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    Happy Tuesday folks. Not much on the agenda today. Already voted by mail-in. Perhaps today is the end of obnoxious political attack ads. Hope so.
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    Morning gang Trash Tuesday, nothing to do really with the Voting, i must get my trash to the curb. Told the wife she is riding with me yesterday, after hitting the Pub and collecting light winnings and dumping old 12Ga reloading gear, hit Bev Mo, they will price match Total Wine if you ask them. My Lagavulin 16 was up to $89 bucks, after price matching, $60 bucks, meanwile i sent the wife over to Skeetchers? shoe store. Then off to Red Lobster who just updated their menu same day. Im sure the wife enjoyed her day off. Retirement, it's something to look forward to, just dont wait too long.
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    I got this off of CL, the owner had it fixed at a local repair shop and then thought it still had problems, turns out he just liked to listen to music real low and the internal amp would shut off. It took the repair shop 8 months to fix it and in the meantime he got another sub. It is pretty much like new and sounds fantastic, blends well with the Forte II's and will shake the house. Best of all I got it for a 100 bucks. This is the one with the single 12" no passive and rear mounted amp. Hard to imagine you get that much bass from a 13" cube.
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    Third cup-o-joe w/Duggans down and going for the forth. 70 Degree days i like, getting many projects completed. Cables/wires i hate, cleaning up the desk area after the Tv install...FINELY after four years of hanging wires everywhere. In the Pic, to the right is the CCTV coverage of the homestead, the monitor below it is indeed Radar, (weather), something to play with during those rainy days i hope we get this winter.
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    Tried that line on the wife, didn't work. There have been MANY bad "organ" jokes in our house. Keep trying!!
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    If they stretch it past, there will be an uprising... Good organ playing weather... You got that right ...on both counts! Then again, ALL weather is good organ playing weather. Think I'll call up a buddy who keeps a guitar at my house (he's a sometimes pro musician) and see if we can do some jammin'.
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    Tried that line on the wife, didn't work.
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    The moral of this story is to get the proper center or use nothing at all (go phantom). Sage advice.
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    Washed two cars....my Volvo....her Mercedes. Made breakfast.....cheese eggs and left over fish steaks from last night. Went to the Arboretum to show LF the gardens and to feed the Koi. Dinner at her place tonight. Lunch and then to the polls to vote some rascals out Cheers Gents
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    That looks very nice and clean looking, you almost don't have to leave that spot. Your not the only one, I watch the radar a lot when there is weather around.
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    Tried that line on the wife, didn't work. There have been MANY bad "organ" jokes in our house. Keep trying!! Need to play some Jon Lord. Really like organ music, sometime in rock and roll. Have a bass here. Electric. Hardly playing.
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    If they stretch it past, there will be an uprising... Good organ playing weather...
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    Doing the math on retirement...Good Morning...frisky as a squirrel's tail...fall here for a certain. Next I will be complaining about it being too cold...what a malcontent. Nice weather is something to not complain about but, to celebrate here in Cleveland. It never rains in California :emotion-29:
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    Visited the old Stutz factory in Indianapolis last month, finally with my camera. That place is just begging to get its picture taken.
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    Agreed there are too many people who say they don't care, until the minute they wake up and realise that seemingly innocent piece of technology has eroded away a piece of THEIR privacy. I can never understand that attitude. This is MY world, my life, and my freedom, and I value it.
