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The New Jubilee


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This is just my opinion.


The new Klipsch Jubilee, from what I've read here on the Forum, is supposed to retail for around $30K to $35K.


I'm sorry, but at that price point, nowadays, I think people start to expect some "eye candy". This thing is just butt-ugly. It looks "unfinished". Kind of like a nice build somebody did in their garage.


The original Jubilee with the rosewood horn - now that looked cool. Retro and modern at the same time.


Surely the industrial design department at Klipsch can do better with the current version. It doesn't even look "finished", complete. It looks like an old juke box on steroids without the gaudy eye candy lights.


For $35 grand it really needs to look much "prettier", more stunning. It needs to make a statement - that this is the future, not a DIY project from the past.


Anyway, that's my penny's worth. Peace.

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I understand where Artto is coming from. The way I roughly conceptualize is that there are Living Rooms and then there are Media Rooms (aka rec rooms, man caves, bachelor pads etc). When we are in the world of living rooms, it must function as a more general purpose room (entertaining, a place for visitors, a place for the entire family, a place where kids leave their toys and do their homework ... the list goes on).


In the "Living Room" world, the Klipschorn worked. The footprint was about as large as would want to go and the height was getting up there, but it was still manageable.  The Klipschorn also had the advantage that it looked like a finished piece of furniture (simple but with a style that was somewhat elegant). So a Klipschorn could work in either a "Living Room" or in a "Media Room". 


The new Jubilee is a different beast. The new Jubilee has both a larger foot print and is taller. The exposed horn is interesting in a sort of industrial looking way, but it would not be considered "elegant" by most (in spite of an upgrade on the veneer). IOW, would it complement the existing furniture, upholstery, carpeting, decor in your living room - for most of us probably not. In fact it might be quite incompatible, although I am sure there are some exceptions. So this puts the new Jubilee into the category that it is fine for a Media Room but probably not for a Living Room. 


Now the reality sets in. How many of us have the resources to have "an extra room" in the house to dedicate as a Media Room (explain to the kids that they are going to have to share a room, so that Dad can have his toys or other similar conversations with your spouse about a home office, walk in closet, florida room, formal dining room, ..... the list goes on). 


However, if they really are selling for $ 30-35K, maybe the affluent don't have this problem. 


At no point have I suggested that these will not sound wonderful. I'm sure they sound great. I have the original style Jubilees. I love their sound, but I'll confess that I have struggled with how to make them compatible and acceptable in the "Living Room" world. I am afraid the New Jubilee version is further limiting them to being restricted to the "Media Room" (if you are fortunate enough to have such a room).


Good luck,


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17 minutes ago, geezin' said:

Dayum I didn't know they were going to be that pricey. I think they're gorgeous. Simplistic and purposeful. A loudspeaker not a supermodel. I close my eyes when really listening anyways.

I close my eyes
Only for a moment, and the moment's gone

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It is not the same Jubilee of the past, one big differenc, it goes down into the high teens, and NOT with a built in sub. It's a vented horn, not a ported horn, I was corrected pretty fast when i called it ported. 


 Cheap no, but try to find a apeaker that sounds like that and cover that range of frequencies for the same money. 


It's a little big so there is only so much that can be done, no way to dress it up and have it look smaller, I think it looks great anyway. At least it's not one of those esoteric odd shapes like some of the more expensive speakers are, it's about the sound first. 



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1 hour ago, dtel said:

Cheap no, but try to find a apeaker that sounds like that and cover that range of frequencies for the same money.

Well ,it is in the same league  with the Tannoy Westminster 50k$ per pair ,  how about some Italian  Music



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3 hours ago, seti said:

 the fact that it is even being released is a huge move forward.

the Cinema Industry will love this speaker , if they release it in a Pro Version   , it's perfect for smaller  size  theaters -

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