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    Afternoon Gang Restfull day. Rv cabinet and window sealing work continues. Bloody Mary time, Smokin Marys with a touch of baker Bros to kick it up a notch. 0roville Dam water level has now dropped 50'+, and they think that will handle the storms we have coming in NOW. Reserves are standing down, so NO more road trips north for me for now. Oldtimer has just recived the Latest bloody mary care package, so we shall see if he chimes in here and his thoughts on Calif's mix's. Sent him a couple for helping me out last week obtaining 17K Goal. "Likes" I needed a few, and there were not many people on the forum that day. I'll make the same offer when i get near 18K.
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    It took decades of disgusting results for me to finally figure out the absolute best way to ship almost anything audio. It has worked every time for me. Here's what you need. Get a tarp, some moving blankets, outdoor furniture cushions, a yo-yo, several types of tape, some rope, a bubble level, some ratchet tie-downs, a sleeping bag, some snacks and beverages and some plastic wrap. Throw all of it in the back of your truck or van or SUV and drive over to wherever the item is located and pick the item up. Otherwise, forget about it.
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    Been there a few times and have never seen that, some women wear very little but no one complains, don't want to see any hammocks that aren't tied to a tree. But sometimes I think there should be an application for bikinis.
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    Yes, and the good ol' daze will be back again next week, Bananarama, West bay, Roatan Honduras Best place on the island.....http://bananarama.com/ Will only be there for one day, but the whole week with 6 friends, we will be buzzing everywhere, between here starting with a party Sat night and then to Roatan, Belize and Cozumel.
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    Oh yeah, the morning Honduran buzz. Been there done that - the good ol' daze.
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    Trying out some single source Honduran this morning, cheap from Aldi (4.79 for 12 oz.). A cup and a half on an empty stomach, plus the meds (warning could cause dizziness and drowsiness) is quite interesting....
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    I definitely will chime in and I certainly do appreciate the goodies. Thanks Mark. The delivery brightened my day.
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    Yup I was actually just coming to post my results as well. I cannot thank @Chris A enough he completely went out of his way to help me. It sounds absolutely phenominal, now this is the sound I've been looking for this whole time. It's got the magic and detail of the K-horns with the huge soundstage I was looking for! Anyone else that is looking for help with this I highly suggest taking Chris up on his offer, he's a pure genius! Lol Now i'm actually considering selling the K-horns because of how good these sound!
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    For real........ She was a handfull when we got home.... MKP :-)
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    Morning Gang First Cup 50s Drizzle trying to be Rain. Weather Drama queens are out in force. 0ne has found a puddle in Stockton. Rv work for the day, i think. Wife i see is up feeding Squirrels.
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    Just a note on this: Yesterday, Aaron and I achieved extremely good settings for the K-691 compression driver version of the two-way Jubilee, and by comments back to me he is extremely pleased with the results. The settings we developed achieve ±1.5 dB flatness from 200-15000 Hz (psychoacoustic smoothing) and ±3 dB from 40-200 Hz (excluding sparse room modes). It takes 5 PEQs for each bass bin channel and 6 PEQs for each compression driver channel to achieve this performance. If anyone needs support with either these using the settings we generated for this configuration, or with generating other horn/driver settings using a digital crossover, REW freeware and a calibration microphone, please don't hesitate to ask. This is done remotely using email to transfer the REW measurements and resulting digital crossover settings. If you are willing to install REW freeware, a microphone, and a connection to your preamp's inputs from your computer (via digital bus or soundcard output), you can use these to find digital crossover settings of high quality in-room for your loudspeakers. This includes bi-amping, tri-amping, or even mono-amping if still using the internal passive crossovers. Chris
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    Bubble wrap is OK, peanuts are a waste of time and money. They don't stop anything from moving around. I don't want to be the one to tell you, but the seller should have to eat it for bad packaging Mark
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    No stawberry or pear........not even the banana....... I'm the carrot...... MKP :-)
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    those hammocks ARE tied to a tree...taking the loooong way around. some trees are bigger than others.....
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    Is this where men wear nothing but banana hammocks and women wear ----?
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    Unless you were bringing in a McIntosh reel to reel that would be pretty meaningless to me. Some people are a little too proud of themselves. I wish I'd heard some good recordings on reel to reel. All I have ever heard were recordings made of over the air broadcasts my Dad made in Vietnam. I also have a bunch of recordings of my grandparents and ourselves that we sent over as kids. Lousy sound quality but priceless content! I need to get those digitized so I could share with the rest of my family.
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    Now for some salt comparos and info.... Here is the bottle (empty ) of Hawaiian RED sea salt with clay.. ...the PINK Himalayen which comes with a little wooden spoon.... .....this photo shows all three in a black dish for photographic reasons of definition ... You can see the pink upper left, red on the right and standard French sea salt in the center... Little wooden spoon can be seen..................and there you have it...........until next time, lets get cookin' !!
