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Fed-ex shipping


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I got a box my sister in law from Washington state that she shipped using USPS.  It looked eerily similar to the box in your picture.  The box had 3 bottles in it and unfortunately only 2 made it unbroken.  It was labeled fragile and the contents were packed really well.  They managed to crush one side somehow.   It must have been something incredibly heavy.

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2 minutes ago, bkwa1959 said:

I would send that picture to FedEx corporate and let them know if they do not refund all shipping cost I will post this picture everyday on all social media.

A drop in the bucket… They don’t care.

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I bought a subwoofer from a local high end audio shop last year, and they agreed to deliver it.  When the driver brought it to my door, I saw that one corner of the box was crushed in, and pointed it out to him.  He didn’t seem to care, and wasn’t even sure about the exact price I was supposed to pay him.  And he was the early-twenties son of the owner.


Luckily, the box was big enough that it had a fair bit of space between it and the contents, so the sub was unmarked and seemed to operate just fine.  I hope that will be the last time that the shop embarrasses itself like that.  I like that shop, and the service is normally excellent.

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That must be one of those new fangled boxes with the built in crumple zones. 😀 It's good that it protected the sole occupant on its long voyage.   As long as the item survived, it did its job. Toss it and forget it.  

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2 hours ago, Audible Nectar said:

.......and people thought I was crazy for driving to Texas to pick up a preamp.


This picture normalizes that practice.


That’s the same reason that I took the ferry, then the highway, all the way to Seattle to pick up a power amplifier.  It came home safely with me, and sounds mighty fine to this day.

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