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    Good MONDAY morning Gang Maintaining good weather, weeds are growin and Skeeters are dying. Sunday was get the Dam Boat Motor up and running, Done Not everyday you fire up a 115 two stroke, loud, smokey. No plan of the Day, just this Coffee.
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    Hanging out with duder and seeing all those awesome horns and drivers was very neat. Duder's home made jamboree really impressed me. I loved the bass it produced. Every bit as good as anything I've ever heard including the jubilee bass bin! For those that don't know him, duder is the kind of guy who would give you the shirt off his back. He's alright in my book. I'll have to for sure stop by for a visit next time I'm in NE.
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    Happy Monday guys. Nothing exciting to report ... Just cold and a fair amount of snow on the ground. More to come mid to late week. Baxter is only taking short trips to his backyard domain and demanding we 'do something' about it. Chuck, I haven't seen 189.6 in a number of years and all I can say is that I'm 'trending' that way. Will try to check back. Have a great day, gang.
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    Morning guys! Day one of the big diet. I ate everything I had been craving except for gourmet mac and cheese this weekend. Finished off with cinnamon rolls last night. At a two year high of 189.6 this morning. Not scared! I'll keep you all posted. LF denies being with Earl this weekend He is such a handsome guy I wouldn't blame her though. Doesn't know much about preamps but he's hot. 50s and rain with colder weather expected this afternoon. We are expecting a mass exodus of folks from the north this coming year Are they really like the women on that show "Housewives Of NJ" Off for the third cup and a protein only breakfast. Cheers Gents
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    we know, we saw the photo a few months ago. He does seem like a nice guy.
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    Happy Monday! It hit 50 here in south central Alaska yesterday! It's raining this morning. I'd get excited but snow is fair game for us for another two months. We're being toyed with. Boston, bring back our winter! Talked with a client in Fairbanks (almost 350 mi north of here) the just got out of a two week run of 50 below so I'm not complaining! How Arctic native people didn't take walks farther and farther south every year is beyond me. I'm convinced they're the toughest people in history. 3 mos, no daylight, -30's a relative norm, 20-40 mph winds very common, no trees, no electricity, home sweet home. No thank you. I raise my coffee cup to them today. Have a great work week!
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    Thanks for the kind words etc, pleasure was all mine and truly enjoyed your visit. Stop by any time.
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    Wow what rough morning. Ok yes I know it's 2 pm here. I didn't sleep in that long. But have been slow moving. Woke up around 9 put a pork butt on the smoker. Thanks laid back down and watched a movie and took a nap. Speaking of organs, last night went down to my local music shop where he had a couple hours of those fancy organs you folks speak of. Should have taken some pictures. But was able to show forum member etc, some hidden treasures. Such as multi cell altec horns, western electric horns and 8" compression drivers. Along with some McIntosh mc60s and many other horns and things. I think I tripped over some cables around the facility. Than we grab some grub at a bbq joint that used to be good. But I think the owner let his teenage son run the place last night and it wasn't so good. Then back to my place for some tunes. He was on call so I drank his share of the beer. Reason it's been a rough morning. Great time with etc, wish I had more audio buds like him around. Looks like he will be heading home later this week. Well now time to get a head light for the jeep along with some grub.
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    Good Mid morning Gang Great nap, still cannot think of anything pressing to do today. Coffee cooked since 4:30am is tasting mighty fine. I see Earl is having TT problems, proper tuning to the ears takes awile, and no two guys problems are alike. I better hit the Audio store today and get him a Card.
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    Good morning/afternoon friends.... Just went through all the postings since yesterday morning, looks like lots of activity and friendship (0; Anyway, keeping with the organ theme, we are working at a church that is under restoration including a new bell tower because of an F3 tornado that went through 4 years ago... So, I just took this shot of the organ built in Westfield MA. 1891 ! We are taking pipes out from the inside divisions which are needing cleaning and are being trayed and brought back to our shop for restoration... It is still a little messy around the lower half of the photo, as new carpet is going down in the front area only, and yeah, that's my jacket on the railing ;0) Enjoy ;0)
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    YOU, come on man, sounds like something I would be doing
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    You are making me uncomfortable Tarheel. Not that I am necessarily against that type of thing for others. It is just not my preference.