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    ^^^ this A combination of taped bubble wrap, in a box and a layer of dense styrofoam, all in another box. My Onkyo M504 and Sansui AUG99x were both shipped from the west coast. Both got here without damage. and this ^^^^
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    They needed heavy duty corner caps made and the speaker secured in the box. That speaker took a drop with its full weight directly on the corner. Peanuts displaced around it and the bubblewrap as well will not stop a 25+lb force. It bottomed out with the corner taking the full weight of the speaker on it. The seller is to blame. Shippers can't tip toe all day with with every box and things should be packed to survive a drop or whoops!
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    After dealing with Ebay and HamRadio/Electronics for years, it's on the seller to pack like there is no tomarrow. Best of luck with any shipper, you will get some money out of them, but you still have damaged goods. I always Double Box. If i ship a shoe box size radio, the final box size is 24"X24", they charge by weight, not size most of the time.
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    Anybody who has shipped any amount of speakers knows to use the pink HD board from HD or Menards. Completely surround the speaker securely and then double box with double wall boxes. And insure them if you choose not to separate the drivers from the horns or lenses, peanuts are for chimps and provide almost no protection Mark
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    This is a great idea. Everyone should take photos before shipping for just this reason. Mark
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    mark would be the solicitous one....but i ain't running away....
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    not knowing the cast, I predict the answer will be... either the strawberry, or maybe the pear
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    oh, I'm pretty sure it would, given the right conditions (or vehicle)
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    Haha that's hilarious! Which one's Mark
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    the milkman? mailman? flower delivery guy?
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    Yup another slowwwwwww day at the shop MKP :-)
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    The proof is in the pudding. I rarely run across pre-recorded music that sounds very good. I guess a lot of folks weren't concerned with the fidelity aspect back in the day so much as the ability to play music for long periods of time. The majority of my recordings are the first or second play of a record and recorded at the highest speed possible. The goal is to be indistinguishable from the source. I can preserve my vinyl collection and play that tape for years.
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    Iv been dealing with this kind BS attitude toward the public at large my whole life in Calif. Stick up their azz describes it also. Berkley/Frisco freaks are the worst.
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    I recently took in two decks for repairs......two hours from my house each way. $90/hour labor only. He charged $405 to clean harden grease from pinch rollers/linkage and reassemble. The tech estimated $450-$560 to fix a loose tension arm on the other deck. I declined that repair as the deck is 43 years old and not worth the money. I made inquiry to two other techs who said the grease issue should have been a 1-1.5 hour job. He billed me for 4.5 hours which coincidentally happened to work out to the amount of my deposit Before hiring him I mentioned the lack of testimonials on his web page. He replied that he was a McIntosh approved service shop and that should be enough. On the positive side the deck he repaired works. The other I was able to find the right angle on the tension arm and put a spacer to hold it where it should be. Not a proper repair but it didn't cost $500 either Check references and if you must ship pack carefully and keep your fingers crossed.
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    Pic of my granddaughter Bri with her horse Fancy. Pic was taken by my daughters friend, for a present to me. Love the pic.
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    It all depends on if you have the proper combo. I use the tools at vinylengine.com to make sure the cartridge and tonearm actually work together and have proper resonance/compliance. If it doesn't your not getting the most out of your table. The forum members there are really helpful if you have any questions. https://www.vinylengine.com/tools.shtml https://www.vinylengine.com/cartridge_resonance_evaluator.php
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    $400 was the magic number. I'm picking them up Friday.
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    Thanks for all the replies. Yes they were shipped in the same box. I have more speakers than I know what to do with (like most of you). I just like to try new stuff. I figured if I got them for a good price I could play with them for a while and then put them on CL for about what I paid. Being damaged, that's not going to happen. If I did decide to keep them, I really don't want smashed corners. Wouldn't bother me too bad if it was on the back. Amazon had them on sale brand new for not much more.
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    very unfortunate. I got a pair of these new and they came in styrfoam with several inches of space between the box and the actual speaker. My box arrived with a huge gash along the edge, but the speaker itself was untouched. Taped that hole up when I ended up selling and shipping from TX to NJ and they arrived without issue at the final destination. As stated previously, bubble wrap is useless with this stuff.
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    You should file a claim with PP and EBay first, they will take care of it. If you wait for UPS to pick them up, you might be dead Mark
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    They cover $100. I paid for the extra insurance and that's what they paid me. I have no idea about ebay sales. I agree with what's been said: gather lots of pictures of then and now, and that this should be between UPS and the seller.
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    I always wrap about 3 inches of bubble wrap around the item and lay it in a bed of bubble wrap with 2+ inches of foam lining the inside box and then stuff any holes found with foam, bubble wrap, or shrink wrap to prevent any inside movement. This box gets laid in another foam lined box(top, bottom, sides) and again any holes get stuffed with materials to prevent inside box movement. 100% agree. 100% agree, again. Seller(shipper) is totally responsible for freight claim and should refund you even before freight claim is approved or denied. Bill
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    oh...there is ALWAYS a PAYEE...I know cuz i'm the PAYER
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