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John Prine hospitalized for COVID 19 symptoms


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Crap!  No one lives forever but there are a few that really do get to make the world a bit brighter.  I wish I could’ve seen him perform one more time.  We saw him twice here in small settings and my wife got to see him in Chicago a couple of years ago.  Crap......RIP.

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In the late '70's I bought a motorcycle outside of France and cruised through Europe. Going through a small French village one morning I passed a group of schools kids being led down the road by a nun.  Wonder what they thought of me, for I was singing "Illegal Smile" at the top of my lungs so I could hear my voice over the roar of the bike.


Had the joy of seeing him at the Philadelphia Folk Festival the year after Woodstock.   Saw him and Macy Gray singing together on TV once. What an odd, but wonderful pairing.


Gonna miss you John.

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A piece of my heart is missing today... That John Prine was a giant in music and dear to many is a given. As a musician and someone who found him with the release of his first album, his songwriting skills and down to earth sensibilities never ceased to amaze me. I never saw one of his shows, but while playing guitar and bass for a brother-sister (Chuck and Mary Perrin) duo, we played at the Quiet Knight, a legendary club at 953 Belmont. It was a place where JP played. We opened for Tom Paxton. Lots of talent went through the door...

John Prine, Steve Goodman, Arlo Guthrie, Nanci Griffith, Phil Ochs, Karla Bonoff, Linda Ronstadt, Jimmy Buffet (opening for Dan Hicks), Herbie Hancock, Carly Simon. Tom Waits and Loudon Wainwright, Tom Paxton, to name just a few. Bob Marley even did a show there, as well as Martin Mull, John Stewart and Chuck Mangione. It only lasted about ten years, but what a place.

We are losing a lot of people right now, not just artists. It's just that the artists touch lives in ways that are hard to gauge, and JP seemed like he could be a friend to anyone and I feel like he was a friend I never met in person. May he rest in peace. Prayers for his wife and family.

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