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    Happy Tuesday folks. Not much on the agenda today. Already voted by mail-in. Perhaps today is the end of obnoxious political attack ads. Hope so.
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    Third cup-o-joe w/Duggans down and going for the forth. 70 Degree days i like, getting many projects completed. Cables/wires i hate, cleaning up the desk area after the Tv install...FINELY after four years of hanging wires everywhere. In the Pic, to the right is the CCTV coverage of the homestead, the monitor below it is indeed Radar, (weather), something to play with during those rainy days i hope we get this winter.
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    Tried that line on the wife, didn't work.
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    Washed two cars....my Volvo....her Mercedes. Made breakfast.....cheese eggs and left over fish steaks from last night. Went to the Arboretum to show LF the gardens and to feed the Koi. Dinner at her place tonight. Lunch and then to the polls to vote some rascals out Cheers Gents
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    If they stretch it past, there will be an uprising... Good organ playing weather...
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    Visited the old Stutz factory in Indianapolis last month, finally with my camera. That place is just begging to get its picture taken.
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    Good day so far, hit the Pub for a couple of brews @9am, costco does not open till 10am so breakfast was in order. Found a new breakfast joint, Koren, and they has warm saki, interesting with breakfast. Costco has Peets coffee, so stocked up on Major Dickinsons blend, the norm would be to just purchase paper products, maybe $35 bucks, however with Saki being involved $90+ later good thing there are no audio stores around here
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    Well I decided to keep these, setting them up in the bedroom. Funny thing happened today, I got a call from Fedex with them saying they found my "lost" receiver I sold through Ebay back in May. It never made it to it's destination and they wrote it off as a loss and payed me for the unit. They asked me if I wanted it back and I said yes. So they are sending it back, and letting me keep the money they paid me for the unit when they lost it. So I guess it's a sign not to sell these. How do I go about taking these off the market here?
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    Coming along, hope to do some network design this weekend.
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    Counting the days (years ) Don't count your days, make your days count....
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    **From a different poster on a forum** I have no dog in this hunt. But, in the interest of honestly & objectively comparing the 2 products, I'll post this info. Set aside the China vs US made argument, here's what your extra $800 buys you with the Outlaw/ATI: Power transister output devices per channel: Outlaw 7500 - 12 Emotiva XPA5 - 6 Total Capacitor Capacity: Outlaw 7500 - 150,000 mf Emotiva XPA5 - 60,000 mf Power Transformer (Power Supply) Capacity: Outlaw 7500 - 2 X 1.6 kVA (3200 kVA) torroidal with independent windings per channel so acts more like monoblocks Emotiva XPA5 - 1 X 1.2 kVA "In an independent review the 7500 was bench tested to 240wpc all channels simultaneously driven at Outlaws .03% rated THD at an 8ohm load." You don't get something for nothing applies Is the Emotiva a good value? - Depending on one's needs, yes it can be. Is it equal in max performance to amps like Outlaw 7500, Parasound A51, etc? - No Double the output devices means less likely to blow fuse, overheat, blow power transistors, and more capable of providing clean output power. > 2.5 times the total power capacity (both transformer + capacitors) means far more capable of delivering rated power (or more) to all channels driven simultaneously at lower distortion & greater S/N ratio. There is NO comparison...the Outlaw is in a completely different league than the Emotiva & should be compared to $3000-4500 competitive amps like Parasound. If the XPA5 is "worth" $800, the Outlaw is very much worth $1600. For my money, I'd buy the Outlaw or the ATI equivalent in a nano-second over the budget & less capable Emotiva. Time for the Emo fanboys to start posting their glowing accolades I have nothing against Emotiva, in fact I'd seriously consider their XPA1 & XPA2. But I don't kid myself that the XPA5 can do the same job with the same transformer as the monoblock &2 channel versions plus handicapped with far less capacitance on tap.
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    You know, that door is not so hidden anymore, but awesome house my friend!
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    Excellent job!! I love the hidden room! (I MIGHT even show it to the wife however, I'm full of fear that she'll get some inspiration from it and add to my (never ending) list)
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    very nice....I especially like the exterior color......goes great with the white trim....CONGRATS!!!!
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    Really like some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing.
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    What else is there? Dave
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    Dang, sounds like that putting it down is working. Yes we like the fact that these are mostly compatible as they are both female and the older 13 year old Calico puts her foot/claw down when dealing with the energetic 3 yr. old Tabby. Just haven't had the desire for another dog, although love them.
