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UPDATED PICS!!!! Cornwall Restoration!!!!


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Riser completed and installed:


Side view:










Cabinet interior:


Crossover and cabinet damping installed:


Crossover closeup:


Tweeter installed:


Squawker installed:


Woofer wired and waiting:


Woofer installed:




Back installed:




All that is left is to recover the grilles and install new badges, hope you like them.

Also, I would like to take a moment to wish everyone a very Happy Easter.


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Jordan, you're my hero! Simply incredible...beautiful...a true testament to the venerable Cornwall and its simple, yet effective design. The attention to detail is spectacular! I only wish my tired ol' Cornwalls look that good! You should be very proud...can you redo mine?2.gif

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Thanks for all the kind words guys. I just LOVE workin' on this stuff, really brings alot of satisfaction. Only trouble is, I finished them lastnight and cannot even get them into the house to hook them up! All my buddies and close neighbors are all out of town for the Easter holiday and my wife said no way can she help me with those. Soon enough though. The Corns are for sale by the way(do not even know where to begin on price)as I have a pair of '67 Khorns I am restoring as my keepers.

IB Slammin'

1.5" damping from PartsExpress. All driver leads are soldered and sleeved.


No competition from Greg here. He is and always will be the man in my book.


These started out as beat up Oak with Cane grilles.


Many coats of good old Krylon Semi-Flat Black. Next up? My keepers, a pair of '67 KB-WL's I just started restoring this AM. Pictures to follow. Then I have 2)Scott 299's to restore and a Scott "G" size case for my 296 to refinish. Love it!

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Oh come on Jordan, pick those things up and bring them inside!

I've had good luck with Satin Black spray paint from Rustoleum. It leaves a very nice hard coat of paint that has a little sheen to it. Probably a lot like the Krylon. There's not much to choose from for different colors though in the satin or semi-flat finish, is there?

Jordan, what do you do for work? It should be a job where you use your hands, you obviously have the brain to hand coordination and talent. That's becoming rarer and rarer these days.


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I know, I know, but damn those things seem to be heavier than they used to! Must be the new crossovers2.gif. I will definitely have them going tonight or tomorrow. And you are right about the paint, not much to choose from in black. I did just recently use some Rustoleum Bronze on an EICO tube cage/screen and absolutely love the paint. I will probably switch from Krylon to Rustoleum on my next project.

As far as earning a living, I own a small five person Pest/Termite/Bird Control company in Merced, Ca.. Kind of unrelated I know. My love of audio/electronics started at the age of 10(37 years ago). I went to work for a local home audio dealer at the age of 15. We sold Pioneer, Marantz, Fisher, Sansui and Altec Lansing. Our Pioneer Rep.(Jack Thornton Co. out of the Bay Area)was also the Klipsch rep. and he is the one that started me on my love affair with Klipsch. At the age of 21(1979), I opened my own audio dealership and our cornerstone was our Klipsch franchise agreement, a proud day indeed! Been in love ever since. I parted with my audio business in 1989 and it is still running strong today. It will celebrate its 25th. anniversary in August.

Also, I wish like Hell I lived in your neck of the woods so that we could work on a Klipsch project together!

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Lovely workmanship indeed. You should be proud of what you have done !

I wonder however if the foam eggcrate is an equivalent acoustically for the fiberglass batting ? This not a criticism BTW but an honest enquiry.

Beautiful job ..... I wish I had that level of skill.

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