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    As requested by dtel, here are several pics of my house as it was being built, pics obviously suck and were taken on a phone so I apologize. We took inspiration from colorful houses we like in the Bahama's and Key West. Don't have a lot of finished ones on me but I took several facebook pics while it was being built. I did most of the interior work, I painted the whole thing myself, did all the base boards, all the flooring, all the theater room wiring, all the insulation, all the design work, a good chunk of the electrical, and most all of the land development such as driveways, clearing trees, running trenches, my dad and me did all the porch rails and steps, etc. It took forever, pretty much every night and every weekend plus three weeks of vacation just to do my part. Living room, yes the ceilings are blue, there is a southern tradition that came from the caribbean where people believed that a certain type of really mean spirits called "haints" could not cross water, and painting your ceiling sea green or light blue, especially over doorways, tricked them into thinking they could not come in. Most "haint blue" has more green in it but my wife wanted it to match the sky more than water, which is harder than it sounds. We tried matching pictures of the sky with a color but it just doesn't work. master bathroom, crema marfil countertops from near the eastern Mediterranean coast of Spain, mother of pearl mirrors, Italian tile: front porch with a matching Mojito: back porch, colors are off here for some reason. We upholstered our own pillows with Sunbrella material. front while still being built, my dad and me did it all: kitchen before completed, KraftMaid cabinets with blue pearl granite from Norway: exterior at night: kitchen now has shelves I made, there are Jimmy Buffett records and colorful fiestaware dishes on them: All the bedrooms are sea green or blue, this one is Tiffany blue, you can't actually name it that due to copyrights but we got a Tiffany's bag and matched it. pirate room:
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    Good day so far, hit the Pub for a couple of brews @9am, costco does not open till 10am so breakfast was in order. Found a new breakfast joint, Koren, and they has warm saki, interesting with breakfast. Costco has Peets coffee, so stocked up on Major Dickinsons blend, the norm would be to just purchase paper products, maybe $35 bucks, however with Saki being involved $90+ later good thing there are no audio stores around here
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    Not sure what is scarier - the fact that they can and do spy, or the fact that we do not care.
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    Top Notch! I'm voting on my way home. I wanted to start a "Remember to vote today" thread but had visions of it spiraling out of control.
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    Ah, TV for the ADD crowd. Looks like command central!
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    Nice setup there Mark! Hoping you are finding some Ku to watch too. Maybe your receiver will get there soon. Good fortune!
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    VINTAGE RCA VICTOR RADIO MODEL 6K2 YEAR 1936 - I picked this up last night for 10.00 , I don't know why or what I will do with it but I think its pretty cool
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    Well I decided to keep these, setting them up in the bedroom. Funny thing happened today, I got a call from Fedex with them saying they found my "lost" receiver I sold through Ebay back in May. It never made it to it's destination and they wrote it off as a loss and payed me for the unit. They asked me if I wanted it back and I said yes. So they are sending it back, and letting me keep the money they paid me for the unit when they lost it. So I guess it's a sign not to sell these. How do I go about taking these off the market here?
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    There was just an announcement by the President of my shop that we are closed tomorrow for election day. The Pres.....my wife....yelled from her Presidential office into my Vice-Presidential bay and said......... "shop closed tomorrow.......nothing on the schedule and it's election day"........ My Pres is "OK" withe me :-)
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    Yep I read it, it's amazing you made it home in those tough conditions, almost like a fireman. I bet the plants and grass didn't even recognize what was happening, and to think some places have frozen water falling from the sky ! These places are uninhabitable most of the year for normal human beings, as it should be, but some crazies live there anyway, it's called northern states, Sounds crazy but it's true !
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    Counting the days (years ) Don't count your days, make your days count....
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    **From a different poster on a forum** I have no dog in this hunt. But, in the interest of honestly & objectively comparing the 2 products, I'll post this info. Set aside the China vs US made argument, here's what your extra $800 buys you with the Outlaw/ATI: Power transister output devices per channel: Outlaw 7500 - 12 Emotiva XPA5 - 6 Total Capacitor Capacity: Outlaw 7500 - 150,000 mf Emotiva XPA5 - 60,000 mf Power Transformer (Power Supply) Capacity: Outlaw 7500 - 2 X 1.6 kVA (3200 kVA) torroidal with independent windings per channel so acts more like monoblocks Emotiva XPA5 - 1 X 1.2 kVA "In an independent review the 7500 was bench tested to 240wpc all channels simultaneously driven at Outlaws .03% rated THD at an 8ohm load." You don't get something for nothing applies Is the Emotiva a good value? - Depending on one's needs, yes it can be. Is it equal in max performance to amps like Outlaw 7500, Parasound A51, etc? - No Double the output devices means less likely to blow fuse, overheat, blow power transistors, and more capable of providing clean output power. > 2.5 times the total power capacity (both transformer + capacitors) means far more capable of delivering rated power (or more) to all channels driven simultaneously at lower distortion & greater S/N ratio. There is NO comparison...the Outlaw is in a completely different league than the Emotiva & should be compared to $3000-4500 competitive amps like Parasound. If the XPA5 is "worth" $800, the Outlaw is very much worth $1600. For my money, I'd buy the Outlaw or the ATI equivalent in a nano-second over the budget & less capable Emotiva. Time for the Emo fanboys to start posting their glowing accolades I have nothing against Emotiva, in fact I'd seriously consider their XPA1 & XPA2. But I don't kid myself that the XPA5 can do the same job with the same transformer as the monoblock &2 channel versions plus handicapped with far less capacitance on tap.