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    Looks awesome….congrats…..looks like a fun place.
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    Billy, can't you sell/substitute something else? Your first born or something? Anything? Have never heard any, but I love my 4.2s, which probably are reasonably close . . . .
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    That is a very nice home. I like the look of the theater!
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    That looks great. Nice job from top to bottom. HT is especially attractive!!
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    great news. I'm planning to pick up a gen 2 of this amp pretty soon here to match up with the Stealth DC-1. Not my pictures, but definitely a slick little package..
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    It seems he needs a throttle re-learn and you need some proprietary hardware/software to perform it.
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    We have had our Sunfire for near 20 yrs. now have to keep it dialed back some with our Klipsch SF-2's. Once that cube starts to work with 2700 watts for backup it will pull nails.
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    I had a Sunfire sub when they first came out (True Mark IV, I think) and that thing was awesome. I still miss it.
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    Nasty phone photo: Various top horns will work, these have the elliptrac with the big BMS co-ax. Note: the stock Belle is much easier to build than this bull-nosed version.
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    Nasty phone photo: (I think) They came out well, and they sound fantastic!
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    I have two pair with Crites xovers and tweets. They will rock with just about everything out there...
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    The sub is pretty powerful for it's size. Great grab!
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    Why not 4.0 for music like the OP? Those CF-4's have a huge range. From the Klipsch specs: 34Hz-20kHz(+-)3dB I see no reason for a sub for 99.9% of the music. Frankly, you may be better off just disabling the sub unless you are watching movies with LFE.
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    Nice.... I have been wanting to get a Sunfire sub.......that's a great find for a $100 bucks. Most of my amps I use are Carver......love that Carver power :-)
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    Sounds like a movie called The Truman Show
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    The Heresy is arguably the first true center channel speaker. It would also compliment your Cornwalls much better than the Academy would. I've heard mixed opinions on Academy, but have never heard a word of hate for the Heresy. Spec wise, sound wise, and timbre wise...the Heresy is the clear choice.
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    http://www.klipsch.com/heresy-history Thought so. Agreed. Heresy is clearly the better speaker of the two.
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    Heresy over Academy any day of the week.
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    He posted some in the gallery Jim https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/gallery/image/888-img-0283/
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    The problem is that the music I like (and probably most of all the music you folks like too!!) will simply never be able to "become" ultra-high quality like Neil is suggesting. Your music collection is probably as good as it is ever going to sound...........with rare exceptions of digital remasters that actually do sound better. The point is.........going forward the PONO concept seems like a great thing to support...........it's just like 50 years too late for me. That is why I simply got used to listening to the music I like..........regardless of sound quality...........rather than listen to some high quality recordings I could care less about just to hear my equipment and how nicely it can provide sound. I'm past all that. When I run into a really nice recording of something I like..........well that is cool for sure.
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    i liked oblivian. thought it was cool.
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    From Dtel's believe it, or not!
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    There you go, another enthusiastic endorsement for the Outlaw 7500 from a man who has the same speaker setup. Bill
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    Sale pending. Thanks for your interest.
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    I have 3 topless 904's. We should get those kids together.
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    A photo or two of my reworked Garrard 401 turntable Project was just completed last week
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    Really got them last week but just got a pic today, 4 new hammocks..........don't laugh it's a great way to listen to music and just hang out, literally .
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    I agree with everything Mark has said. I had lots of hiss issues in the beginning. I was using a McIntosh MC-2102 with a dbx BX1. The dbx had an input sensitivity (if I recall) of 1V and I think the Mac was 2.25'ish? I matched them in the active. I could never get away from the hiss unless I drowned it out. Today, with the Crown's, it's virtually dead silent. I started with everything off. Went to the Crown's and turned them on at full gain. Reduced the gain until I couldn't hear any hiss (around 50% mark). Turned on the next item and went through the process. Now I know that for normal listening, I can have the crowns around 25% of their gain and this allows my preamp to go to "full" volume if I want it a bit loud (not deafening loud I might add) and the active is reacting nicely. If Mark comes over and I want to drown him out, then I just bump the gains on the Crown's until he cries uncle.
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    You know you've gone straight to hell when you get up at 3 AM to pee and forget that all five of your puppies have diarrhea. You know that you've gone straight to hell when...
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    Estate sale Polk Monitor 10s for twenty bucks.
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    I got one of these this morning. Anabelle Ruth Ray, born 8:54 on 08/05/14, 19.25" and 7 something pounds.
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