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    None of the statements below constitute an official Klipsch statement. These are my personal opinions and thoughts. Please treat them as such... I don't post a lot here (always lurking, though), so I'm not going to pretend like everyone here knows me. In short, I'm the guy who runs social media for Klipsch. I have been the voice of the Klipsch Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Google+, etc accounts for almost three years now. Anyway, in the thread about the big launch we're having at CES 2015, things got a little heated. I don't like to run social media way the traditional way - kissing every customers butt no matter what they say. BUT I do take great pride in being a far more transparent and open representative than you would find at other consumer-oriented brands. In that spirit, I would like to tackle a few subjects and many more in order to continue this transparency and openness. This is gonna be quite rambling and incoherent, but I just want to get a few things out there. I LOVE Klipsch...This is my life. This is how I feed myself (sometimes) and put clothes on my back. I spend way too much time thinking about all of this stuff and that is the same thing for 90% of the people who work there. I love coming into work and it's not like I'm getting rich off this job. I love what the company stood for and what it stands for now. We Love You...From my readings here, I think people are feeling detached from the company here - that we don't care about out. This couldn't be further from the truth. We always ask "Well, what are the forums guys gonna think about X?" Did our marketing drift away from you guys? YES. We admitted that and have taken the necessary steps to appeal both to YOU and the grander audience that we need in order to survive and thrive. We Need You...You want Klipsch to make certain products? You want Klipsch to make more stuff in the United States? TELL YOUR DEALERS! Screaming about it on the forums does almost nothing. We have to make a business case to make a new speaker and that means dealer buy-in. The fact about Klipsch business is that so little of it is done directly. We rely heavily on our dealers to move product because we simply do not have the advertising or marketing budgets to move tons of product on our own. Paul W. Klipsch...Not a single day goes by, where someone does not mention him or his audio principles. When Mark Casavant introduced the latest line to the entire company, PWK was in his very first sentence. His audio principles are literally drilled into us every single. The engineers and product managers are absolutely instructed to make products that stick to these principles. Heck, I even have four photos of him in my so-much-better-than-Chad's cube. PLUS, many of our new marketing initiatives are centered around him aka "Good Poop" blog posts, our CES 2015 audio museum, brand video, etc. As a marketing department, we are working closer than ever with Jim Hunter whose wealth of PWK knowledge is ridiculous. Jim takes almost every single visitor/guest on a tour of Klipsch HQ in which he provides in-depth commentary of PWK and his speakers. All of this is why I take great offense at some posters here who act like we have forgotten him or don't care about his legacy. That is utter horse manure through and through. Heritage Sales...Certain people seem to take great offense still that we make products that aren't Heritage. Come on, guys! If we didn't make Reference, we would have to lay off everyone. It's really that simple. No one, past or present, would/should/could want that. The ugly truth is that many/most companies would just shut down the line and move on. I know a lot of you guys recognize this already, so I apologize if it seems condescending. We would love to expand on the Heritage line but there needs to be a business case. It doesn't matter if someone from the past would be in charge. The situation would be the same. We can't just make every awesome speaker we think of, unfortunately. Made in America...Reading the above paragraph, one might think "Oh, Alex is a young punk who hates Heritage and just buys a bunch of Chinese-made crap." Deep breath! I love, love, love our Heritage line and Made in America products. I am actually saving up for Heresy speakers that I will surely pass down to my kids (if that ever happens). Oh and right now I am wearing a Gitman shirt, Flint & Tinder denim, Flint + Tinder underwear, and Chippewa Boots - all products made in America. The initiative with the Made in America blog series and partnerships with companies like Tanner Goods, Woodchuck USA, Imogene + Willie, etc is my baby and it's an initiative that has backing from everyone. We want to make more stuff in America. Even Vlad and the headphone team are looking for creative ways to get Hope involved. We'll see what happens. Heritage Opportunity...We have a unique opportunity to take advantage of a growing consumer