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    I woke up in the middle of the night last evening realizing I need more "Likes" in my profile. Please "Like" me so I'll feel better about myself. LIKE ME! LIKE ME!
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    I want something like 3000+ "Likes". I want the most on the forum. I can't seem to "Like" myself. Can some of you give me multiple "Likes".
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    When it comes to coffee, I happen to be very fortunate that I work for a company that supplies coffee to many office buildings and office coffee distributors around the country. "Occasionally" I get to purchase damaged or "short coded" higher quality coffee(Peet's, Starbucks, Seattle's Best, etc.) for pennies on the dollar and my wife is in a constant state of pleasure when it is rightly available in our kitchen pantry. I have purchased coffee from the supermarket at retail prices only a handful of times in the last 13 or so years. With all that said, I am enjoying a robust cup of "fresh roasted to order" Peet's Major Dickason's Blend as I sit here wasting my time on some forum. Bill
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    Been up since 3am PST, that's what i get for Napping any dam time i want. Half the pot w/Duggans so far. New 32" LED Cave Display came in yesterday, went with an "OffBrand" this time around, "Spector", Imported like everything is. My requirements were simple, or so i thought, find a Lab/cave monitor that was first a Full HD Tv, then every dam input/output known to man. Yeah, two months on/off looking everywhere, but iv always looked at the top of the line stuff, started seeing the higher in price, the less inputs/outputs. This one will be smack dab in front of me for "Game Times" when not running Live Spectrum flow data from antenna feeds(Hobby). Time for more coffee
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    Morning gang: Wife came back from Reno as planned last night, scoped some interesting areas to look at living in. Finely sold my Haffler Amp to a local gent who upon walking into the Cave, first thing he ask was not about the Amp he was buying, he just said looking at the Stacks, lets hear them. ok. He left with a memory or two. Cooler weather, 90s tops, flyin bugs everywhere, of course Infrared CCTV cams seems to bring them in.
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    Yesterday wasn't bad my friends. Went down to the "Redneck Rivera" (Little River, SC) and met a match date who kissed me on the lips upon arrival and it got better from there. A rustic and quaint area where the locals seem more relaxed and ready to have a good time. A little rough around the edges and the motorcycle gang was a little over the hill to be intimidating. Did some bar hopping and even danced a little. Lost a flip flop on the dance floor but was able to unsnap her bra to make up for it. She was cute, wild, and fun and had a nice email waiting for me when I got home. The only negative was the she crab soup I had heard about was not note worthy. Cheers Gents
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    I think the "escape" key should have a function like this.
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    OBD II was a huge leap forward for diagnostic capability + having to use different harness connections on OBD 1 systems was a headache.
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    Likes don't come free around here. Errrr wait, maybe they do.
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    After over 6 years of being on this forum this is the first post i like. Hope i helped you out Alex
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    shameless; but i like it…and probably effective.
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    A hole whopping 38 degrees. First half of pot of coffee down, now at sons flag football game. I'm thinking another half of pot before my daughter's soccer game. Then more coffee and a pig roast with lots of booze.
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    Folgers works well around here, so this peets stuff taste wise better than Folgers?, i see it at the market, just never really gave the designer brands a second thought. I have been "spoiled" with my "designer" brands accessibility so Folgers, Maxwell House, etc. are not even on the radar any more. As mentioned, I can get the "better" coffee at my work for cheaper than the cheap coffee at the grocery store. To me, it is like comparing a good craft beer to the likes of Bud Lite or Miller Lite, no comparison. Bill
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    The Spanish News is the best. I can't understand a word they are saying but the dual outstanding 11 type female newscasters really catch my eye. JJK
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    Good exercise dancing, Just show bikers your tattoo on your knees. 49 degrees here overnight they say by the weekend close. Bugs are bad but, this will help. Work this weekend but got a surprise rise this week from work. Birthday coming up and told a co-worker there. Mentioned possible retirement. :emotion-44: Hate to tell them, it will take more $$$ to keep this stud in their stables...
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    Do what I do, don't even watch or read the news. Heck the weather people aren't even right half the time.
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    Or you could be like wakejunkie and pick up a pair of Heresy II for $25 at a wealthy community yard sale (happened a few weeks ago). It was funny cause he called and woke me up early one Saturday morning and said kind of softly, "Hey bro, sorry to wake you......how much are Heresy's worth?" I said usually you see them listed for $250 - $300". He said, "Good cause I just bought a pair for $25.00".
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    Theres probably numerous reasons, but I would think they don't want everybody to be able to diagnosis their own cars.
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    What do you need to know???? They are one of the best pair of speakers I wish I never sold. Everyone talks about how GREAT the RS7's are.....KG 5.5 could eat the RS7's for lunch Mmmmm mmmm GOOD
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    I could use one of those right now, now that's a garnish !
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    Looks like same driver. Did they just drop the ANC? Do they fit differently most importantly?
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    I am thinning the herd, so here is a pair of KPT-904 speakers. This is the version with the passive crossover so they are ready to go. They are available for pickup in the Denver area. The price is $1000.00 for the pair.
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    Sounds like your system is coming right along, last year i helped a local bud do up his living room, after him "Discussing" this with his wife she finely said do it. He ask for my help on the speaker end, after some research and a few listen sessions around town , Jamo's celing mount stood out. Turns out Vox bought them, just like Klipsch. Dont know what you plan on stickin in the celing but that is my two cents.