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    Did you ever see Jack Nicholson in "the Shinning?" Here's Johnny! Was that a sequel to The Shining? Funny title though. I think that's the movie where Jack instead of chopping them all up just hits them in the shins Seriously I don't mean to make fun of brother Earl......it's just that he is so pretty I had to do it
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    Did you ever see Jack Nicholson in "the Shinning?" Here's Johnny!
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    Yep! Oh wait...were you talking to me?
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    Please apologize to her for me as I should not have broken her confidence. (Just a word of advice...hit the diet hard).
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    Yep Carl you should have been here! Earl tried to steal the LF and may have been successful had he not been so busy trying to plug his fancy new turntable into the aux imputs of two line stage preamps . He then had the gall to say it didn't sound right Think the snow is getting to him.
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    Man, I gotta start checking this thread on the weekends. It just blows up. We've hit the high for today (41) and it's downhill from here. Yesterday I was in short sleeves, sweating, pushing a mower around the front yard. Nothing like bi-polar weather (see what I did there???) to keep you on your toes. I've got another 4 day work week so it shouldn't be too bad. My vacation starts over March 1'st and I'm burning my last day on Friday. Still working on the bag of Mexican organic at the house. Pretty good stuff.
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    Good Morning all,,,,,,,,,,,,,Boys on the bus breakfast and first cup down the hatch, What to do for the rest of the day ??
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    Sounds like you are comfortable with the LF .
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    Lessee...we'll start with the home theater. Six Cornwalls with a pair of JBL 4638 low frequency cabs, making a total of 10 15" woofers smilin' at ya in a 14 x 18 foot room. Some might think it's overkill - I think those people are insane. Then we'll talk about the tube room. I have a pair of Belle Klipsch, which get babied and fed with a premium diet of a choice of two front ends - a McIntosh MX110 into a pair of MC30s (and I have two pairs of MC30's in the stash, each with different coupling caps and tube complements) - and a second system core of a JM Peach into a pair of NOSValves VRDs. A pair of Belle Klipsch never had it so good, and my ears are spoiled rotten. I have a Thorens TD124 and an Ah! Njoe Tjoeb (tube buffered) CD player as the main sources for whichever system core I decide to use. But the addiction truly manifested in fullest display with my tube stash - 2 1/2 dozen Mullard and Philips 5AR4 rectifiers, 100+ Telefunken, Amperex, and Mullard 12AX7, 60+ 12AU7, a few dozen 12BH7, a few dozen 5U4, a few dozen NOS 6922/7308, a matched baker's dozen of GEC KT66, and a dozen quads of KT88....plus a few other oddball variants and specialties like 6U8, 6AU6, compactrons, 12X4 and such. Definitely enough to run these gears for a lifetime and then some. Again, all perfectly normal and justified - all in the service of great music. Another way to look at it: "Hey, at least it's not crack!"
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    tnr's bloody marys look mighty tasty!
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    Check your PM...a couple of Bloody Marys will be there shortly.
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    She says "hi." Thats just not right
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    Been taking care of my food cravings prior to the start of my serious cutting back tomorrow. Yesterday I had pulled pork, slaw, home made chips with ranch dressing for lunch and for dinner pizza and a beer. Good but less than the imagination had conjured up. This morning blueberry pancakes and crisp bacon. Lunch out was blacken chicken sandwich and fries. The pancakes were the clear winner. So tomorrow I start the Stillman diet (meat, eggs, cheese) only. Need to lose 8 pounds to get to 180. Took the Jake-a-thon to the dog park this morning. About 25 dogs there. He is worn out and sleeping behind the bushes. 61 degrees and cloudy. Not much else going on. LF still away. Nice pics Gary and Todd. Cheers Gents
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    After it dries about 30 minutes, use an awl to make holes for the leads through the cone: Use some BC-1 to paint the leads down onto the cone. You don’t want those vibrating! : Center the dust cap onto the cone. Carefully measure from the surrounds that you are centered. Use a pen or pencil to trace the outline of the dust cap: Remove the dust cap and paint BC-1 directly onto the cone just below the pencil line you just made. Stick the dust cap onto the cone, and press it down on the edges with something like the back of a pen: Solder the leads into the terminals being sure the wires are loose enough to not hit the spider or the cone, and tight enough to not short circuit against the frame: Trim the leads: Your done! Before and after:
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    http://fidelify.net/ If you're a Spotify Premium user at no extra cost you can check out 'Fidelify'. It offers WASAPI exclusive which bypasses the mixer in your computer giving you bit perfect playback. This is the sound quality I was expecting from Tidal but never got. Learning as I go.....Fidelify is still in the BETA process but I've been using it since last night and it works pretty well.
