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    Thought it would be interesting to post not that it is really relevant or anything but One of the only really close family members I have outside my immediate family is my cousin Andrew Leone. Why is this something id post on our beloved forum? Because he is a top team fighter, and his brother as well and who are they sponsored by? Our even more beloved Klipsch. I’ll post a link to a video of him advertising with our cherished company this weekend.
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    I am selling a beautiful pair of Klipsch Cornwall speakers with Cane grills, in excellent condition. Corners are perfect, hardly any noticeable flaws. The Cane grills are perfect. I have moved, and unfortunately now have a small listening room. The Cornwalls are just too big. Local pickup in north FL. $SOLD. Contact me at davidchurch7@bellsouth.net
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    I'd pay $30 just to avoid going into a K-Mart.
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    Stacking work great. I have two SS 18.1's stacked.
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    We are getting ready to launch an complete new line of R.... oh, crap, I'm probably not supposed to say anything yet. Rest your fears. This is the year of copper. We're not going anywhere. Either is the Heritage line.
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    In order to develop loud speakers and sell niche items the company first and foremost has to stay in business and be profitable. Niche products like Heritage speakers won't get you there. You have to sell what the masses want to be able to cater to the minority (us).
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    Mine are from 85 and they have the 1 motorboards as well. I think they changed it much later in 85.
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    These are interesting though. Built in 85' and still have the CW1 motorbords. And I thought my 84's were a stretch.
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    Congrats on the sale and welcome to the forum; will you be staying now that the sale has been made?
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    I have a buyer coming to buy both the Corwalls and Counterpoint amp later this month.
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    i don't know why you are talking about this at all in his thread! Ridiculous! Take it to pm if you have an issue with his price.
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    I sold my 1986 CWs in pristine condition for 800.00, and that might have been a little low. A friend just sold his with Crites updates for 1000.00. I have seen them as low as 600.00 (which is what I paid for mine). I don't think 975.00 is out of line for speakers that look this good, just a little higher than I would pay. I think he will do fine though.
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    Quality speakers fetch good prices, snag-free cane grills give these corns a leg up on the competition. Good luck with your sale newbie
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    nah.. $975 is about ball park. but it may take some time to move them.
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    Even though the price is a litte higher than average, they are beautiful speakers. GLWS. Shakey
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    Thanks for the response. I doubt they will last till Sunday evening! LOL.... Please keep me in mind should you consider shipping. Best regards, John
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    Not really interested in shipping at this time. I would much prefer local pickup. If they don't sell in a couple months, I may be willing to consider shipping. These are just too big and nice to ship without trying to sell locally first. Thanks for your interest John Chi-town.
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    Would you entertain shipping at all? What if I were to hire someone in area to professionaly prep for shipping?
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    god... more floridian goodness. what the heck is it about florida that breeds good selection of klipsch products on the secondary market...
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    I do and I'm pleased with the result....
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    Do it. I've never organized my cables until we built the HT and had the false wall. Funny how I decide to organize when I have everything hidden behind the cabinet. LOL I went as far as to route all my power cables one direction and my signal cables the opposite direction.
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    After several weeks looking into a DIY design and quite a few e-mails and calls to various folks much smarter than I, the decision is....the tapped horn based on the SPUD design. I will be making two TH subs for my room. I have the 4 drivers on the way. I picked up a Behringer ep4000 to power the duo and have 5 sheets of 18mm BB in the shop waiting for me. Today I cut a 'pattern' to make the whole process easier. The template idea came from reading another thread on a SPUD like, tapped horn build. The template will allow me to dado slots for all the internal pieces that are exactly the same. It should make the process much easier to put together. I will be posting pictures of the build as I go along.
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