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lets see YOUR two channel setups

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Right down to the King Crimson album on the floor.......

kevinmi!! Ever been to the Klipsch Pilgrimage in Indy or Hope?? Roy DelGato is a real cut-up. I went a couple times in Indy since it's only a couple hours drive from me. Some day I'll make it to Hope.....

My girlfriend of ten years now is originally from Flint just off SR-23 (MAN!! I'm glad they finally fixed most of 69). We go back to see her family a couple times a year.

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Your'e gonna get em put together and crank em up tonight right?

No sir.[:'(] Just intend to get the bass bins and top hats loaded today, and get most of the mess off of the floor. Converting the CW's back to stock other than networks. Been a long time since I listened to original CW. Be fun to listen to where I came from as a point of reference.

Could be a week or two before the networks are finished.


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And and "update" on the new and improved "Wall of Voodoo" source & amp section. Finally finished the rebuild on the AU-111 (6L6GC based) amp (top center). It will be used with the Klipschorns. One of the AU-111's goes to the Fortes, and the other two AU-111's, respectively, go to Heresy pairs stacked (not shown).

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I know its not Klipsch, but I just got these and they are awefully pretty.

Looks kinda steampunk to me. The veneer is awfully nice, a little flashy for my taste, but a certain kind of beautiful. From an interior design perspective, I'm trying to think of the kind of house in which those would look natural. Drawing a blank. I'm pretty sure those houses haven't been built yet...or they are in the past...I'm thinking maybe the sitting room of Jules Verne.

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Here is the front with one of the amps.

What's the single most intriguing sound quality of those speakers?

When I got my first pair it was definatelty the midrange. Vocals and accoustic just sound right (I won't say real because that could stir things up). There are a lot of things that I relly like about them after having the next model down for several years. I am really curious to hear a pair of upgraded midrange horns like The Tractrix. My K Horns had the K400 horn.


I need to complete my music room. I have black leather recliners and knotty maple hardwood floors (with a throw). I need to complete my stand. It will all tie together. Oddly enough, this is my first pair of main speakers that my wife has actually said pass the WAF.

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Lowthers with SVS subwoofer -- it works incredibly well, although I was worried I would have problems combining the two because of the speed of the Lowther horns. It's fine. The Lowthers are very nice on their own, but fall off fast in the 60Hz range. Without a doubt the best addition I've made, but need to get another sub for the HT -- or pair, most likely.

JL Audio would be nice! (just kind of $$$$$$$$ for me now).


PS: The radio at the bottom was custom designed and built by the dad's of one of our forum members. Probably the best point-to-point wiring I've ever seen.


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