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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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Thanks, Nismo. How'd you spot the Breitling thing!? I had to go back and see how you knew about my Breitling hobby.


Haaa... One of my many hobbies. Movies & TV shows... I'm always checking out & freeze framing the watch scenes.


Its kinda like Pavlov's Dog.  

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It's like you're a brother from another mother, I do that too!

That book you spotted is a dealer ordering catalog.......very hard to get one of those (eBay score!).

I'm doing a job at a Breitling dealers house today and she said she "has some Breitling stuff" for me, It's like Christmas in April!

I suspect you're also a car guy, huh? Just a wild guess.

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I am loving the Aperion 5.1 so far buy I do miss my 63's and all that beautiful copper. The gloss black is pretty stunning though..

If klipsch offered gloss with their new Reference line, I probably would have pulled the trigger.

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