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On 9/4/2021 at 12:44 PM, Dave1291 said:

Had them fired up on day and a friend swore they were my LS.  I didn't laff too hard.


When I was 18, I meandered into a stereo store with a buddy.  Saw these strange looking speakers with no woofers visible (Khorns).  Heard them and was floored.  I knew however, that they wouldn't be too practical for a teenager to take off to college.

I pointed at "those" (LaScalas) so I could hear them.  He played them.  We were very much wow'ed....  but I had a nagging thought in the back of my head, for a speaker THAT big, shouldn't it have more bass output???


Looking over at the Salesman, he was laughing his hiney off at us.  You see....on top of the LaScalas were some Heresy's.  He turned them on and it was hard to discern what was playing so we thought it was the speaker we wanted to hear.


He then turned the LaScala on and we were appropriately wow'ed again.  I'm guessing he pulled that stunt and sold Heresy's like hotcakes.....  I recall leaving the store with my pal, patted the LaScala on top and told my friend "one day...."  and I bought a pair the following year.  (1979 and still have them)

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1 hour ago, Marvel said:


That might have been Jerry Lee Lewis, who married his 13 year old cousin...

Yes, his first cousin (J.W. Brown, bass player) had a daughter Myra, who was 13 at the time.


Your first cousin's children are your "first cousins once removed." They were all living in Memphis at the time and they eloped to Mississippi, probably because they were lax on age requirements without parental consent.


When word leaked out that he had married his 13 year old cousin it destroyed his rock and roll career.  He was able to pick back up in Country, but it took a long, long time. 


This was his 3rd marriage, and his marriage to his 2nd wife.wasn't final yet when he married Myra (bigamy) so he married her a second time about 5 months later. They had two children together. (Yep, their own children are also their cousins). 


Currently you can marry a first cousin once removed in all states except two or three. You can marry your first cousin in about half the states, some with requirements/restrictions. 


Jerry Lee is also a first cousin to Jimmy Swaggart (a double first cousin), and Mickey Gilley (1st once removed).


Myra remarried twice I believe.


The Killer remarried 4 more time (total of 7), sometimes not bothering to wait for finalization of his divorce. 

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