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    It's 130 AM and I am bored...I've been resorting to randomly searching eBay and Craiglist...more expansively..........did I mention I was bored?
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    Interesting psychological aspect to all of this. The two most "liked" posts overall on the forum. One was from "tears of joy" (by our much beloved Amy, Queen Emeritus) and it seems that "tears of sorrow/whining" will also get a lot of attention too. I know that it seems that sexy women or women in costume rarely gets the crowd going anymore.
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    You know, being a potato, you are asking to get MASHED! I will take an order of fries with that.
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    I'll send you a like…..
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    Let me see if i got this right: You have been a member here for FOURTEEN YEARS! You have ZERO friends. You have Zero pictures in your gallery. You have got (as of today) 10 "Likes". You are indeed the most senior member iv ever seen. So ill give you a few "Likes", but watch what you ask for, iv only been here for 10 months, passed on a few good deals to forum members, and look what they did to me! Cheers
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    start talking with a british accent and pretend you’re in London where it’s already tomorrow morning.
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    see if ebay has this new thing called “sleep” i hear it’s good for boredom. or eat some potatoes … with tons of ketchup…can’t be bored around ketchup.
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    I knew you would be posting a happy outing, they are out there, it's just that you need to process a lot of Phillys before the better one(s) come along.
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    Then all is good. One can have too much excitement at 1:30 AM.
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    Didn't know what RHIB's were, had to go look didn't know they were called that. OK I'm from the South never realized they used ice breakers in the great lakes, there is some videos of them breaking ice making paths for cargo ships, and it was so cold you could only go outside for like 10 minutes at a time.
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    I think I bought my RW-12 brand new from newegg for $249. That sub sucked especially when you consider the $999 MSRP. I loved my little RSW-10 though.
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    one of the coast guard units i was at shared property with a federal prison. i had to drive through the prison gate every morning to get to work. one day as i was leaving, the guard asked me to open my trunk because they were one prisoner short on the afternoon count.
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    Women's prison, don't sound like a bad idea but I know it's not going to look like the picture I have in my head, only in the movies. He is a dating machine, hope he finds what will make him happy. Hey, how do you know about the prison thing, if nothing else make it a federal prison, might be a better chance of living through it ?
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    Jeter was the most OVER rated baseball player of all-time ……….. just wanted to get Thebe’s blood boiling for a minute. The man played ball, made money, had fun, and stayed out of the bad news headlines. Good for him.
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    Thanks tiger downloading mint cin 17 to usb flash drive now
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    Sounds like a pretty good situation to me! cheers That also sounds like a pretty cool situation to be in as well! It appears to me since your buying a new place in florida your buying and sending stuff back to Canada. When you get beck up north the house is gonna be so full the door wont open. Sounds like fun though!
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    Sure, any time. Where in WV are they? Wow...I cannot think of the towns. 1 town is very small and the other has grocery and banks and all...They both live about an hour from each other. The grandmother is about 45 minutes from pittsburg and kind of close to wv...when going there you drive through wv for about 15 minutes The grandmother is in Wheeling. Sheesh. and the other is in the hills a bit tucked away although just outside of a town. "In the hills tucked away," gee, that narrows it down. I'm going to guess just outside Sistersville, probably Middlebourne. If you'll send me their number, I'll be happy to call them for you, so you know where they live. Double sheesh. :rolleyes: Mustang Guy lives about another 45 minutes away from Sistersville. Just follow the Ohio River south from the second relative and you'll run right into him, as his business is also near a stoplight. At least you didn't say your grandmother was from West Virginia, and lives in Roanoke. Her grandma is directly on a 2 lane main road running through a town with a brown in color ice cream shop only on the south side(very easy to find). Her grandpa is tucked away in the hills. I did find it the first time we went somehow. Now im learning how to get there every time is a bit different...you go past an old covered red bridge then go about 2 miles east of the town then curve off to the left...When her dad goes the granpas(his own dad/son) new wife drives down and helps them in...I don't feel so bad if his own high rank military 50yr old son(my soon to be father in law) cant find it lol I do like it around there though...There is no law. And everybody iv met around them both all have good values. They both have friends that help them out so im not super eager to get around there too frequent at the moment. Her grandpa has a really neat pond we atv down to for my fiancé to fish. He truly created this balboa road then built his home and sold land on the end where another big house sits that another guy built...I did have a gps take me there once and we literally stumbled on it, I have no idea how. Her grandma had remarried a Carrol and they live/d and she still lives in the southwest corner of Pennsylvania...The grandpa is WV and its a zip that just changed and some new zoning quadrants of some sort were issued... I take 70 out of Columbus Ohio east toward wheeling and neither are in wheeling...My own grandfolks use to frequent wheeling wv every fall for the dogwood then on to atlantic city. I know my way around there somewhat but gotta get the notes out of her car and i'll let yall know right where they are sometime soon. From fort wayne I can get to either one in right at 6 hours if theres no roadwork or night driving...we hit a deer in the dark near the grandpas in the dark and it wasn't my first...hundreds just standing in roads there...the most iv ever seen by far. And all the construction and fracking crap can make the trip long...Anyhow Cheers all!
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    Buy it. We are guys, we can fix anything. The only people that are concerned about an inch or two are women. IMO.
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    I work in a call center "environment." I want and need these! Keep me from going to the dark side... w / B@$E Noise cancelling and a good fit... It's Klipsch, I am in! Please rush me a pair ASAP!!! I will write reviews and help others to lead a path to your door!
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