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    I don't understand the question, but there are many, many things I don't understand. I'm okay with that. I'd just like to say that "The Klipsch Forum" seems to be going down the drain. Why? I'm really not sure, but to say that posts in the "Right This Minute" thread are meaningless and will not count as "posts" is pretty unfair to music lovers and Klipsch lovers. I think PWK would agree and Boxx would certainly agree. If listening to music dosen't count, I'm in the wrong place. I call BullShit! But, that is me and there are many other places on the internet I can go and feel like my posts are valued. It's been a long and very enjoyable run. Thank you and may God bless you and keep you all. Thank you for letting me participate on this once great forum. Dennie
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    Morning folks. Hang in there Sancho...boarding for the promise land is now in sight! It's been fun catching up on some of the goings on here. Lot of members with a good sense of humor. "Just coming through the doors puts a big smile on my face". Thanks Toby! MM.....you know you're always welcome here so don't be a stranger. Hope your test came back okay Steve! Three volunteer jobs now. Just signed up for a local bird rescue group. They needed help. Hope they don't have me changing the paper on the bottom of Parakeet cages. See if I can squeeze in a bike ride this morning. Retirees it's Wednesday. Worker bees hump day already? Cheers Ladies and Gents
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    So I bought a pair of Chorus I's 6 months ago. I started listening to music with them and began hearing things previously hidden in some of my favorite songs. Yes, I was gloating and beaming about how great these speakers really are. Last week my wife was re-arranging the furniture in my man cave so as a courtesy I put on her favorite Music Choice channel, The 70's. I sat in my lounger and listened to Rocky Mountain High by John Denver and started to appreciate the background instrumentation that I never knew existed. I began to feel a little self conscious about liking a song again that came out when I was 7 years old. But it did sound good, so I justified my position based on sound quality. This type of closet-appreciation went on for 6-7 more songs, me finding new subtleties in each one. Then came Shadow Dancing by Andy Gibb, a song that no self respecting alpha male ever liked or could even stand listening to. You guessed it, I'm hearing instruments and clarity that made me want to listen to this song longer and longer. After I'd listened to the whole thing, I felt dirty, shameful, and a loss of self esteem. Like I came out of the closet musically. As of today I am still ashamed of myself for what I did and how I felt. But I knew the Klipsch community would have mercy on my soul, or pitty me. Either way I'm cool with it. But if you ever see me wearing Leif Garret or Andy Gibb schwag, please please slap me. Joe Dirt - Out. B)
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    My life outside this forum is another forum….not really, just me being a punk. I’ve made a few friends on this place over the years…mourned the loss of friends like Oldbuckster and Boxx. When i was getting divorced Rob (Oldbuckster) offered up his house as a place to get away; i’ve prayed for those who’ve lost a spouse, had a health problem, and lost a job. Just today, out of the blue, i got a PM from a forum friend who remembered me saying that i had my first cardiologist appointment today--he wanted to know how it went. Made me feel good--I’m glad that Todd (TNR) is on the forum. I’m the one that called the private area a cesspool…it was a comment regarding subject matter not against any forum member. I probably shouldn’t have said it and apologize to everyone that took it personal. I’d rather not be reminded (here) about all the bad stuff going on in the world because i do come here for an escape. I know i don’t have to participate in threads about the shocking instances of depravity or how crooked our leaders are, etc… so i should have just shut my mouth (but that always has been difficult for me). Anyway a lot more good here than bad. For those that want access and post count is an issue to them (my post count is low considering how many years i’ve been around here) perhaps Chad would consider basing eligibility on either 5,000 posts or “x” number years of membership. (i don’t know what “x” is because i flunked Algebra). Have a pleasant evening ladies and gentlemen. Steve (now i’m returning to my sarcastic and/or non-serious self)
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    That's not gonna happen. Sorry. You are right though, nobody here is "elite" - including me. Everyone has an equal opportunity to see that No BS forum, it just so happens there is a minimum post limit to do so. Nobody is excluded from being able reaching that post count. Except people with a life who don't sit on here all day long or have OCD.
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    You're right. I've changed it back after thinking about it some more.
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    I would guess nothing unless the whining slows down. HEY!!! Who said anything about promoting myself as a moderator??? LOL!! Roger It makes me nervous they made me a moderator, you being one would scare the crap out of me.
