† EVERYone wants a piece of the Buckeyes it seems.¬† Right haters?¬† I did lol today when I heard the Notre Dame was going into "The Vally of the Wolves" tonight.¬† Harb's said he's not leaving and sent a letter to the parents of the recruits saying so.¬† Naturally the rumor started in Ohio they said!¬† We LOVE him¬† @¬†‚ĚĆichigan why would we want him gone?¬†¬†ūüėā

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2 hours ago, rplace said:

As happy as I am to see UofM win, I think I'm more happy that ND was exposed as the fraud they were. #8 really? Terrible strength of schedule.


Go Blue! who cares about MSU just beat OSU..... please


With all due respect my friend you should care about beating a pathetic MSU, because it would be only the fourth time since 2008.  To focus on beating OSU, which is extremely unlikely, and lose again to weak Sparty would be embarrassing. To beat Sparty this year should be easy, to lose again would be almost as bad as Appalachian State.

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It's week by week now as we all know.¬† Sure I watched some of the¬†‚ĚĆichigan game and it seemed like a bit of a different team.¬† They finally getting it together or?¬† Here is the ONE thing I see that could have a major impact on Nov. 30th fwiw.¬† Ed Wariner!¬† Urban finally dumped him so blue snatched him up.¬† Ed KNOWS football and is a great friend of Urban's but who's signing the check now?¬† Will he roll over on OSU or not?¬† He was in the box as the Offensive Coordinator¬†and worked side by side w/Coach Day.¬† He's in his head and¬†KNOWS what Day likes to do.¬† Simple.¬† As far as the OSU program goes now?¬† Totally different program though as most have seen.¬† The elements impact any game as well as the psych aspects and injuries all play a factor too but these kids are totally focused on NOT losing a game all the way out .¬† They saw what happened losing that ONE game in the past years did.¬† Game at a time!


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 Any given Saturday or Sunday for sure.  I don't know what to say about Michigan, but I'm glad they hammered Notre Dame.  I'm excited about the Penn State Minnesota game in 2 weeks and expect that to be a hell of a game.  I expect Penn State to win, but if you're Minnesota and can't get psyched up for that, there's something wrong.  Good for the Big 10 as well, the West needs to be better overall.  OSU looks fantastic and someone has to figure out how to slow chase down for sure.  Nice to hear all the talk about multiple Big 10 teams as well as LSU and have Clemson and Bama being judged a bit more as it relates to schedule.  it's all good for College Football.   Can you believe next weeks SMU vs. Memphis is a meeting between 2 top 25 teams?  Wow.   

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Hahahahahaha!¬† I remember a time when the entire world thought OSU was gonna beat Bo.¬† An old oddsmaker in Vegas asked me about it and told me if the world is gonna bet on OSU to put the house, boat and car on¬†‚ĚĆichigan.¬† I laffed and watched not betting on the game.¬† OSU lost.¬† Made a believer outta me.¬†


I DO think he'd look good in Hope wearing a #2 OSU jersey for a day though.¬† :)¬† Predator AND Dobbins both wear #2 so we may as well double our pleasure and double our fun!¬†¬†ūüėā¬†

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Lost faith in the ap poll officially this year.

Coaches polls are better, just like odds shark does a much more realistic view.


When `Bama bested Clemson in `17 the jubilant post game pics stayed at the top of the NCAA football webpage until the next season. Tigers dismantled them in `18 and the story stayed up for about two weeks. It smells.


OSU is doing good again this year (cough, cough).


You guys aren't dense, the post season is getting close!

Here's a thought to stir the pot:


It showed up in the feed on my phone.

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