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    That's not gonna happen. Sorry. You are right though, nobody here is "elite" - including me. Everyone has an equal opportunity to see that No BS forum, it just so happens there is a minimum post limit to do so. Nobody is excluded from being able reaching that post count. Except people with a life who don't sit on here all day long or have OCD.
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    I really enjoy the RTM posts although I don't contribute very often. It gives me ideas of music I want to hear or haven't heard in a long time and I will often try to find selections on Spotify or sometimes I'll just buy it unheard. I'm incredulous that anyone would consider those worthless posts. Of course, if you think they are worthless they are tucked away at the bottom of the forums page and never show up under recent posts so you really don't ever have to look or see them if you don't want. Worthless?! I'd go further to say that they are worth a lot more than most posts considering how much money I've sent to Amazon, high rez download and streaming services because of some of those posts. I started keeping track of dollars spent a couple of years ago... yikes! Dennie, you alone have helped me spend many hundreds of dollars on music! I'm not complaining at all! Thank you!! I've come to identify individuals who have similar tastes and I'm not usually disappointed when I take a chance on buying something I haven't heard. I really don't care much about the whole "number of posts" and the BS section. I don't know what I'm missing so it is easy for me to not worry about it. By the standards set forth I won't be a member for another 10 years or so anyway. I understand some reasons for having it and I understand the problems and hard feelings it causes. I'm not sure if the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.
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    I would not belong to a club that had me as a member. Crap...i'm a member here where i'm a member. My logic committed suicide.
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    True I have been there a couple of times and enjoyed it, I either forget about it or not listening. But completely agree with Tarheel
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    Phone in my camera... Lumia 920, glass lens with manual settings. Construction on the main building on our campus.I would love to carry around a DSLR or even a good pocket camera, but this works really well and I can actually adjust things. Pic of my wife with a Canon Powershot pocket camera. Bruce
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    Only the newer cars run on 5W20, which is not ours for sure.
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    R.I.P. Chris Squire. Celebrating Yes again this week...
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    Oscarear, Give me an Fn break! you want to talk pedigrees, let's talk Klipsch pedigree's at least!!!!! I have been staying away from this thread, at the suggestion of others, trying to let it die it's own Death.... POST COUNTS??? PWK himself would cry BS on that one! I realize that your hands are tied Chad, but we just recently FIRED a member who racked up a TON of posts in a very short time with a TON of likes that is a glaring example of why post count and reputation absolutely should not be the measure of membership. Chad has already said that he can't do length of membership, but I feel this is EXACTLY how it should be determined. How about the FACT that I was a member of the BS section for several years before other members that now have a couple of years that are still members, but I can't be because of post count??? I own more Klipsch speakers than 90% of the members here, have owned more Klipsch speakers than 95% of the members here, have more Klipsch knowledge than 95% of the members here, Have heard more of the big Klipsch speakers than 99% of the members here, have been to Klipsch gatherings including ones that are by invitation only, I have been to Hope 4 times and am friends with Roy, but I don't post on most postings if I feel the correct answer has already been given, while others often repost what someone else has already posted or even worse yet, "their feelings" on the subject to rack up post count. I have been an active member on BS for years and still should be PERIOD!! Roger
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    Man!! I wish I could write like that!!! Lol. And you are not even in the Elite 5000club!!! Lol wow...that was fun to read!!!
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    Yes covering "America" is one of my "can-only-play-full-blast" favorites. Yes Tormato album is a hidden gem. Chris' musicianship was a true driving force for this band and will never be duplicated.
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    I got this one Sancho. Dear Buster... dear Buster You have no complaint You are what you are and you ain't what you ain't So listen up buster and listen up good Stop wishing for bad luck and knocking on wood..
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    It's what I use in my tractor and car, and not because of price, I think it's good oil. They put it in heavy equipment that cost over a quarter million, they wouldn't buy cheaper oil to save a couple of dollars.