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    Thank you my friend (s), I only thought about leaving, when the "higher ups" thought music was meaningless to this forum. I knew someone lost their mind and I thought it might be me. This is a family and I've always thought of it like that. You don't pick your family, you learn to get along with it. We're all here for one common reason, we have an interest/love in Klipsch Speakers/products and that makes this different than most forums. I am glad each and every one of you are here. If the powers that be want us to have 5000 posts to enter an elite forum, let it be so. I could care less, as there is probably nothing in that forum that interests me. I am here because of Klipsch and you guys, my family. Thanks for letting me be a part of this group. I'm proud to be a member here and I always will be. I've never met a better group of people. We've gave money to members who were having a hard time. We Prayed for family members and we've lost members that were a part of our every day lives. We're still here and we'll continue to be. Here is to all of you and our beloved Klipsch speakers... I've said my Peace and I respect whatever the family decides. Dennie (who dosen't always know the difference between your and you're. I look to dtel for that. )
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    Time to go put the boot's on, the is getting deep in here............. How about when post count get's to 5000 you can look in the BS section, and at 5050 post you have to start back at 0 post count again, better make them count.
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    How many do have the luxury of time and access to loiter here offering up wizened words into the millions to accumulate 5K posts? It is an arbitrary value w/o any other significance than a quantitative threshold. I have Klipsch product that now sits in their museum but I am unworthy (by a long shot) of the BS club. I am a regarded and published medical researcher - to no gains here. You can toss me a newborn not breathing and I know what needs to be done to save its life - and have done so - but that counts for naught. This is what I've referred to on many occasions here (not 5K worth). Klipsch attracts a caliber of ownership (or it did) of thinkers, people who excelled in their own purposes who value music, well reproduced music. And now these forums are run as though we are all children. The Klipsch elite club adds to this insult by punctuating some meaningless extreme horizon-line based upon any olde digital participation that we now witness being demonstrated in such grand mocking fashion. If you treat people like kids they tend to act childish........... or they refuse to play games and exit stage left. Have a nice day.............
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    Personally my work days go faster and I'm more productive when I post an album in Right This Minute or several through the day as well as read a few other posts or post. I did have over 5,000 posts I thought at one time. Oh well. Less than a 1000 to go to get back in No BS. Too bad people can't behave.
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    You're right. I've changed it back after thinking about it some more. I applaud you Chad. Too many view changing of one’s mind as a weakness--I find it a sign of wisdom.
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    I think the "protected thread" should go by time here, not post count. I see a lot of posts that have no benefit to this forum whatsoever. If you've been here a few years, you get it. If you've said "LOL" 5000 times, you may not "get it". You may just be drunk. (not that there is anything wrong with that). But again, just my opinion. Dennie
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    I really enjoy the RTM posts although I don't contribute very often. It gives me ideas of music I want to hear or haven't heard in a long time and I will often try to find selections on Spotify or sometimes I'll just buy it unheard. I'm incredulous that anyone would consider those worthless posts. Of course, if you think they are worthless they are tucked away at the bottom of the forums page and never show up under recent posts so you really don't ever have to look or see them if you don't want. Worthless?! I'd go further to say that they are worth a lot more than most posts considering how much money I've sent to Amazon, high rez download and streaming services because of some of those posts. I started keeping track of dollars spent a couple of years ago... yikes! Dennie, you alone have helped me spend many hundreds of dollars on music! I'm not complaining at all! Thank you!! I've come to identify individuals who have similar tastes and I'm not usually disappointed when I take a chance on buying something I haven't heard. I really don't care much about the whole "number of posts" and the BS section. I don't know what I'm missing so it is easy for me to not worry about it. By the standards set forth I won't be a member for another 10 years or so anyway. I understand some reasons for having it and I understand the problems and hard feelings it causes. I'm not sure if the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.