segment - the hipster with disposable income. A popular trend right now is buying handmade and American-made products that, yes, are a little more expensive than the comparable made in China product. Our friends Tanner Goods charge $450 for their Portland-made backpack and they sell quite a few of them! It's quite remarkable. With our current Heritage lineup, we have a unique opportunity to target these consumers. We are looking for unique channels of distribution for Heritage that goes beyond audio-specific dealers. Heritage Marketing...There is a ridiculous misconception that we haven't marketed Heritage products at all and that's why they're not selling. Wrong, wrong, wrong! I don't know how many of you follow our social media channels or blog, but we talk about our Heritage speakers a ton. Also, be sure to check out the relatively new video we made for the line. Plus, our partnership with Classic Album Sundays is centered around the Heritage Series. If you don't know what it is, CAS is special listening sessions in certain parts of the world where you listen to an album all the way through with Klipschorns or La Scalas and a speaker guest speaker explaining the album. These events are great, but they are expensive, so we can't do it in as many places as we'd like. Klipsch Professional...We are making a new push with Klipsch Professional. We have great opportunities to grow here. You should see a lot of cool stuff coming through this department in the next few years. A lot of the growth will also be done behind the scenes. Concepts...Sometimes we make concepts that we aren't allowed to talk about with you guys. These can be Hope-built products that would certainly peak a lot of your interests. Sometimes, these get canned for lack of dealer support. Watch both our own and third party of the Klipsch at CES carefully! Chad and I are asking for permission to show you guys stuff, so we can drum up support for certain things, but no promises. Website Homepage...Our website currently features a bunch of products that aren't favorites here. That's because they are on discount and we have rarely ever done discounts directly through our website. It is an experiment. In any case, website hero slides will go back to our more heritage-y marketing that we all prefer on 1/1/2015. This industry is tough for high-end...Here's a little taste of the market for you. The average selling price for soundbars + bluetooth speakers dropped over 40% in only year! Isn't that crazy? We don't do the low-end market particularly well and we recognize that. In fact, we have recommitted to the high-end market. See this recent article from the Indiana Business Journal. Mistakes...We have made mistakes both in products and in marketing. There is absolutely not denying it. BUT I think everyone here is really going to like the direction we're going in both these departments going forward. Things have change SIGNIFICANTLY in the three years I've been here and I think, now, it's finally for the better. Soundbars...If you read the article above, you will know that CEO Paul Jacobs said "You can’t replace the experience of a premium home theater system with a sound bar.” Everyone here should be VERY happy about that statement and it's absolutely true. We are committed to superior home theater and two channel solutions. That's our bread and butter. That being said, our soundbars do sound great. I know from personal experience that people on these very forums thought they were hearing professional Klipsch speakers but it was actually a R-20B soundbar. So, with that in mind, let's not always scream and shout that these products can't possibly sound any good, please. No Voxx, No Klipsch...I can't go into too much detail but the reality is that when Fred Klipsch (who PWK sold the company to) decided to sell Klipsch, there were two choices - Klipsch lives through Voxx or it dies an unrecognizable death. I know many of you have fears they will run us into the ground, but, at this point, it is what it is and we ALL need to make the best about it. It's been what - 4 years? Time to move on. Criticism...Parts of this post probably come off as me being quite butt hurt and unable to take any criticism. Part of that is true haha! I should let more things go, but I think that also does show how much I care about this place. Anyway, criticism does make us better. It definitely does. That being said, sometimes this place can be brutally negative even when it doesn't make any sense. We need you guys to be part of the solution. Anyway, I hope this was worth reading in some way. I really hope it didn't come off as dick-ish or condescending. I know a lot of you recognize already what I just typed out. I am just trying to be open and honest. If you have any questions, fire them over. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Again, none of the statements above constitute an official Klipsch statement. These are my personal opinions and thoughts. Please treat them as such.
