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Jeff Matthews

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10 hours ago, Jeff Matthews said:

He's been Irreverent.

aren't we all at some time?   I learned the hard way that funerals were not a place to make jokes. we're at the mortuary where there is a viewing of my Aunt. I hate open caskets.  I say to my cousin, her daughter, "When you told me that your Mom died, I believed you -- you didn't have to show me."  NOBODY thought that was funny. 

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On 2/18/2021 at 11:06 AM, Zen Traveler said:

You and I always seem to be the last to know....Jeff, you didn't miss me? 😢

yeah, I've been trained for it though ... I was an orphan and then a step-child. now as one the last adults in the world that isn't on Facebook, everyone knows what is going on in my family before I know. hope you are well. 

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I ordered some of his sauce for my brother in law (I'm not into the burn your tonsils out stuff).


Not knowing anything about his offerings, I said give me one that's mild since my brother in laws daughter can't eat spicy....  and then give me the other end of the spectrum....one that's nuclear.


Got the stash last week, opened box had them sitting on my desk.  Wanted to move them from my desk so some oaf wouldn't knock them over and smash them....  picked them up....dropped the nuclear bottle onto tile floor and shattered to smithereens.





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