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    Thank you my friend (s), I only thought about leaving, when the "higher ups" thought music was meaningless to this forum. I knew someone lost their mind and I thought it might be me. This is a family and I've always thought of it like that. You don't pick your family, you learn to get along with it. We're all here for one common reason, we have an interest/love in Klipsch Speakers/products and that makes this different than most forums. I am glad each and every one of you are here. If the powers that be want us to have 5000 posts to enter an elite forum, let it be so. I could care less, as there is probably nothing in that forum that interests me. I am here because of Klipsch and you guys, my family. Thanks for letting me be a part of this group. I'm proud to be a member here and I always will be. I've never met a better group of people. We've gave money to members who were having a hard time. We Prayed for family members and we've lost members that were a part of our every day lives. We're still here and we'll continue to be. Here is to all of you and our beloved Klipsch speakers... I've said my Peace and I respect whatever the family decides. Dennie (who dosen't always know the difference between your and you're. I look to dtel for that. ) You are in big trouble if that's the case! Odd thing is, he knows the difference, but doesn't care! It's the same when he types "maybe", he knows the difference but figures everyone else will understand anyway! That's why he is my Hero! I often no know the difference, but I think faster than I type! Dennie It frustrates the heck out of me to read his posts. I'm generally a grammar freak! Knowing that he knows better and still does it frustrates me to no end. Which is possibly why he does it!!!!!
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    I would not belong to a club that had me as a member. Crap...i'm a member here where i'm a member. My logic committed suicide.
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    The "privileged" section is a trap, don't knock on that door. Don't fall for this innuendo laden section that is primarily a "carrot on a string". Once you get there, the song Hotel California is streamed constantly with Don Henley having a tantrum in the background. You are forced into 30 minute grilling sessions from forum relic's of the past. Word has it that these "exitor's" or talking heads that have moved on never were members, but only bots designed by some derivative of an underground shell company forced to carry out the gathering of impulse responses on extremely vile and uncertain subjects that have no straight forward or attainable sum of outcome. This is no normal gathering as it may seem, but the experimentation with an unknown box inside a speaker for the use of piping in unannounced and unheard frequencies with a bandwidth not known or discovered yet by even the highest of the science society. These signals are there to control, but what they actually do is not fully known. Bizarre incidents of these subjects, such as robbing full warehouses of Baltic Birch Ply, the hacking of Bose websites and even the attempted kidnapping of an audio engineer and forcing him to draw blue prints for a 40 foot square horn loaded cab. As you probably already suspect, there is no leaving this section. Insubordination and refusal of absorbed learning is carried out via an "angry chair." I cant reveal the full torture scenario of what really happens, but rumor has it that it includes the playing of "House of the rising sun" in a constant loop while the most horrible, closed minded forum member that was once thought gone, reads the last 4 pages of his posts backwards. Literally backwards my friends. They say its really hot inside there too. This all may be total BS, but I thought something this sinister deserved a warning for the uninfected members here.
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    Lot of good ideas expressed! I think "The club" should be limited to those who meet the following criteria. 1. Over 65 years of age 2. 34" waist or smaller 3. Blues eyes 4. Have a young girl friend 5. Live near the ocean 7. Ride bicycles regularly 8. Knows the difference between you're and your 9. Like dogs 10. Have a sense of humor
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    Any time you reward someone for Post Count, you are going to get a lot of BS. Just look at the "Lounge"! Many forums have done away with post counts because of this. Dennie
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    Happy Wednesday folks. Getting ready for a long weekend trip to a conference. My lady took off work today to take care of essential trip preps like a hair appointment. Hey Chuck .... did you check with Jake on the bird rescue? Lots of rescue folks wind up taking in the rescued animals. Careful ..... Try to check back later. Cheers and have a great day.
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    Thanks Oldtimer, I am a lifelong drummer (2 bands right now) and having served in the US Navy (Gunner's Mate) I'll always be compelled to be a Patriot to our country, I also graduated HS in 1976, so the bicentennial quarter speaks for me. I do wish there was a feature on it that showed my love of AV though, then it would be the perfect icon.
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    That was in consideration, however that wouldn't exactly be a better solution. A BETTER solution would be to base it off the reputation system, but there currently isn't a way to do that with the stock forums. Then get rid of it. No one here is elite. We're all music lovers! If people want to talk about other things, go somewhere else. NO BULLSHIT! Keep it simple and don't put some above others. SIMPLE Just my opinion, again. Dennie
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    Post count... end to a means, or a means to an end? Regardless, from where I sit post count wise, it serves as a substantial form of my entertainment. By the time I near that 5k mark, the thread will cease to exist, the rules will have changed, or I will have ceased to exist. I am a long standing member of another forum (since Dec. '05). I have all of 15 posts there, yet I frequent it daily. I oft times enjoy the lurking more than the participation. Post on friends!
