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    Here's an interesting and pretty well-written piece in the New York Times about audio mastering and compression. They Really Don't Make Music Like They Used To.
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    Wife took this of my daughter this morning. I thought her choice of background was, well, interesting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Seems to me there is a wider acceptance of, and desire for the K402 and/or the K510. Seems like it's moving glacially but it's pretty nifty to read about others having them, others wanting them, others wanting to learn about them to perchance hear them.... You can sometimes now, see people refer to the 402 on other forums....sometimes by foreigners. It's a small toehold but it just seems to me the 402 is starting to get some traction in the general conversations of people. Well, maybe not general because you still have 99% of the folks who want a Pioneer HPM 100 or something similar. But for those who are "woke".... Nice stuff.
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    The wife likes leather too. What she got and I paid for yesterday. One for the wife, one for her sister. Retirement can get boring on rare, very rare occasion.
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    I believe what Neil is referring to is this thread: and a follow-up thread on demastering your music to at least correct the poor mastering EQ placed on the distributed stereo tracks (CD, phono records), where you can see the effects of Loudness War practices: Chris
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    It's working over your head all day.
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    That's re-repurposed packing material. It originally came in a box that @Budman sent me when I purchased crossovers from him.
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    Me neither but at the rate I drink coffee, I better not, I would kind of be a vegetable all day.
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    Never tried that. Think I'm game though the way things have been lately!
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    What I made today. Four additional 2' X 4' acoustic insulation panels. I am using Owens Corning 703, plywood rips for framing, and Guilford of Maine FR701 fabric. I flipped one around for you to see how I make the backsides and hardware. I needed additional panels to support the two speakers I installed this week in my dedicated room, which were placed in a Dolby Atmos configuration.
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    Where's Juan when you need him???
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    Yep. I'm whooped. Done for today.
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    I haven't posted any simple, relatively inexpensive, flea power amp circuits in a while and have received a number of requests from DIYers who want to build something new to use with their Klipsch speakers. So, here it is! One of the requests was for something using a "less typical" looking output tube and the first one which came to mind is the 6GC5. It was registered by Sylvania in June, 1960 for use in the audio output stage of TVs. Although it is a 9 pin miniature type, its very large globe allows for substantial heat dissipation as may be encountered in a small, closed, TV cabinet. Power output in this circuit is about 1 watt @ 32 Hz which can drive the more efficient Klipsch speakers (especially higher efficiency types like the Heresy, CW, La Scala/Belle, as well as many of the Reference Series) to very loud levels in smaller size rooms. The pinout of the tube also allows the socket to be wired so that a totally different tube can be used if desired, the 6DB5 (a venerable TV type tube from the same era). The latter is more conventional looking and gives the user the opportunity to roll either type as the mood dictates! This build features revamped p/s AC wiring to further increase isolation from the signal circuitry, and an externally adjustable "ear bleed" filter to set the high frequency response to taste. If you haven't experienced a pair of mono amps (as opposed to a stereo amp which shares the p/s rail between both channels) you are in for a treat as crosstalk between the channels is limited to that of the source resulting in a huge sound stage if the recording was done that way. Bottom end response is excellent and should satisfy those who like lots of bass. The midrange and top end approach that of a good SET (at least in my opinion!). The amp runs very cool and can be used all day without getting hot or heating the room. Conservative operating parameters ensure extremely long tube life. I'll post the schematic separately so it doesn't get lost among pictures. Maynard
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    i'm having AA withdraws 😎 mine aren't in yet i see that drywall lift in the back ground. those things are sweet. took me 40 yrs to get one
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    Back to work. See you gents later.
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    Every radiated bald head needs a cover. I know well by now, for the third time, that the head gets cold in the winter and blistered in the summer. The first two times I used ball caps and toboggans. I don't like ball caps. I don't like toboggans. I was in a western store a few weeks ago and the wife asked if I wanted to try on a cowboy hat. She had asked previous visits and I laughed and we left. This time I tried one on. Bought one. Never thought it would keep my head that warm and dry. I still laugh every time I pick it up. I don't know why. A hat just isn't me I thought. Then I figured if it brings a smile to my face it will put a smile on others faces. Like eating peanuts. Like speakers/audio. You just can't stop. Next I bought a Stetson 4X. Nice. Then a Stetson 6X. Nicer. My laughs previously were not because of the hats rather because I just couldn't see myself in a cowboy had. Then I did. I like them. They work well with my previously thought of as mere footwear Lucchesse's. And I've always had good luck buying from sellers in Texas/Colorado area. Beginning to need a cane. Got to get a western theme cane next. ;>).
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    Hey Carl, @CECAA850 Thanks for repurposing your construction materials to protect the cartridge you sent to me.
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    Yes can definitely handle Daft Punk...thanks. JohnJ... Got me listening to one side of the DP...Come Taste The Band...Lady Luck Doing better with internet connection ATM...seems a bird was sitting on the wire...