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    I'm not going to claim to be as good of a story teller as thebes...because, hey...who is? I'm an academic writer...that means I add little numbers next to ideas and hope someone pays attention to where the ideas come from (most of the time). This evening, I stumbled upon Alex's post over transparency. But honestly, I read that thread - and I think to myself "hell, I might actually love the company that much too." Anyway, I love you guys, my wallet hates all of you, and I'm pretty sure the audio-craving is a contagious one now ever since joining here. When I joined here, I had a pair of RF-3 II's and a Gen II Quintet system...now, all but 2 speakers and 3 subwoofers are Klipsch born-and-raised. Those 2 speakers by the way are 1998 Jamo Cornet 175's (oh Chad!), they can hold their own without too much worry. At any rate - there's a certain fuzzy feeling and a special place I have for my RF-3's - and that's mainly got to do with how I received them. Growing up, I was not a child who did the toy thing. I think my idea of toys was limited to model airplanes - otherwise...it was big-boy toys. TV's, VCR's, Amplifiers, Tuners, and Speakers. I'm a product of two band directors - two symphony chair players - a song writer, and a music producer. Members of my family have played for Manheim Steamroller, Alabama, and Guns N Roses at various gigs around the Midwest. Those same family members have also been involved in musical performances in theater as well. I was raised on a trombone, played with cellos, blasted out with the trumpet. I toyed around with the piano, and banged on drums and always had a guitar within reach (unless it was my grandma's, then it was a ukulele). I live in a world of perpetual music - melody, beat, and rhythm - the same one I was raised in. When I was 6...my dad bought be a GE boombox. Yeah! Detachable speakers too! I was totally a boss then (I look at some of you with your kids and RF-7's...trust me, I'm so jelly). I kept that thing until I melted the faceplate off it next to a bonfire on one 4th of July. Before I did that though, I bought an Aiwa NSX-AJ20 Shelf Unit...which survived all the way from January of 2000 (I bought it with birthday money) to November of this year. It was with that system that my brother and I would have "Stereo Wars"...where we'd try to overshoot volume against each other. Of course, he had a pair of MTX floorstanders and a Yamaha V390...I had an Aiwa...lol. 2002 - I had a Kenwood HTB system...with my first subwoofer, and first surround speakers. VR-414...couldn't shake the floors too much with it, but we tried. In early '02...I acquired some JBL Northridge speakers - the models of which I can't remember...those were my first floorstanders...they sadly did not survive the move from the old house to this one (they perished in 2007). The Kenwood sub lasted until late last year somehow. Anyway...it was 2002 and my school experience was not doing well. Straight F's in fact! 7th grader with no ambition for the course materials...and was made fun of by just about every student in the school. I missed so many days of school that it wasn't even funny. I still loved talking audio, and had since made friends with a manager at one of the local electronics stores. One day that same manager (Ian) had called my mom, and we both went over to talk to him. He handed me the 2002 catalogue of Klipsch speakers and pointed at a pair of RF-3 II's, and said that if I could stick out the year at school and not miss a day...and at least pass...they'd work out getting me a pair. I had no idea at the time he was literally going to do half-off + a free speaker with that deal for me and my mom...I was 12...and they were beautiful to me. I made it through that year (that was my last year I attended traditional school...I dropped out in 8th grade, got my GED in '07 and went right into a Tier-1 Private College in '12) and I got my first pair of speakers...the very same ones that are in my bedroom, and the same ones that I spent all of these last 4 months finally completing (with the RC-3 II, RS-3 II's, and now the RB-3's). It is with that accomplishment, that I feel like I finished what I started on this system, and I never foresee myself parting with them. They're not the 7's, not even the 5's...they're older and smaller - but they damn well look better than just about any of the other RF-3 II's out there still. I babied these speakers every day...and still do. So for me...these specific towers are more than just a signature of great sound that my mother and a good friend got me going on. They're also a symbol to me that I survived a teenage hell, and am still going strong. Funny what happens when you realize that you're bleeding copper. 12 years after the first Klipsch speaker ended up in my house, the whole house finally turned. What will the next 12 bring me?
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    Breakfast out, windy, 60, and sunny here. Just got back with Jake from the dog park.....lots of dogs there. LF returns tomorrow Learning the guitar is still way slow Guys we all need to be thinking of some other gear for Earl to buy....poor guy stuck with that entry level system Cheers Gents
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    Well I have to say, I now know my old coffee maker was going out. The first couple of cups I have brewed in my new coffee maker, have been so hot I have burnt my tongue. Good thing I was brewing naked today, if I would have split any hot coffee it would have devastating.
