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    Thanks Carl.....looks like K&N finished next to last. The bubble had a K&N sticker but when we opened the box it was not K&N. He said that was a good thing.
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    Cleaned both cars yesterday. Took the bubble in to introduce him to his new mechanic this morning. Going to check everything out and do an oil/filter change. The mechanic does not like K&N air filters. Will use a synthetic blend of oil as the former owner was using. LF is coming over to get her bike and ride to the park to hit tennis balls against the back stop. 70 degrees and sunny here. She is practicing hoping to join a league this spring. Jake just got mail. A 50 pound bag of food from Chewy. He likes it. I supplement some of the dry with green beans. The Vet also recommended sardines each day for the omega 3 so he gets a tin each morning. That's about it for now.
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    Good 31 degree morning gang Not cold enough, will head east 10 miles and try new "Benedict" Tamale/Pasti shopping soon after. http://www.awfulannies.com/auburn-menu/
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    Good Evening Gang Evening outdoor Temp, 38 Cave @70 Winter projects being completed daily MIG Welder re-wire has started, Rv work coming up and id rather use it than the Stick welder. Slightly Corrosive atmosphere is where this Miller spent it's years, every Sta-Con spade connector is green / fuzzy Wire/rewire for couple hours, take a coffee break and fire it up, make sure it still runs Break over, another cup, find some tunes,back to work.
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    RIP Carrie Fisher.... She'll always be Princes Leia to me... My dad took me to the Star Wars movie back in 77..... I had the biggest crush on her.... MKP :-)
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    Greetings to my friends of both political parties……. To All My Democrat Friends: Please accept with no obligation, expressed or implied, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all. I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling, and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2017, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great. This is, of course, neither to suggest nor imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country; also, this is not to imply that "America," as noted herein, is the only America in the Western Hemisphere. May these heartfelt wishes be received with equal intensity regardless of distribution of individual wealth, documented carbon footprint, or perceived social privilege among the wishes addressed herein. This wish is made without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith, or sexual preference of the wishee. To All My Republican Friends: Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!
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    Something tells me that you might like it even less 1,000 miles north. Those lows are warmer than daytime highs most days this time of year.
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    Nice work on the tt Gary and the documentation is appreciated.
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    Morning.... Back to the shop for me.... The BOSS is at mom's.... Rolling out..... getting this week wrapped up.... Later... MKP :-)
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    With the KHorns coming it's time to move a pair of Belles. These are Santos Rosewood (veneer applied by forum member Cake about 5 years ago). The wood mid horns are Volti 2" with BMS drivers. Beyma tweeters (I have the unused adapters for CP-125 tweeters) and stock woofers. Crossovers by DeanG about 1-2 years old. Unfortunately I scratched the left side of the left top hat this summer. This is fresh and raw with no attempt to oil or cover so it probably will be less f'ing ugly with a coat of something. I do not have the stock parts. They are located in Corpus Christi, TX and would only ship if the buyer arranged the packing and shipping as I will not be responsible for any shipping issues. I will be traveling to near Texarkana, TX Jan 6-12 and could deliver en-route. With about $3500 in mods/crossovers, price of the matched veneer, labor and purchase price of the speakers themselves I know that I have way too much money in these and will never re-coup but I do have a place to store them if I can't get a reasonable price. With that said, I am asking $4000 for the pair. Yep that is a bunch for us cheapskates on the forum. I MIGHT be open to trade for a nice, modern McIntosh integrated amp.
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    Hey gang ...just checking in ...been off fighting a nasty cold for a couple days. Doing a little better now. The only news around here is we're getting a new over the range microwave installed today after the untimely demise of our Kenmore -just outside the warranty period of course. Don't understand how big name companies can make such crap without an eventual consumer backlash. Oh well. Gary ... nice looking work on the Dual. I have an old Dual 506-1 from my parents' house but haven't done anything with it to get it working again. Take care all and cheers
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    Good Tuesday Morning Gang Still freezing here @ 31 night/morning temps. This is NOT Calif anymore, we somehow slipped north 1000 miles. Layered every dam day, 47 for a high? gimme a break. I think i'll see if the wife would like to go to our Fav breakfast joint. Too dam cold to do much but Cave projects. Of course we all know what day it is.......