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    Ironic Michael...Yes was also my very first concert. As a young teen, I tagged along to the drive in theatre with my older brother and his friend, when my brother played Close to the Edge...I was hooked.
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    Thanks, dtel...others expectations. Just feeling out what may be fair for others. Not in charge here, so others here have to decide or have already. Personally losing a few poste I may have had here isn't that big of a deal. Just like peace and harmony but, happy for a place to chat and chew with friends the fat. Contradiction in terms but a work in progress, I am.
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    A sincere thanks to Justin Weber for his help in the evolution of a set of great speakers - originally crafted by him, then with two stages of changes - again aided by him. These sweet speakers started life as two ways and were purchased by me from Justin about a year ago. Originally configured: Lower bins - Eminence KappaPro 15C 15" woofers Upper bins - Fastlane Audio Eliptrac 400s with B&C DE85TN drivers Crossover - ALK AP12-500 gentle slope Then, with Justin's help, we added tweets and additional crossovers: Add of Fastlane Audio Contrac -Ts with DE10 drivers Added crossovers - ALK ES5800 extreme slope Just this week: Switch out of the DE85TN drivers for B&C DE750TN drivers Switch out of the ALK AP 12-500 gentle slope crossovers for ALK ES500 extreme slope crossovers The main thing I would like to say is to express a sincere thanks to Justin for all his help and guidance (this last stage was completed at 1 am in his garage). Justin's generosity of time, attention to detail and commitment to doing things the right way is a breath of fresh air. Below is a photo of the speakers in his garage that night, and a pic I took the next day of the inside of the upper bins as I was fiddling with the variable attenuation adjustments that Al at ALK engineers in his crossovers (another nice feature to Al's beautifully crafted networks).
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    I enjoyed a little tube rolling when I was a kid; however, now I only get dizzy.
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    You could do a lot worse than having BigStewMan as a mentor. Taught me everything I know
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    Let's see what Chad has up his sleeve in the next couple weeks.
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    I don't go to large venues anymore due to the many negative issues being raised here. Only small performing arts centers, historic theaters, etc. There are a lot of great artists that perform (and many prefer) in these smaller venues. Bonamassa, Tedeschi/Trucks, Buddy Guy to name a few.
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    Made sense to me... hyperbolic adjective 1. having the nature of hyperbole; exaggerated. 2. using hyperbole; exaggerating.
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    Then there would be some folks who contribute a ton but only have been here 3 years who would complain, while someone who's been a member for 6 years but only posted in Garage Sale or something would be able to take part in the special forum. Like I said, it's not a better way. I'd say it's an equally questionable way. ;-)
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    I am feeling you JoeDirt. I bought a 200+ record collection off of CL and have been listening to music I would have previously passed on. Some of the funk/disco stuff is pretty good. Enjoy those speakers!
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    If I knew post counts were to be considered a currency on this forum I'd have chimed in: GLWS, LOL, wish I were closer, that's what she said, who has the Cornwall vault?, have you tried moving them closer/further to the corner/wall?, not this discussion again, I love cat videos, ...that tube like sound, then she said "thats not your finger and this is not my belly button", that's not raw birch it's lacquer birch, Cornwall II's not I's, have you tried porting?, did you know that the official language of Belgium is Flemish?....................
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    Ben five years ago you couldn't even spell forum ultra veteran....now you is one
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    Move to the country....
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    True, or it just made it where you didn't care, sure wouldn't want a germ that can float around in tequila and be fine.
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    You moving right along. It's your turn come on get that other one built!! You know what 1 sounds like, so you know how good a pair will sound!
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    Exactly, very good pic's, it's times like that you want the better camera, you can not get that kind of quality with less. It just does not happen.
