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lets see YOUR two channel setups

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Yes this is a great thread!

It's happened more than once where I weird out an acquaintance of me and my wife's by remembering what stereo gear they have, after being at their house only once, four years ago. "Oh yeah you have that older Marantz with some Polk speakers." [:#]

This thread quenches some need within.

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Your right we can't let this die out, I just went back and looked at a ton of great setups. It's nice to see all the differences in equipment and rooms.

Keep it going. [Y]

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Crites'd Fortés on Onkyo A-RV401 w/ power ballad kick from the listening thread:

Posted Image

The mighty m505 is down at the moment while I source replacement parts :(

Posted Image

Posted Image

Otherwise the rig is the Sony 34XBR2 HD tube, Senn 580 Jubilee on custom multiloop amp, Integra 6-DVD, and Apple TV w/ a bunch of lossless tunes.

Bedroom rig comprises of:

Onkyo A-5 Integrated, T-9 Tuner, ALR-Jordan Entry S, M&K V-2B - will take a pic a little later.

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