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    ...ok, stopping in to say good night......this worker bee must go back to work for the next couple days..... I will check in again and keep abreast of the posts during the week.. Good night from the NE..... (PS...dTel, I purchased that 506 new back in '79 !)
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    Nice picture. Everyone looks happy.....even the puppies!
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    Same here, Wife started Christmas morning with it bad and slept all day and is just barely getting around today, I had it for 24+ hours and it's ending today, I hope. Think this was a virus, it feels like your going to die, like the worst part of the flu.
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    Yes, see that's the whole thing. I would hate to spend all that money on a tube amp for it to be a barely noticeable difference. There is an audio shop close to me that sells vintage audio gear but the guy actually told me instead of me taking an amp home I'd have to bring my speakers to his store which was absolutely ridiculous.
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    There is Heritage and then there is "Collectors" worthy, only to be enhanced by the finest upgrade(s). In a Word: "Plug & Play Class"
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    To save you the trouble of having to modify your dwelling and to avert any distress in the tranquility of your domestic arrangement, I'll gladly reimburse you the amount you payed and, will myself, shoulder the burden of owning them, just to help you out. Congrats on your score
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    Based on your system components KG1's would be a far better choice. They are sealed.
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    LOL!!! Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you, Mr. D! And the same to all the rest of you hooligans, Too!
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    Um, yeah. Time for a degree of separation. In Hawaii, there is a trail up a mountain ridge called the stairway to heaven. Past video of it includes an episode of Magnum, P.I. Since falling into disrepair, it has been closed for quite a while now.
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    wow... I literally just walked in the door from watching Rogue One and I just got online to see this. much sadness. Godspeed Daughter of Debbie Reynolds.
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    Oh, thank you for that dTel.........yeah, that wasn't too difficult a task..... Yes, that new hardwood case really updated it nicely, again, I thank my dad for helping me with that project and then finished up at our own wood shop by the company VP, since he is one our shops top woodworkers. He is one of these guys that goes from machine to machine with a piece of wood BEFORE the machine before has stopped spinning !!
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    Thank you Ceptor.. I have been enjoying bringing it back to life, part by part.... I actually ordered a 'like new' drive pulley today. This is a very interesting little part that expands and contracts to alter the speed of the platter... Mine has a small issue and it would be good to update that as well... I have to hunt for the little belt speed lever next, a small plastic assy. and mine lost one of it's fingers to grab and move the belt up and down on that pulley shaft...
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    That's funny, I need to remember that.
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    I might have to check out one of these shoe shows Gary.....nice work on the Dual, that's always rewarding.
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    HA HA HA That darn shoe topic had my cracking up here ! You guys are too funny Anyway, to change it up.........I DID tear back into the Dual 506 today.... Put brand new RCA ends on the line cables, then played around with the variable speed pulley system and actually got it freed up!! Most people discover that it is seized as mine was and start poking and breaking things (read this on some Dual forums!) Anyway, here are a few photos in addition to the ones I sent out over to RTM.... Here is a photo of the underside, as I needed to see if I could change out the complete cable instead of the new jacks option.. Well, needless to say, I didn't want to undo the spade type connectors on the underside....so, jacks were replaced instead...Finally, giving it a test with the brand new Rudy soundtrack LP in metallic GOLD vinyl ..... ...there you have it...... Enjoy your evening everyone.... I'll stop by again...
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    Sounds GREAT Mark! Funny coffee mug right there ! OK, kitchen work done, one last load in the DW to work with later............NOW, time to have some fun and play around with that Dual... Got soft jazz from the Spotify account going over the Bose Wave system in this cooking room.... Maybe some photos on the way too....
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    You got that right dtel.... over the last 25+ years I've seen a lot of my old friends die... and we've seen a lot of our daughters friends die... it's just such a wast. MKP :-)
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    Sounds like things are working out well, what your daughter did was very hard, very few turn it around like she did, great to hear.