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    At least you won't have to fool around with the guitar tomorrow.
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    My pet peeve with Klipsch is the lack of authorized dealers that have inventory on hand for auditions. If I wanted to listen to any of the newest Heritage series, how far would I have to travel? Even your flagship reference series are not stocked at any of the 4 "authorized" dealers here in Albuquerque. I had heard a pair of the original RF-7s and really liked them but I still took a 3K leap of faith when I purchased the RF-7II / 64 combo as they were not available for audition. I'm a sales rep for the largest flooring mfg. in the world and our dealers are required to showcase certain components of our collections. Why would any manufacturer that caters thru the dealer channel be any different? Granted we don't sell internet direct but I would think this would aid both of your current sales channels. Looking at the current prices on the Heritage series which start at 1700 up to 9000 for a pair, how is the uneducated consumer or educated for that matter expected to drop that kind of money on a pair of speakers they can't hear, see or feel? ie (Wanna be a Klipsh dealer? Please read thu the enclosed application and contract for a list of products that must inventoried and displayed at all times for consumer auditions. It shouldn't be a dealers choice but a requirement set by Klipsch! Anyways, that's my main gripe with the current sales model.
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    Mornin guys. Cold day in Colorado. Only venturing out for a quick grocery run. Gonna hang out with the family, play some tunes and watch the Broncos followed by HT movie. Cheers to all.
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    Morning Gang 33 here heading for 50+. Coffee perkin. Wife sleepin.
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    As long as "Those Selfies" are taken (in front) of the coffee maker its all good, taking one from those mirror sides, well we may have a problem with that
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    Half way to New Jersey to get the VRDs
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    Since the NBS has no remote volume
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    Alright, on with the day, Depot run, then Boat work. As long as i stay in the sun, it aint to bad. For you working Gents, enjoy your last day of time off, till wed anyway.
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    Earl is smart taking advantage of those New England Indian Summer trends to take a roadtrip. Good Job! Saw some people wearing shorts. Guess they are taking advantage also... "Well I got time for one more round and a (hiccup) six pack to go" ....
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    Good Morning all, Chocolate chip pancakes for the boys and wife, eggs and french toast with cinnamon and Raw Honey for me, 2nd cup O Coffee ground brewed and in the cup, What to do Now ?? Earl keep the rubber side down my friend, We expect and update with pics once you get home and a listening impression on the new goodies
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    The only thing I take offense to is Alex's rubbing it in my face that he has a better cubicle (Amy's old cube, in fact). Jerk!
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    Ah, we used to dream of being raised on a trombone. When i was a kid, there were 27 of us living in a small shoebox…and we were happy.
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    Wow Alex. I for one applaud you on the transparency you are willing to share about your own feelings as well as Klipsch and for attempting to address many of the concerns that have been shared in the thread that I started. I for one think Klipsch is doing a great job at making great products. Do all of the products meet my needs or taste....no. But that's ok....it might meet someone else's need or budget so that is great. I am glad to hear Klipsch's recommittment to high end speakers. I don't have a problem with the lower end models even being sold at Best Buy because that at least provides exposure and additional income for Klipsch that you might not have gotten otherwise. Hopefully, it's a gateway to give them just a taste of what Klipsh sounds like and they will get the bug like many of us have and continue to go up the ladder for even better sounding Klipsch speakers. Keep up the great work.
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    Thread here where I tackled some things brought up in this thread.
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    Thinking about buying a set of 7ll's and the RC64ll. I see some good deals on B stock and i also want cherry. Seems there are no used RF7's ever in my area so buying used is out, Not sure how much better they would be compared to the older version of RF7's i have had in the past. They would replace a set of Paradigm Singature 2 v3's that are very good speakers and sound great.
