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  2. Nothing smaller than 12 gauge. I recommend Knukonceptz Karma SS cables. They’re good quality, corrosion resistant, and are in twisted pair configuration, which helps them to reject interference. They’re also very inexpensive. Just get yourself a 35 foot length, and you’ll be all set to cut it to size. After spending so much for great speakers, it doesn’t make sense to cheap out on the speaker cables.
  3. A crane's not fancy equipment?
  4. These forum are not set up for people me but here goes.....I have a belle klipsch that was built in 2005 as a center channel only.....It has a factory built summing network which I am trying to hook up, but I don't know how........I need some help on this.........
  5. I hear a lot about timbre matching and frankly to my ear its a nonissue. I have LaScala AL5 fronts, a Zu Audio cube center (highly sensitive, very musical) and Sonance VP80s in ceiling-sounds great to me. Had to use ceiling for surround due to 14ft floor-ceiling windows on 2 walls.
  6. Seadog

    What I Got Today!

    My wife surprised me with an early Father's Day present. Klipsch Reference Bluetooth Headphones! https://www.flickr.com/gp/132760388@N06/266322
  7. Loved these guys back when Leon was still circulating on the airwaves. Days at the river, sunburned, burgers on the grill, Bud in my belly, a babe waitin' and this blasting all over the inlet from those big Advent speakers. This was the first record of theirs that I'd heard.
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  9. So guess where this record was back in about 1998? A filler at the end of it is one my favorite parts of the LP. Not complex. Just filler.
  10. I am just not using it save for the beauty. A waste when I know someone would love to have and use it regularly.
  11. I will have to take the case off when I have time to get the list of tubes. Should have done it earlier. But I could answer for now: "The same tubes that came when I bought it." 😉
  12. Let's just say it's good to know people in high places at the bank. We are right over the city limits and they told us we could go ahead and start moving things in now.
  13. Nice piece. Reasonably priced, I think. GLWS. What tubes are in it? SSH
  14. Good 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain is freakin' incredible med roasted. @WillyBob you get the chance, try it... and don't put another d*mn thing in it ! & very good food in those Cuban delis downtown @dtel
  15. Going up for sale is my sweet Scott 299D integrated amp. I bought it from a forum member (Mike Lindsey) in 2013. It was rehabbed by Craig at NOS Valves in 2009. Dead quiet and sweet. Wrapped in a beautiful custom wood case. I have not put more than 10 hours on it since moving to Kentucky 4 years ago, and probably less than 50 hours on it since I have owned it. Located near Lexington, KY Price for the 299D and custom case? ? Will be $1100 on local Craigslist. $1000 + shipping to a forum member. I hope a forum member gets it. I have not been much active (but I do lurk) since moving to KY in 2015.
  16. Very good condition Selling for $590 Shipping is $30 Email me at ddmex101@gmail.com
  17. Hmmmm.... that's a good place to start
  18. Is there any current production grills that will fit my SB-3 book shelf speakers and my SB-1 book shelf speakers (not to be confused with the sound bars with the same model numbers). If so how can I get a pair for each set of my speakers?
  19. ... my cousin doesnt have a way to test the speakers.. "... i have the amplifiers and pre amplifiers but he doesnt know how to connect and wire the components to the speakers ... What? Except for the pictures that whole ad stinks to high heavens. If you want to pay $1200 for speakers that average $746 go ahead, but my advice would be to be very careful.
  20. Traditions die hard at the Brickyard. I bet it’s been 50 years since a carbureted engine raced at Indy. According to Wikipedia, the last carbureted car to qualify was in 1963.
  21. https://houston.craigslist.org/ele/d/baytown-klipsch-chorus-2/6884475851.html Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  22. d49b36f4f79c3a1980bf6fe13d53540b@sale.craigslist.org No affiliation Don't know if these are legit or not. We're listed as low as $800.00 Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
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