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Anyone mind if I do a fun giveaway of a couple things in here?


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Long story short I just changed from a Samsung Android phone to an iPhone 13.  As you may know, the newer iPhones don't have a 3.5mm headphone jack.  So, that leaves me with a couple things that I'll probably never use again!


First up is a pair of Klipsch R6 Reference on-ear headphones.  They are in like new condition.  I have the original case for them and I believe I have the original 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter as well.  Here's the Klipsch page on them:


Klipsch® R6 Reference On Ear Headphones | Klipsch



Second up is a Bravo Audio V2 headphone amp.  This is a Class A tube headphone amplifier.  There are 2 tubes included:  a JJ ECC82 and a 12AU7.  I purchased this from forum member flatgrass and only used it a couple times for a couple hours maximum.  I believe I still have the original box for it.  Here's a review of it:


Audi Bravo V2 Headphone Amplifier Review - Audiophile Review


So, if you are interested in either of these items here's what you need to do:


If you are interested in the headphones, take a guess as to the length of the biggest walleye I've ever caught (in inches).  I'll take guesses until this Friday August 5th.  If someone guesses the exact length correctly before that they'll automatically win right away.  Otherwise, it'll be whoever is closest by Friday the 5th.  :Congrats to @Shakeydealwho was the first to guess correctly!!


If you are interested in the headphone amplifier, take a guess as to how many years my parents have been married.  Same rules apply as above.


Please only one guess per forum member for one item.  I'd rather have two different people "win".  I'll pay shipping costs for both items.  U.S. addresses only.


This forum has been great to me over the years so I thought it would be fun to pay it forward.



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21 minutes ago, Shakeydeal said:

Very generous of you, and should be fun.


I'll guess a 27" walleye.


I'll guess 42 years for your parents marriage.

Well that didn’t take long!  27” walleye is correct!  Send me a private message with your address.  Congrats!

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Nice thing to do brother.  I don't measure walleye around here I just eat the heck outta them!  Now I'm thinkin about that hour run North to Lake Eerie and eating my limit!  lol  Always room for a couple pounds of perch @ $28 a pound deep fried.  


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