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lets see YOUR two channel setups

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Thanks. We really have two systems -- one upstairs that's used for both HT and music, and our downstairs systems seen above. We adopted a young female Akita last year that is handicapped and has quite a difficult time with stairs. When we first got her, she was barely able to stand on her legs, and with tons of love and teaching, she can now run (bounce is more like it!) and play with her siblings. We also taught her how to climb upstairs, but because of this we are spending a little more time downstairs than we used to. The Lowthers used to be the side channels in a 7.1 systems, which has been changed to a more conventional HT with five speakers plus sub. These speakers sound so spooky real with the Moth amp, that I thought it would be kind of a shame if not a waste, to not use them together in a dedicated system.

The two way monitors do sound great, like many decent two-ways often do, but for the size of the room, they are just a little on the small side. The Lowthers load the room so well, even at moderate volume levels, so I'm going to probably move them up into my work room, where my drums are now too. I turned that into a very nice space, and both the radio your dad built for me, as well as the SS version my dad sent me for Christmas last year, are in there next to my work bench. Tons of fun!

Bruce: I understand the time for mods thing. What's nice about the grid choke is that it's literally about 30 minutes/amp. Once the holes are made, even less than that to take out the grid leak resistor and put the choke in. Still, it just takes time to unplug everything, take the bottoms off, and all of that; and when tired from the week, so much nicer to just sit down to enjoy some music. The Moondogs are also great amps just the way they are.

Cool Seth Thomas clock!


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Erik, even with only two systems, I bet your home is quite musical no matter where you're at!

Ray, nice vintage gear. That Marantz is sweet...from your description it must really sound superb with those Epic Klipsch (real sleepers overshadowed by Heritage and Reference IMO...Klipsch should've continued the Epic Series as far as I'm concerned).[Y]

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Cool stuff! I see a Vox, but I don't know the red one.

Cool, Ben. That looks like a Newcomb amp from sometime in the '50s.


Good eyes. The Vox is American, but still sounds great. It's a Pacemaker. They switched to SS for the model at some point, but this is one of the early tube versions. 2xEL84 with an EZ81 rectifier. Weber 10" loaded.

The red box is indeed a Newcomb. It looks like it was a projector speaker from a school or something. It had a light duty blown Alnico 12" in it, which I pulled in favor of a 1958 Jensen P12Q. I run it open backed from the ext out of the Vox right now. It really made the amp open up.

I've been toying of going stereo by running my old Traynor Bass Mate YBA-2A head into the Newcomb, via a Lexicon LXP-5 modulation processor... I just have to draw the line somewhere. Or so I've been told!

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Mighty Fav, is that your dbx in the top of the rack that looks like a control EQ? Looks sweet, I used to have a dbx bxIII years ago and have seen a few out on A-goN however most of the ones I've seen I'm not sure would be worth it since I bought two cheap ones over the last 2 years and they were both CRAP[:|]

If memory serves me right that dbx three had both noise supression with dynamic restoration. Are they making a similar unit these days that you know of? It also looks nice with all that Mac[;)]

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Thanks for the kind words Kaiser. I don't think dbx is making the age old models we remember like the 222, 128, 200, 20/20, 20/10, 20/14 etc.... If I remember correcty a company like BSR (or was it ADC?) owned them in the latter consumer market years.

They're now geared mainly towards recording studios and live venues. The one you see here is the 1/3 octave model with 31 sliders per side. There's no limiter on this although it's available. Paid about $400 for it about 8 years ago. The only thing I have to work around is that it can only be connected through XLR (balanced), TRS (1/4") or by a barrier strip. You can find it here.

I bought it from an interesting chap (pun intended). Now I'm sure you've all heard the cash register sounds at the beginning of the song "Money" from Pink Floyd's DSOM album. That same man recorded and mixed that sound effect owns the store I bought the EQ from. Call it my connection with greatness known as Ian C. Bud (yes, that's his name)... You can find his store here.

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Ditto mteinumBig Smile Is that a Benchmark DAC1 on the top shelf next to a Trends? Clean setup 4 sureWink

Thanks. Yes, its the Benchmark next to the Trends and below the Squeezebox 3. I'm going to use the Trends with Logitech Duet and a pair of JohnBlue JB3 downstairs in the livingroom, so there are actually two complete systems upstairs now..

JohnBlue at sunset
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