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    One thing not mention is that the average consumer is looking for small speakers. I started that way and was not well educated in audio. Most of us forum junkies have taken a lot more time to educate ourselves in this area and are attracted to a different product compared to the average consumer. More money can be made in the average consumer market. Economies of scale have to be taken into consideration. For example, Nelson Pass amps will not have higher profits than Onkyo. Each company has to consider it's comparative advantage. In other words, do what they can do best, with the the workforce that they have available. Pushing to many products can and has killed many companies.
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    Your making good time for driving a U-Haul.
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    They waited about a generation too long. Most people who recognize the brand first-hand are using a walker.
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    AN makes some excellent points about the problem of selling more Heritage series speakers. Back in the day, I used to hang out with the sales guys at an authorized dealer. They had a room devoted solely to Klipsch speakers and had K-horns, LSs, Belles, and CWs properly set up to showcase their qualities. It was an easy matter to switch between them so customers could make a decision about which they preferred. They even had samples of the different veneers available as well. On top of that, they were able to demonstrate just how little power those speakers required to create huge listening levels (a very definite selling point even to this day. It allowed them to shift a customer's spending budget into the speakers instead of high power amplification as was needed for some of the other brands which they carried.) Needless to say, they sold lots of Klipsch speakers! My own experience was similar in that people (non-audiophiles) who wanted to get into high quality audio reproduction in their home often bought Heritage series speakers after hearing mine. During the years that I owned K-horns, CWs, and Heresys, I "sold" so many by simply demonstrating their sound (of course, driving them with my tube amps helped ), that I felt like asking the company for a commission. So, how to increase public exposure to the series is the issue today. I just don't know that there is an easy answer other than to convince (require?) the online dealers, who also have retail showrooms, to devote space and budget to the Heritage line. Maynard
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    Ski Bum I noticed you made a post asking how to post pictures ? So Im going to have to consider the source here [emoji14] As for any other future comments , I was just sharing my findings I wasn't out to start another debate on cables etc . I put allot of time and money in my system in the last year and on my system it makes a HUGE difference again just wanted to share this Its getting to a point one has to be afraid to share things on here .
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    Nothing today. But I blew my wad yesterday... Just don't tell my wife!
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    A few points from an old school "Heritage" guy.... I too have had frustrations with the fact that Heritage isn't the brunt of Klipsch home speaker sales. I have to admit that I am emotionally attached, as well as factually based in the idea that Heritage - to ME - IS what makes Klipsch who they are. Heritage IS Klipsch. But in today's world - and in particular, in today's economy, Heritage has it tough. When Heritage was selling huge numbers, the economy was structured much differently than it is today. People could pay off their homes in 10 years, afford health care, had savings accounts, didn't have huge college debts. The US had a huge middle class who could afford to buy Heritage quality products. Then place on top of the changing economy the overall audio marketing ploy that somehow smaller was better, as home theater and "small is king" became the mantra in the '80s going forward - and you have a recipe that moves Heritage to the back of the bus in terms of overall visibility in a huge marketplace. The Klipschorn is the only speaker to maintain continuous production for as long as it has. Without the Reference, Legend, Synergy, and other products to sell, the Klipschorn as well as the company might not exist today. Klipsch has to respond to market forces in order to survive. I consider it quite a feat that Klipsch has kept Heritage alive in the first place. It is difficult to push a product that so few can afford. It is even more difficult to sell a product people cannot see. Placing Heritage in front of people is a difficult proposition - it costs lots of money to place enough operating samples in enough places to move the sales needle, and advertising is VERY expensive. Social media and internet is a huge help - it is relatively cheap to do this. But at some point people have to see and experience the product. Priced as it is, asking people to buy Heritage sight unseen and ears unheard is like asking people to buy a car without driving. That is Klipsch's challenge as it pertains to Heritage. You mention the "hipster" with disposable income. Has Klipsch ever given thought to going to where they hang out? Try this: Every summer, this crowd goes to the festival music circuit, where many of these people are ponying up $1000-$3000 per ticket for VIP amenities and arrangements. If they can afford $1-3K for VIP tickets, they can afford any of Klipsch's product. Oh - and they are music addicts. Just your demographic. Show your product. Lead them to a place they can buy. and make sure that you have a list on your website where they can see, hear, and buy your product. ESPECIALLY the high $$ Palladium and Heritage. People should be able to find a Heritage or Palladium dealer via this website with a few keystrokes, where they can see and buy. If you leave it up to people asking your dealers for stuff, you're missing the boat. Your customer, being led by this site and your social media, should be able to walk into a dealer listed on this site, and know that Heritage, Palladium, or other products are sold there. YOU lead them to where they need to go. Don't leave it up to people having to beg dealers for product. Strategically place your product in front of your target demographic. You need not have Heritage in every shopping center in the country, but when people ask about it or come here looking for it, they need to be steered to a place where they can see and buy it.