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    Hah! Are you tellin' me no selfies with the 5dmIII? C'mon man....get with it. Lift some weights with your selfie arm and it's all gravy after that. I don't even bother taking my camera to parties or any sort of get together anymore. I need to get a nice point and shoot for those get-togethers. It won't take near the quality but it is better than lugging around 5-7 pounds of lens and camera body. Lots of people use their phones and it's just fine for them - some even have commented that they take as good a photo as my DSLR .
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    You're right. I've changed it back after thinking about it some more. I think that is the right thing to do. Thanks Chad, Dennie
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    I already posted my thoughts here: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/147549-right-this-minute/page-1081#entry1895200
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    Not a great pic but unusual, it's a little blurry because it's 300mm from a moving ship, should have changed some settings.
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    Acoustic ceiling panels need to come down. Maybe we will see a few in the Garage Sale section, lol.
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    I have never said to anyone (or even THOUGHT) 'Man, I need a toe job!' On the other hand, a hot rodded Marantz sounds excellent. This has been a true PITA morning exploring options for supplemental health insurance. Ahhh ..... the 'golden years....... Have an excellent day guys and cheers!
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    Yes, so, all kidding aside. Thinking the new section then will have all kinds of interesting Klipsch data and other stuff as well. Not for myself but suppose since the new forum that had to be worked on, which resulted in members losing some post count are up against it now, having been here since the inception and the early days. Maybe there will come a time where some,consideration could be given to those that remain here, or come back to find change that effect them. It is a little weird that I have more posts than some that may have been here for quite some time before, nearly twice as long. Hope it meets or exceeds expectations. Expect opinions to differ from my present one. BB
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    Very nice of you to share with us. Looks like you guys had a great time.
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    Something about that low slung woodwork that looks bad azz.
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    I have (4) 8" in-ceiling speakers for Dolby Atmos format, which doesn't utilize the full reach of the the size of the speaker. The effects that are sent to these specific speakers are not bass heavy at all. FWIW, it does sound very good, but 6.5" would have worked just as well for me. I've seen your room! That's a great space, I'm sure your room sounds killer with Atmos. I agree that the surrounds don't require the same full range as the F & C, but my (8") RS-7's have been serving surround duty for 15 years now. I was hoping the Klipsch add-on modules would be closer to those 8" drivers. I'm sure that speaker configuration & crossover settings will provide enough flexibility during setup to make the 4" modules perform seamlessly, Audyssey MultEQ XT 32 does a great job. Adding a pair of modules up front & a pair in the rear will be great in my space.
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    I think people in general are just more rude.
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    It just happens so often I find myself wondering if these people are rude or am I just getting old and cranky and want to pull a Clint Eastwood "get off my lawn" scene like in Gran Torino.
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    Mike, i saw that same tour…fabulous. i was able several years ago to talk about that revolving stage with Rick Wakeman. That was the Tormato tour. Rick told me that he loved that stage; but, he really liked the revolving stage that they used on the Union Tour (it was much bigger). High calibre musicians those guys.
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    Iv had a number of PMs asking me what stash Tim has here, you guys got to remember i was loading, not looking, Tim called in a couple guys to assist with my load, so i was pretty Dam busy, it was everything i could do to run around and take a few pics. Tim is one hella nice guy and WILL work with you. This is one of those times guys where you can simply call him and get "Chatty". You will not find a better collection of Klipsch and many others at,"lets make a deal" prices
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    We went on a cruise to the bahamas back in college, it was awful, we took a discount package due to not knowing any better and got on this boat made in the 50's. It apparently didn't have any ballasts so we rocked and rolled all the way there and back. Everything about the boat was super ghetto.
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    do you ever get near Charleston, SC?
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    My backyard this morning. These guys think they own the place.
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    I tried an in-ground IB sub, but a guy in China kept filling in the hole at his end. Sounded great while it lasted.
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    I designed but never built this. It was to sport 4-15" Kicker S15L74 drivers. 131db at 17Hz groundplane. Realistically it was more like 127db because of cone excursion issues around 23Hz.
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