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    That's true, he hangs out with famous musicians, and movie stars, he is so tough you can't even kill him driving over him with a truck and he plays a guitar and lives by a beach. OK there may be a small problem with ketchup and almost no utensils but overall a pretty good mentor.
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    Thanks guys... Chuck, I will be editing that concert recording soon as things settle down a bit...... I have more photos I just took around outside, including that HUGE bell and tower weather vane... Off to dinner to meet up with the many people that have NEVER heard this organ or been in this church. ;0)) Enjoy your evening everyone... .........Gary
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    True I have been there a couple of times and enjoyed it, I either forget about it or not listening. But completely agree with Tarheel
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    Though I haven't spent much time on RTM in awhile I enjoy my visits there. Other than the fact that Boxx started the thread and that Dennie and Tigerman hang out there, I enjoy the photos! The CD or album covers are usually posed to show the turntables, R2Rs, tubes, or CDPs in the background. Some very neat staging. Always enjoyed pmsummer's photos with the Thorens spinning the vinyl. Many thanks to Gary and Dennie for their efforts and I hope to join you one of these nights.
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    Michael, turn on some music you enjoy and post it in the "RTM" thread and tell me it is meaningless. It may be to some and that is okay. It is not to me. Listening to music through my La Scala's is priceless to me. It has changed my life. Hell, I use to watch TV all the time and brain cells we dying off by the minute. I find listening to music better than many of the drugs the Doctor wanted to give me. Then again, some people enjoy tube rolling. I don't get that. But it is not meaningless to them. To each his own. Dennie
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    I'm glad you said something Roger, because I wanted to respond to one of your earlier posts and I didn't. I really agree with you, and I'm sympathetic to what you are saying, especially your earlier post about Klipsch ownership. You have a deep passion for Klipsch products and I admire that. You and many others here really have put your money where your Klipsch is, spending thousands on the sound you love. OTOH I like Klipsch and I like the people here, but I own a $300 Klipsch sub and some 20 year-old speakers. You and I are not the same, and that's OK. If post counts were all zero'd out and we started from nothing, Roger is still the guy I think would be the perfect kind of member for a private forum. His passion would be his admission ticket IMO (and I include you too, Mr. Sancho). I am much more a casual Klipsch guy, and I respect those who buy the Klipsch speakers, who make the pilgrimages, who have the passion. It doesn't bother me a bit that those wonderful passionate people want to talk with other about that passion on a level most of us don't have. If it were up to me Roger, I would grandfather you into the "No BS" forum without hesitation. You've earned it. Thanks, Means a lot... Roger
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    A description of Canadians:
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    I think you should have access to the BS section if you have posted over 1000 photos of your gear in the forums. Nevermind.....I would be talking to myself.
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    Roger you know I'm just having fun with ya bro.
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    Phone in my camera... Lumia 920, glass lens with manual settings. Construction on the main building on our campus.I would love to carry around a DSLR or even a good pocket camera, but this works really well and I can actually adjust things. Pic of my wife with a Canon Powershot pocket camera. Bruce
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    Well you may be right, I may be wrong, but I want be wrong always...Count Basie
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    Oscarear, Give me an Fn break! you want to talk pedigrees, let's talk Klipsch pedigree's at least!!!!! I have been staying away from this thread, at the suggestion of others, trying to let it die it's own Death.... POST COUNTS??? PWK himself would cry BS on that one! I realize that your hands are tied Chad, but we just recently FIRED a member who racked up a TON of posts in a very short time with a TON of likes that is a glaring example of why post count and reputation absolutely should not be the measure of membership. Chad has already said that he can't do length of membership, but I feel this is EXACTLY how it should be determined. How about the FACT that I was a member of the BS section for several years before other members that now have a couple of years that are still members, but I can't be because of post count??? I own more Klipsch speakers than 90% of the members here, have owned more Klipsch speakers than 95% of the members here, have more Klipsch knowledge than 95% of the members here, Have heard more of the big Klipsch speakers than 99% of the members here, have been to Klipsch gatherings including ones that are by invitation only, I have been to Hope 4 times and am friends with Roy, but I don't post on most postings if I feel the correct answer has already been given, while others often repost what someone else has already posted or even worse yet, "their feelings" on the subject to rack up post count. I have been an active member on BS for years and still should be PERIOD!! Roger
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    Man!! I wish I could write like that!!! Lol. And you are not even in the Elite 5000club!!! Lol wow...that was fun to read!!!