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    Ibiza, I feel the same way about my little KSB Setup as it was my 1st real purchase on "real" speakers and a receiver. 1998 and I spent $3400.00 for my receiver Yamaha RX-V2095,2 KSB 3.1's,4 KSB 1.1's,1 KSC- C1, and the 10"sub that went with them. I also purchased a 61" Sony rear projection TV for $2100.00 and had it in use up until last November when I sold it and purchased my 55". That was the 1st year I was able to afford anything outside of a typical "rack all in one system" which were running around $800.00 to about $1200.00 and were the typical Sony, Fisher styles with the big 15" woofer 3 way towers that came with a cassette deck and cd player and some had the turntable. (Mine did and was Fisher).I also quit school at 16 due to a very bad home life and then got my GED later on and became a stock broker, then became a real estate broker. I still use the little KSB's in my bedroom and can't get myself to part with them because of what they remind me I came from. Plus they still sound nice. Good for you for going back to school and continuing things. Little things like this stay with us for our whole life and actually make us realize how good things are, even when we think we are in ruts. I just look back on that 16 year old kid and then realize how good I have it.
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    Advertising is great, and probably necessary, but we must realize that advertising is extremely expensive. If Klipsch made ads as such, would they yield enough ROI to justify the cost of the advertising?
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    you did a fine job explaining Alex. I do understand that Klipsch needs sales and a large percentage of the population most likely can’t afford Heritage. And, i’ll admit the lower end Klipsch stuff sounds better than a lot of the other stuff on the shelves. BMW, Mercedez, Porsche, Bentley … still have sales, because people associate those brands with high quality. Most people i talk to have NEVER heard of Klipsch (that should sound some alarms in your marketing department), and few that do mention them being high end gear. A co-worker was talking about building a home theatre--i suggested Klipsch, he said “Klipsch isn’t high quality.” Trust me, Klipsch would kick butt on whatever he decides; but, my point is that Klipsch needs to promote their heritage gear better--even the partially ignorant customers that want to be a step above their neighbors, still don’t recognize Klipsch as “high end.” It’s not that Klipsch has a bad reputation it’s because it isn’t well known. They assume since they haven’t heard of Klipsch, then it must not be as good as BOSE. You need to get Klipsch in the conversation. I’ve no problem with Reference and didn’t even have a problem with Synergy--they have their place in the market and it does get the Klipsch name in homes. BUT, i just don’t want that to become the Klipsch mainstream…Best Buy type stuff, sound bars, etc… marketing the Heritage is a challenge and one i want you to take on. Thank you for considering the opinion of the forum members--we’re pretty good and the cheapest advertising that you’ll ever find.
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    I'm not ready to give up my Palladiums and McIntosh setup just yet.....
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    Considering the fact that I use the same amps and pre as Paul and A1UC I'm thinking I should buy one of these too! I appreciate the protective nature of Ski Bum but I don't think it is necessary in this case.
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    I would love a pair of LA Scala's but live on the infamous fixed income. Replacing a Pioneer VSX-1020 with a Pioneer VSX-1124-K which I got for $250 off. And am looking forward to replacing my current Fronts, a pair of RB-35's with a pair of RF-82 II's. I'd missed Best Buys sale on Black Friday for the RF-28's and was heartbroken. I spent Thanksgiving in the hospital. But now can get these 82's I'mean told are much better speakers for only $217 more I'd have paid for the 28's on Black Friday. Having discovered the difference between the 82's and the 28's I think I have a lot to be Thankful for. I plan on using the RB-35's as rears. I'm hoping my RC-10 will still work for a while for my center as well as my RW-12 Sub. Your comments and advice great fully anticipated.
