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Cornwall IV for sale (SOLD)


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E09DDDF0-B766-4C81-8866-A0B672D29B7B.thumb.jpeg.157eed46a817c38a15fa4f6015a3bb28.jpegCWIV for sale in excellent condition. I am the original owner and these look like they just came out of the box. Perfect condition and sound great, but you already knew that. Pick up in Lynchburg Va or I am willing to meet the new owner at a reasonable distance. I have original boxes, packing and all documentation. 

Asking price is 4300.00


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1 hour ago, jjptkd said:

Congrats on the new speakers and good luck with your sale here! Curious if you'd like to offer your comparison of the two speakers? Thanks.

Well not to discourage any potential buyer I might have, the Cornwall IV is an excellent speaker and certainly the best of what came before it. The la scala just does what it does and brings it to another level. Of course it doesn’t have the bass heft and extension of the CW, but it comes closer than I would have imagined.  Horses for courses.



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Good luck on your sale and on the new Lc Scala's!


I would love to move up to Cornwalls (currently have Forte IIIs). I am in Washington D.C -- but with plans to move down to Charlottesville in the near future. Timing does not workout for me this time around -- hope you find a fortunate buyer soon.


I very much look forward to your future write-up on the Cornwall v La Scala showdown. 

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