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    Really like some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing.
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    Beautiful.. You should be very proud of how it came out.
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    That looks great. Nice job from top to bottom. HT is especially attractive!!
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    great news. I'm planning to pick up a gen 2 of this amp pretty soon here to match up with the Stealth DC-1. Not my pictures, but definitely a slick little package..
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    Thanks, whats kind of funny is I took the guys word for it that it needed repairs and sold one of my home made subs to cover the costs, a real nice guy came and picked it up yesterday and then I tried out the sub only to find there was nothing wrong with it. Oh well I can always build another, but really like what this puts out and the size of it is just insane vs. output.
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    I had a Sunfire sub when they first came out (True Mark IV, I think) and that thing was awesome. I still miss it.
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    It is a Heresy II, (you can tell by the K79 tweeter horn), with a different network and usually pebble paint, corners, handle. But as TS noted, like Hersey and HP, HIP, they were frequently custom ordered for churches and schools and came in a multitude of cabinet styles. Actually they do better in the LF department than the beefier KP250 with it's 200 watt woofer and port. Usually it's a sacrifice of low bass for more output on these models.
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    I have two pair with Crites xovers and tweets. They will rock with just about everything out there...
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    The sub is pretty powerful for it's size. Great grab!
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    Why not 4.0 for music like the OP? Those CF-4's have a huge range. From the Klipsch specs: 34Hz-20kHz(+-)3dB I see no reason for a sub for 99.9% of the music. Frankly, you may be better off just disabling the sub unless you are watching movies with LFE.
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    If you build, please keep us updated. I waited for years to find a pair of Belles locally.
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    Heresy over Academy any day of the week.
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    He posted some in the gallery Jim https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/gallery/image/888-img-0283/
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    Waiting for the red oak Belle pics.....with cane grills I suppose?
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    Add to that I'm old and slow and would have to sleep at some point.
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    That opening is a bit alarming, I have never heard that much output from my F20s. I wonder how many subs it as killed. Good flick. many. There is a whole thread about it on Avs. Lol. Poor subwoofers. We watched it tonight. While I'm not sure what the point was, it was kind of fun. I popped it in and the conversation went something like: me: Yeah the intro of this is supposed to give your subs a good workou..... subs: BRRAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP me: Yeah, there it is... subs: BUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPP.... me: Well that's interesting, I didn't know that wall had so many rattles in... subs: FFFTTTTHHHPPPTHTHTPPPHPPPPPP subs: flap flap flap flap flap flap whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh me: ugh.
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    Sale pending. Thanks for your interest.
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    I know, that sounds crazy but we were way south of here all last week and it was almost 90 and sunny all week so this feels cold. That's true about the Tequila, and Rum, it worked all last week to beat the heat, ok that's just an excuse it just helped the overall laying on the beach experience.
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    Moving the Chorus back front and center. Well, not center but, on the agenda. Like the sound of the 15 woofs woofs. Like this inwall that I have as with the KG's they seem to shine. Have 125 watts now to speak to Chorus. Get it done.
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    You know you've gone straight to hell when you get up at 3 AM to pee and forget that all five of your puppies have diarrhea. You know that you've gone straight to hell when...
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