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    ​Congratulations for joining the forum. I'll make an offer. My Top offer is 50 cents and I won't go any higher even if you cover shipping costs. Please don't take it personal. It's nothing you did. I just have a PERSONAL dislike for the beats brand. After what they did with MOG I hope they go through difficult financial times. Like "Belly Up". Personal opinion is that they Lied and tried to Mislead me. I have kept the emails to prove my opinion if needed. I suspect you will get better replies from different topics that that don't have anything to do with beats. And it's not your problem that I got up on the wrong side of the bed.
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    The RC-64 of course. I am sure room placement, sealed design, and crossover points, all factor in the slightly varying tonal differences of the RC-64 and RF-63's that I once experienced. Bill
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    hello: each to his own. Why not consider a DBB cabinet so you can try to keep up with the K400? Ends up looking more like a Khorn than a CW. Also the CT125 is much more extended than any of the other tweeters you mentioned and it is far smoother than the others so you might want to drop the CT125 from your list and stick with a set of K77 if you want to keep the sound of a LaScala. I have no idea if you have seen the reflex riser mod for a LaScala or not but with the aid of a small volume riser box the same width and depth as the LaScala you can raise your LaScala so the K400 is at ear level and you can gain bass into the low 30 Hz range this is I think a far better option compared to a direct radiator if you want to keep the original sound. I am with you as far as brace work goes, Hope this has been of some interest and all the best to you in your project. Best regards Moray James.
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    Where are you located? Will these work? they are k401 horns http://toledo.craigslist.org/ele/4820136309.html
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    Nice work, Alex. All makes sense to me. Good to hear that PWK is invoked regularly. I've certainly wondered why the Eight Cardinal Points in Loudspeakers for Sound Reproduction isn't more featured and easily downloaded. I bring it up every few years on the Forum and there are many who saw "What?" PWK handed me my copy personally and its been what I use to evaluate every speaker I hear since. So easy to determine which has been violated and, more importantly, why. I think it should be used as an exercise when every new loudspeaker is proposed at Klipsch. There is a reason for the name "Heresy," and it has to do precisely with the 8 Card. It is OK to violate the rules...if you know why. The 8 Card ARE the rules, at least until someone invents a shorter 32Hz wavelength. Dave
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    Hate to be the one to tell you, but jazz was best comprehended from an altered state before Pink was born... Dave
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    so how do you southerns think a southern california accent sounds? not talking that fake surfer dude lingo -- just regular folk talk.
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    My audio dealer reports the RB-61iis are being discontinued and replaced. Any info on this would be appreciated
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    We're all waiting to find out at CES 2015. January 6th.
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    If the tags are still affixed to the back you can ask the seller to confirm. My 1.5's clearly identify them as 'Medium Oak', and they are much lighter than the picture of these, but lighting can be tricky.
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    They have a medication for that. Good thing I am on it. It may be why I did not pick it up last night Earl. Makes me lazy as a cold lizard... Prolly right Sancho!
  46. 1 point
    Lol. Well, I'm the one that likes the speakers, he really doesn't care. He doesn't understand why I want more. Right now it's just a money issue, have been spending too much lately with Christmas. If he ever divorces you, PLEASE give me a call because I think I love you!
  47. 1 point
  48. 1 point
    Blessings this Holiday Season. I posted this in the photo thread, but will repeat here. I took this pic in a church the the Philippines, and added the text... Bruce
  49. 1 point
    Thanks. That's what I figured as well. But I sure do enjoy opening those boxes and getting that pure Klipsch smell in your nostrils! ☆it smells like fr eedom!!
  50. 1 point
    The Mini DSP is very similar to the DSP on the I Nuke amps. I let the avr set the xo and don't use any on the sub. To protect a ported sub you can use a xo at 20 Hz (HPF). A XO of 80 or 60 Hz in the avr should be optimal. 200 is way to high for your subs.
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