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2022 and big horns

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I’ll get into a write up later this week.  
Long story is these are mind blowing.  Many here know I’ve build a lot of cool stuff. Thus far… with only one done, these are the best speakers I’ve ever owned including a set of Jub clone bins with eliptracs. Wholly different speaker but still.  

off to sleep. This build too the better part of 10hrs.  Center section is crossover, wiring junction and and tweeter.  















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11 hours ago, Westcoastdrums said:

Very cool Justin.  Will watch for details on the build later and wait till you sell them for the local deal. 

Unlikely... have an existing customer who wants.

8K in parts is a heavy lift. Wont be leaving for that... so much work and capital involved

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Im not sure what got into me to want to build... no regrets but has been alot of work... 

I like the bassbin without crossover. If I ever wanted I could try the large B&C or what not.

I tried really hard to move from homebuilt to something that anyone could setup and use.  Labeled and logical and what not. 


Westcost... what became of those JBLs... they looked insane. 

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