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    Not the genre I normally go for but this album is pretty good for house dance / electronic with a slightly prog feel at times Part of a recent bulk record purchase Artist - Daft Punk Title - Random Access Memories 
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    Actualy I had it at one time on cassette but not the record I like both - Deep Purple and Black Sabbath
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    Shhhhhh, we're not supposed to let the young-ins in on our lingo!
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    Doraville, that and after I posted saw Not going to let it.............was thinking of that just recently. They had some good stuff. Hotlanta... have not heard that expression lately. Went to an electronics trade show at North Atlanta. Big place think it was called the Atlanta Dunfey Hotel. Had a blast that trip...
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    Early 80s I was living in Chamblee, right next to Doraville, then Stone Mtn five minutes away from there. Big city, away from home, didn't do too well at tech school but had one heck of a good time in Hotlanta!
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    Saw them in a Lakeland , Fl little pop festival. Melanie, Canned Heart and ARS, others but ? atm. Since then Champagne Jam a favorite...Thanks for the jog to memory. They were a nice surprise to me...think it was around early 80's but the temp was mighty hot while dancing to the Heat. Yes, they were staring at me...lol. Dave, when I was younger, I would start drumming on my desk at HS watching the clock at 6th period.Yes, we knew what the Friday night would bring, lol...Now I just have a brew and think about it.
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    More of those THC infused beans? hahahaha
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    Nice, Try this one on for starting a Friday Night! *The vid I had in here fizzled out after the second song, might have been good at one time..... I found this and it covers the same emotion... with a couple of songs off of "Champagne Jam"
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    Evening...Was looking for my Super Session several times and when found it and this, thought about Jeff Beck while on my mind with another member so some of the same musicians on both groups cuts. Miles looked slimmer back then:
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    ***SOLD*** Thank you for your business @indyhawg If you have any questions, shoot. I'm sure Dean will give you every part name as well.
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    Misery loves company And slushies! It ain't the mountains ahead that wear you out, it's the grain of sand in your shoe.
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    This thread almost makes me want to go dig out those coat hangers again. Bob Crites
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    It's always nice when the next sheet has no extra cutouts for boxes or anything else. When I did electrical work years ago I hated when it was the day it was time to hang fans and lights, all day. It gets to the point you can hardly hold up your arms alone much less anything else. It has been all over the country probably, just be lucky Carl didn't have to guys spray foam around it when they were doing his walls.
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    I couldn't do it by myself without it. 2 rows done, 3 and a half to go.
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    I think the 402 is one of those things that until you actually hear it, most cannot comprehend just how impressive this lens is! Now that there are more out there, more people are getting the chance to see and hear them in person. I built my Jubilees with never hearing a pair and went solely on all the early proponents such as yourself, ChrisA, mikese2a3, etc. For me, I realized how good the 402 really was, once I did not have them in my room anymore. 😂 As per my recent thread on drivers for the 402, I just completed a new build with 510s on top in 2-way... Let's just say, size does matter. 😮
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     Not to all, but that is to be expected.  But you've got nothing to say about the time I spent making a spreadsheet and reporting my findings... Don't you like it when a doggy tugs on the curtain you're behind?
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    Gorgeous system Full Range! I'm heading out for the night. Play nice!
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    A few people were growing peppers and oldtimer sell sauce, it is very good, Carl grows and also Jimjimbo, not sure who else, maby JohnJ.
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    The Mule...would not be too surprised if FR had this oldie goldie...Fireball...cool now we are cooking with petro...thanks! And on that note, not certain this was posted successfully if not sorry for a repeater: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqDxL2oyl-Y
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    First it was cinnamon toothpicks, remember how hot and fantastic those were? Made them with clove oil once because I loved that Teaberry gum. Couldn't sell those though! Last thing........ was...... the last things were.......... what was that stuff...
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    Waiting on you. Hell, just someone to hold the end of the tape measure would be awesome. There won't be any taping or floating to worry about either.
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    I don’t think it counts unless you twist a few dozen together.
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    we got a good 9" here I think. I had to run the snow blower twice that day 😮 I'm hoping that this weekend's storm misses us, I don't have anywhere else to put this stuff!
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    Over the years those film canisters carried way more than film.
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    What a pain. Even if the correct spacing/size. Do you have a drywall jack or what?
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    Mike you've left me hangin' ! Did I espouse how good Right in the Nuts was because it reminded me of how Draw the Line was done? That's all that comes to mind, those two go together like the red, yellow & blue Crimson from the early 80s do!
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    Dwilawyer, Hi. Here you go! It looks goofy. I have them sitting on towels so as not to scratch my wood floors while I fool around with positioning them for best sound. Once I get them positioned the towels go bye-bye! By the way the silver luster grille cloth is cloth that has been woven with REAL nickel plated metal wire. It's simply gorgeous and likely a nasty surprise for any cat who thinks he's going to run his claws through it. HAHA! Best, David
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