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    I am so tired of audio reviewers acting like lap dogs for manufacturers. I have spent many hours reading reviews before I bought audio equipment. At first I thought I was incredibly lucky that my " instincts" were so good. The reviewers seemed to always confirm my uninformed opinions as to the "best bang for the buck," "incredible tonality," "wonderful soundstage and headroom" of everything I wanted to buy. Imagine my surprise when I began to realize EVERYTHING they review has these same characteristics! There ought to be a law!!!
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    Just pick up my first pair of Heritage speakers, Forte I w Crites XO. I need to know what is the finish on the speakers. They were made in 1989.
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    I know, right? shut up and get in the truck!
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    1. I was not "complaining." Rather I was pointing out the obvious. It is political. 2. From the Oxford Dictionary: Political - "Of or relating to the government or the public affairs of a country." Certainly discussions about War, Banking, etc., meet this definition. There is a whole field of academic study called "Political Economy." As I said to you in my PM, this isn't about an effort to end this thread, my feathers being ruffled, or thinking the topic is inappropriate. It is merely an attempt to refine the Forum policy so that we can ALL place such topics in the Lounge after understanding where the line is being drawn. If it is simply about civility, great. Let's say so. Let's not take a personal approach to my desire to clarify the policy. Thanks
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    No where does it say that politics may be discussed as long as you keep the conversation polite. Perhaps a change in the wording of the "policy" is in order.
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    Sounds like a double fail to me. I had a major screw up this weekend as well, so I'm not the best one to talk. I let the magic smoke out of a driver on a project I was working on. It was epic.
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    I have waited for three pages to make this observation. This is certainly a political post unless you define "political" in the most narrow sense (i.e., Dems vs. Republicans). While I have no issue with the discussion, and have enjoyed it, the heading just makes me smile every time I see it. Just because I say a goat is an elephant, does not make it so.
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    Sorry Derrick, not for sale. LOL. I think after a little back therapy, Carl will be good for round 2!!! The Birch was approx. $45.00 per sheet. I picked it up so there was no delivery fees. I really like the shape of the sub. Its no that big of footprint if you think about it. At least in my warped world anyway. LOL. Oh Sheit, it rattled the unattached house????? Oh boy, this is going to be interesting! Kinda reminds me of the first time I bought BB gun for my son and no matter what rules you lay down, or how strict you are, there always seems to be some broken glass huh? I bet no matter how careful I am, I beleive there will be some broken glass with this thing too!
