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  2. These are a special version released in 2004 (ad says they are 15 years old). He might throw in a Christmas stuffed animal,extension cords and some lights, and if you press, he can tech you some of his photography know how, he is good with the tight shots.
  3. just my opinion having had a late model Heresy and two sets of Heresy 3 along with a set of Forte and a set of Forte 2Heresy three sets of KLF20 and a pair of CF3. Heresy in all their versions tale some power and level to get them sounding well balanced in the low registrar. Forte Forte 2 and KLF20are very much better balanced at low levels due to the size of the cabinet they have deeper bass extension. If you purchased a set of Heresy and made the cabinet twice as tall (doubled the cabinet volume) you would then have a Forte you could either reflex load it with some vents or you could run it sealed and fully damped which would be the way I would build it. As a sealed box that will yield deeper bass extension compared to a vented version. If you do go with a Forte or a Forte 2 which would be my recommendation as it has a larger passive and a larger better modern mid horn you can tune either Forte version a little lower to extend the bass response downward. Good luck in your process.
  4. I guess it's going to take more than attacking bad soldering to get this thing closed down.
  5. https://www.google.com/search?q=fifth+element+negotiation+gif&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari#imgrc=SFBIqOBQ2Q04pM:
  6. My poor Schwinn Le Tour. She looks so pathetic just hanging there. Longest cruise for me was with a couple buddies. Here to Grayling, MI in 3 days to canoe and camp then back home. A LONG haul yet survived it somehow. 20 years ago. Every month I turn the crank and spin the tires. Then tell myself I'm gonna start riding again. As if! lol
  7. Well, after many years of wandering in the audiophile wilderness trying over 100 other speakers in my main system (Revel Salons, Magnepan 3.7i's, ATCs, Thiels, etc, etc...) I finally decided to come back home to Klipsch as I've owned more Klipsch speakers than anything else (3 pairs of Khorns, 6 pairs of Chorus, 5 Pair of Cornwalls, etc, etc..). I had almost forgotten what attracted to me the sound of a horn speaker; immediacy and dynamics. I ordered and received my new pair of LaScals IIIs (AKA AL-5's) over the weekend and just got them set up (see pics). I'm currently using some vintage Pioneer Elite gear (M-91, C-91, etc) and it sounds incredible! Nothing reproduces a jazz horn like a horn speaker! Now I think I'd like to match up the LaScalas with some Tube gear or maybe a warmer sound SS amp. I do have a Musical Fidelity A5 integrated in another system which might be the perfect match for them but haven't tried it yet. Any suggestions from those who have this speaker? (McIntosh, NOSValves, etc)? Obviously I'd want something with a very low noise floor as I don't want any buzzing or hissing. Appreciate any suggestions.
  8. === maybe he owns a restaurant, uses “market” pricing, kinda’ like selling tuna. Ask if they come with a side of wasabi —
  9. I appreciate everyone's input. I live in Southern Oregon, and unfortunately, haven't been able to track down a dealer with these setup; my purchase will have to be made sight unseen (unheard?). The vote so far seems split between the Heresy III and Forte III. I am very much a "night owl" and dig a speaker that remains coherent at low volumes. Guttenberg raves about how well the Forte III sounds at low volumes. Since the efficiency rating is very close between the two speakers, could I safely assume the Heresy III is also good at low volumes? Thanks again to everyone that has replied. I am taking all of this input to heart.
  10. The logo is dangerously close to my Raven's Brew avatar...
  11. Sunday bump Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  12. If your making your way to Nebraska, I have a set of RF-5s. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  13. Morning folks, checking In with a new coffee i am trying. I guess I'm a sucker for anything that states small batch. This coffee isn't to bad, but not worth the extra money for mail order. I think there dark roast could be a bit more bolder. They have lots of flavorful options if your into that, me I just like plain dark roast. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  14. Yes, but no one seemed to mind.
  15. Now suspending them in the air would be fun, that will be the next upgrade!
  16. Almost there, in the home stretch. Unfortunately the drywall finish and paint didn't turn out like I hoped (or as a professional job). Which I learned a valuable lesson. No matter how much the cost of the work, if the contractor offers a bond for extra cost, pay for it. Even after the contractor came back and repaired some things, it still wasn't correct and then no call no show. Anyways, moving on. For the most part Iike how things are turning out, I just need to learn to slow down and take my time. But at least I have space I can enjoy. The cabinet and screen are nothing fancy, just used what I had for materials around the house. The screen is white spandex and I now realize I should have put silver spandex on first. The cabinet was installed just to get the sink in for the permit. Once the permit is cleared after final inspection, I can go back and change some things that are make shift. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  17. At 70 and 68 mph is pretty fast for those bikes, especially on back roads. (tried to pull a Diz on that one)
  18. Today
  19. 1980 is correct. I was "counting backwards" from "X for 1982" and forgot not all letters were used. My mistake
  20. I'd say Jubes would work nicely.
  21. Look like Behemoths... in that room. Congrates
  22. Welcome. Photos are needed to provide a meaningful response. That said, the Heresys are probably worth $400 to $800 for the pair, which could be revised upward depending on photos. Regarding the others, without photos and more information, it is impossible to provide a meaningful response. FYI, this is not an auction site. Don’t expect members to bid with each other. If you post an asking price in the Alerts section of the General forum, members might accept your offer, or make a counter offer. Good luck.
  23. The moral of the story here is, amongst other things, strike while the iron is hot! He who hesitates is lost. If the price is right, the only question to ask is “how soon can I pick them up?!” Here is a small list of the ones I let get away: K-horns for 2200, LSI Fibreglass for 1200, KLF 30 for 800. ...sigh...
  24. Preferably from the kp line or other pro speakers. Going to modify them to install on mwm singles. Badges are not needed and condition is not concerning. These are in a garage environment and need a way to keep critters from taking up residence in those cavernous cabs. Any grill that measures 16 x 20 or larger will work.
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