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lets see YOUR two channel setups

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Nice! Are those CLS's? Assuming so, what's the wooden thangy-wangy underneath...a pedestal? Inquiring minds...
M-L CLS's were one of my favorites. Not so much the new ones, though.

Yes, they are Martin Logan CLS electrostats. They sit on some DIY pedestals to raise them for improved performance. I have loved them from the first moment I heard my first pair. I have rolled many a speaker through my home but these have been a main stay for over 10 years.

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The rest of the system is mine.

Indeed! So are the Atmospheres running your top end? I love the sound of stats and when I get in the mood I hook the old MMG's up but as you are well aware they couldn't hold the CLS' speaker wires up[:o] LOL

Like I said get all the incoming out of that room and once again your spot on[;)] If I ever get back home to Austin I'm going to have to give you a ring Luther and if your ever in Little Rock you do the same[Y]

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Thanks for the kind words, audio is my only true love in life, it
brings be satisfaction and joy. It makes the days seem worth while and
adds substance to my life. It is my hobby at outlet. It relives stress
and takes you away from the world, if only for alittle while. Before I
had gotten in to audio I was very depressed. About one year ago we
moved from the only home I had ever lived in. For 14 years I devolped a
bond with the home, area, and friends. The months that followed were
some of the worst most depressing dark moments in my short life. I was
a freshman in high school without anyfriends, no one talked to me, and
I had no social interaction what so ever. And then one day when we were
having a garage sale, I found a a/v reciver that was my older brothers.
I quickly graped it and the cd player from the sale pile, hooked up the
speakers from my sony bookself system and I was off. Started going
online for audio and found the forums...Audio has turned my life
around, Made me a happier person, thus I was more confidant to go out
and meet people. Anyway, I am sorry for the sob story, that was a
painful time in my life and I am still having to deal with it but the
music helps. It reaches to my soul and tell me everything is going to
be okay

Forever Strong


Anyone know how this kid is doing?
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My system went thru recent changes (due to financial circumstances beyond my control)...my beloved RB-75s are no more, but kohill is now providing a good home for them. So I'm back to using my Triangle Electroacoustique Zephyr towers, which are quite decent for older entry-level models from the French manufacturer.


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I'm also giving my BEZ and Baldwin tube gear a much needed rest and reusing my trusty ol' Sansui G-7000 stereo receiver from '78. I hafta admit, I'm truly enjoying SS again, and this definately isn't your ordinary receiver, which borrowed much of its amplifier circuitry from Sansui's TOTL amp designs back in the day.


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I prefer the mids/highs of the 30's, don't seem to be as strained if that is the right word.

The bass on the 83's seems to go deeper, stronger.

Lastly.....for a company that prides itself on quality, it only took Me 4 pairs of KLF-30's before I got a pair that the backs didn't come unglued.. Heard they got a bad batch. You'd think that for $1800 for the 30's, or for "any" speaker costing that much, the quality/craftsmanship would've been better....but, oh well.

I'm going to change pre-amps, I'm going to use My Acurus RL-11 and see if any difference.


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First great looking set up, I'd love to hear it. More importantly...any info on that art above/behind the TV? I'm looking for a multi piece something or other and I really did what I can see of that. Got a full picture?

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Forms part of the Heritage HT. There are 2 x Heresy III out of shot. 2 channel is made of 2 x Cornwall III + (occasionally) the monstrous Velodyne DD-18. There is a very special Heresy III under that 50" TV but I am under strict instructions that images of it are never to see the light of day.....


All driven by a NAD T785, Cambridge Audio 640C, Panasonic BD-35 and Mediagate 450HD.

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