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    A audio friend of mine who is in the Air Force has a pair of the RE XXX 18s...those things are monsters. He has them mounted in a pair of enclosures, (ported bass reflex) one of the cabs in the image below. At the time the image was taken, the enclosures had a pair of Adire Audio Tumult 15s. He moved away years ago, but he lived at his folks in a 14' X 70' trailer-house on the property at the time. The gear in the pic was in that trailer. There was a audio bass monster meet one Sunday. I was invited... He was more into car stereo, and was helping a guy that day with a Dodge Durango that had a wall behind the back seat with six (Tempest?) 15s. The wall, (or combination of wall/rear of vehicle, was port tuned to around 37Hz...it's been awhile. The Durango would burp a easy 150 decibels, sheet-metal flinging everywhere... These guys had a term-lab meter used for SPL car competitions that day, it only triggers at 120 decibels. We go into the guys trailer-house, where the Tumults and the towers next to them were. Each Tumult had a Peavey 2500 watt amplifier powering it. Each of the enclosures are tuned to 16Hz. Each Tumult sub cab was about 10-12 feet apart. We sat on the couch in front of them at about 10-11 feet back. The term-lab meter sat in the listening position in center, on top of the couch. At about 12 feet. They did burps with two frequencies, one at 20Hz, and the other at 25Hz. It's been about a decade, and I can't completely recall the exact SPL numbers, but I think it was 122 decibels in the listening position for 20Hz, and 124 decibels for 25Hz from the listening position. The burps where roughly 10 second shots or so, so it's a continuous thing... 25Hz at the port of one sub-woofer from a foot or so, gave 136 decibels. He hit the play button with a 20Hz sine-wave, andf it felt like a force field. A feeling of heavier gravity... Everything in the place that wasn't bolted down, went to the floor. (stuff on walls, counters...) One kid took a Parts Express flyer, tossed it toward a port of one Tumult. The port sucked in the flyer, and spit it back out into two pieces. We stepped outside during a burp. The exterior sheetmetal behind the stereo was moving back and forth a good six to eight inches...flappin'...I specifically remember that. If I recall, the image of the Tumult may be during one of those burps. That was a fun day. It had no relevance to music, but it was fun nonetheless.
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    k61 is the chorus ii/forte etc mid After critically listening to any certain speaker it seems like small&large characteristics with noises get so magnified in our ears especially with high efficiency. With live recordings I found myself pulling drivers and its in a recording etc I'll step back. You and others are far better at descriptions. That said, after hearing nothing other than klipsch for about a year the k69&402 are so exquisite. As is the 400/77. They are in a league of their own obviously. That said, the chorus 2 is in my opinion the next best choice especially for indoors.
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    Tonight's dinner. Not what most would call fine dining however it is a favorite here. Home made white Bread with Home made chip beef gravy Gets the award from the boys and wife Eat while listening to The Cure, Mixed Up (Thanks Jim)
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    Just for you. Read this and heed the advice above. I take several audio mags but they are supplemental and largely to keep up with new stuff, or for non-equipment related music info. You can learn to read what they really mean to say but it is very, very hard to do. Dave audiopress.pdf
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    Just watched two BDP-103 Darby editions with box and everything, one even had two calibration discs with it, go for $536 and $550 on eBay this week. Might be why your 95 is not selling.... Roger
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    Finally got them done here is the twins before coating with duratex. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3yub8MsksaQaVhkVVNVWXlxa0k&authuser=0 First coat down https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3yub8MsksaQTXVYeVQ4ZVY2UDg&authuser=0 Not the best pic but here they are finished. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3yub8MsksaQNHJwY24tT2VLQjg&authuser=0
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    Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes (politics have no place here )? Please keep it civil. NOTE: Topics covering sensitive issues such as race, religion, or politics have no place here and will be locked by moderators moving forward as of 2/20/15. So, since you are dead-set on arguing about this, are you going to prove your point by getting it locked?
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    RS-35's should sound awesound but the RS-62II's should be even better. I currently use the RS-25's and would soon lovew to upgrade to the RS-35's
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    So a thread about cables becomes political" if "people start whining, name-calling and getting sarcastic and personal with each other" about the relative worth of various cables? Once again, my post only deals with the failure to recognize that the thread is political, not whether it should be curtailed, locked or otherwise diverted. You might be wondering why it is that political threads get locked. Consider it might not have to do with the subject, but rather, it has to do with the way people behave. Everything is tolerated until the infants start posting. P.S. I'm not referring to you as an infant. (I think it's obvious, but gotta be careful, you know.) Jeff. Not trying to be obstreperous, just commenting on the clear language of the Forum policy: Please keep it civil. NOTE: Topics covering sensitive issues such as race, religion, or politics have no place here and will be locked by moderators moving forward as of 2/20/15. I have no issue with this thread. I am merely commenting on the fact that this is a political thread. Perhaps, the policy is misstated or we do not care to enforce it as written. I really don't care. Just musing as to the title.
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    Speak for yourself !! I look great yet I sometimes find myself actually driving the speed limit !! Bryant
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