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    In your defense Mr. Dirt, those Bee Gee tunes did have some interesting musical arrangements, more so than the usual crappy tunes from the disco era. I can't absolve you from your Bee Gee transgression, but I can understand it - sorta.
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    Yes covering "America" is one of my "can-only-play-full-blast" favorites. Yes Tormato album is a hidden gem. Chris' musicianship was a true driving force for this band and will never be duplicated.
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    The problem with post counts Many mysteriously lost a lot of post counts, identified by Dennie as going away with an old Right This Minute. Some of us are angry as hornets as now many feel somewhat lower in status in the Forum food chain. Post counts accumulate with no regard to quality A lot of potentially meaningless posts will be made to get people into No BS. Some may view the ask Sancho thread as such but it is entertaining. And I think Sancho enjoys his 15 minutes of Klipsch Forum fame. Right Sancho? For some reason we think it's just soooooo important to many to have a high post count A modest proposal for improvement Any improvements must require minimal effort on Chad's part - not so much the update but the ongoing "hacks" when the base forum software is updated Investigate an override No BS setting - membership list or whatever was used for BS Include length of service or membership and post count Reinstate the BS section but no publicity and let volunteer moderators police it. Those that can't behave civilly get banned. Poor Marty (Thebes) is beside himself. Angy. Sad. Getting in one of his crazy moods. So worked up his whole body trembles, getting the shakes so bad he might drop one of the his tube amps he loves to hold standing (censored) in the bathtub listening to his favorite tunes, maybe watching The Twins bellly dancing. Fund Raising Ideas Sell copies of BS forum posts to raise funds for my favorite charity.... or a not for profit I'm considering of starting .... or for music education - purchasers signing proper disclaimers, disclosures, etc ... even publish the contents as a box, changing the names to protect the innocent. I think terms of service all posts are property of KAT etc and so on... Sell the BS contents to psychologists to study how low apparently well respected productive members of society can regress to rude, obnoxious, mean, lunatics (my category - I may already be a psycho case study or two ...) Fine the whiny arse brats that can't behave remotely to allow them back in to BS. Combatants have paint ball or other show down at future Pilgrimages, charge admission, betting pools. Some of funds raised could go towards paying for Chad's therapist bills Enough ranting. Too much work for ringing up one measly post.
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    Dear Sancho....dear Sancho My fountain pen leaks My wife hollers at me and my kids are all freaks If it weren't so expensive I'd wish I was dead But I decided to write you instead Signed, Buster
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    It's what I use in my tractor and car, and not because of price, I think it's good oil. They put it in heavy equipment that cost over a quarter million, they wouldn't buy cheaper oil to save a couple of dollars.
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    Cool write up about Chris and Yes by Brian May. I like this part: The Yes system was shockingly different. It comprised massive square black boxes (known as ‘Bins’ - for the low frequencies) and large metal fan-shaped devices sitting on top (known as ‘Horns’). Our aws dropped. We’d never seen anything like it. We asked them later how this came about and they told us that this was the Iron Butterfly system, designed to put across one of the loudest bands in the world at that time. For Yes, it was not so much about being loud, as being clear. To put across multi-part harmonies on top of a loud rock band required a lot of spare power, or all that would come out would be distortion, since you were trying to make those delicate harmonies compete with the sound coming out of loud guitars and drums actually on stage, in the ‘back line’. For us this was vital information. We, as Queen, were planning to do exactly that … make vocal harmonies sit on top of a band sound that was going to be louder and more ‘heavy’ in content than Yes’s. So if this new kind of system worked, this was what we wanted. Of course there was one small snag … we had no money !! The rest is here on Brian’s website. Scroll down to Sunday 28 June entry Chris Squire R.I.P.: http://www.brianmay.com/whatsnew.html
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    My friend Josh feeding his newborn baby boy.
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    Thanks, dtel...others expectations. Just feeling out what may be fair for others. Not in charge here, so others here have to decide or have already. Personally losing a few poste I may have had here isn't that big of a deal. Just like peace and harmony but, happy for a place to chat and chew with friends the fat. Contradiction in terms but a work in progress, I am.
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    Your doing fine, if you really want to be original around here, be perfectly normal, you will surely stand out. Welcome..........since I don't remember telling you that before, if I did just ignore............another handy skill sometimes.
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