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    I'll be posting some more pics of the gifts our daughter got us.... Some really cool stuff that I know you'll guys will like.... Give ya a hint... it's got the forum theme MKP :-)
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    My new Sock Monkey Coffee cup MKP :-)
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    Morning all... Not much going on, shop is closed... Got a few things going on this week at the shop but I will have a light schedule. Our eldest daughter that lives and takes care of The BOSS's mom is going on a trip this week. We are sending her to the Virgin Islands. Since the day The BOSS's Dad passed this past January our daughter has been there at the house with mom. She moved out of our house with her two kids and took on the responsibility of full time care provider for mom. The BOSS and I think it will good to send her for a little R&R. If some of you guys remember from some of my posts our eldest put us through HE!! for quite a few years. Too sum it up in a sentence.... years ago we were at a point of our life that we new a phone call from Baltimore City Police was coming to ask us to identify a body. They were some real tough years.. Anyway our daughter beat the odds and made it out alive. Yea she was locked up for a bit, but while in jail she took full advantage of all the programs offered to her. Once she got out of jail she went into a rehab for almost a year. After that she moved back in the house with us. In the months to follow she worked very hard to re-gain custody of her two children. Her daughter was already living with us, and The BOSS had custody of her. Our daughter also had another child while she was lost to the streets of Baltimore. After a lot of hard work both her children were awarded back to her. She had to go through two different courts. She has turned her life around to be productive and live a good life. We are very proud of her. So The BOSS will be at moms all week. I will go to the shop and keep it rolling. After work I'll stay at mom's with The BOSS, grandkids and Mom So on another note here is one of my Christmas presents from The BOSS... Give me a sec to load this pic... MKP :-)
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    Yes happy Boxing day, forgot whet it was about and had to look it up, didn't realize the tradition was that old. Same here, it will be nice to get back to almost normal. I never forgot
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    Good BOXING DAY morning everyone.............. Marvel...............of course, being a FORD man, I could not help notice that the Falcon is 'Sprint' and has the 260 cid. V8 (pre 289)! A convertible at the same time makes it even a lower production number !! NICE Ok, Christmas here brought some great usable items under the tree.... I received my two pounds of the annual Starbuck's Christmas blend and also have the DARK DD mugs.. So, here is a photo of the DD holiday mugs and the competitor's seasonal coffee .. Kitchen and formal dinning room clean up now in order....[/URL]......Here is 4 courses worth of dishes ready to come out of the DW.. ....and the 5th course plates and vino/bubbly glasses ready to go in.. (some of the delicate wine glass and the silver chalices are hand washed...) ...enjoy the day my friends......going to work on my old Dual 506 TT today, install new cables and work on the frozen speed controls.....
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    You could just add and equalizer for the Khorns and adjust to taste. The tube amp the guy told you about is most likely a hybird with tubes in the preamp and a SS rear for that much power. If possible, change the toe-in on the speaker to shoot a bit more lateral and not at the ears. I don't think the problem will be solved by a new amp.
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    Those are nothing short of spectacular...... GLWYS
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    I will definitely be tuning in the Russell Athletic Bowl tonight!
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    She had a heart of gold.
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    Remember the efficiency of these loudspeakers..it takes very little power in a small room when they're 10-12% efficient instead of 1-2% or perhaps 0.1-0.2% of most other loudspeakers. Chris
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    So that's what an electrical socket is.
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    We all celebrate Boxing Day here in the Great White North where it's a tradition. Some, like the family women, by getting up early to attack the local stores. The stampede to the shoe store began at 7:00AM. I celebrate by having a day off to sleep in a little longer and stay the Hell away from all stores that don't specialize in electronics, booze or firearms. Never get between a pack of women and the local shoe store once they get a whiff of a good sale. You'll be over run and trampled if you do.
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    Spot on. Merry Christmas and my your cheer be warm & bright on these chilly holiday nights.
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